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Advanced Functions

Advanced Functions

This section contains details on the various functions on Carpe Noctem

How do I add to the Random Quote Generator?

So you have found something that you feel is quote worthy, but how do you put it forward to be added to the Random Quote Generator?

There are two ways to do this, as follows:

1. On the post that you think is quote worthy, click on the "Save Quotation" on the bottom right hand side:

screenshot-www.vampirecounts.net 2014-07-12 22-16-12.png

This will then automatically take you to the quotation page, prefilling in the information (such as linking the post, the author etc) and also allows you to fill in context. So for example if someone has made a funny comment about how to use Skeletons, you could put in the context field "Discussing 8th Edition Skeletons". You can also edit the text of the post if you specifically just want to put a part of it in the quotation.

2. The second way is to manually navigate to the "Quotations" section of the forum (in which you can view all the quotations in our generator), and select to "Add a Quotation". This can be used for quotations from chat, or from other sites which we allow as long as they are normally Warhammer based:

screenshot-www.vampirecounts.net 2014-07-12 22-22-12.png

Once a quotation is submitted (by either method) it will be queued for approval by an Administrator. It should normally be approved or denied within 24 hours. If approved a quotation automatically gets added to the catalogue by the system and will be displayed on a random basis.

How do I access the Forum Rules?

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