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Basic Functions

Basic Functions

This section details some of the basics about CN's software functions

What does "Saved Draft" mean when using the Post Editor?

You may have noticed that when you are using the post editor, a small piece of text often comes up at the bottom right of the screen saying "Saved Draft".

This is a special function of CN's software, which automatically saves drafts of all entered text into post editors (such as creating a new thread, post or conversation).

These drafts are saved approximately every 30 seconds, and are retained by the system for 24 hours or until posted. The main reason for this is to ensure that if something happens like accidentally clicking back or closing your browser, if you navigate back to where you was trying to post the system will present your saved draft.

What can I put in my signature?

The allowed elements in your signature are based on your posts (and as such the group CN places you in):

New Bloods: 1-49 posts
  • 200 characters allowed
  • Maximum number of links: 1
  • Maximum number of lines: 8
  • Maximum number of images: 1
  • Smilies: allowed

Undead - 50-999 posts
  • 300 characters allowed
  • Maximum number of external links: 2
  • Maximum number of lines: 10
  • Maximum number of images: 3
  • Smilies: allowed
True Bloods - 1000+ posts
  • 500 characters allowed
  • Maximum number of external links: 5
  • Maximum number of lines: 12
  • Maximum number of images: 5
  • Smilies: allowed

What can I do if I have trouble registering?

Carpe Noctem does have a variety of anti-spam measures, which sometimes (rarely) affects registration.

If you do experience problems, please Contact Us

Is there an alternative theme with lighter text?

We know for some members the grey text can be a little hard to ready, so we have created a second version of our theme with lighter text.

You can easily switch to this theme by clicking on the "Vampire Counts" phrase on the bottom left of this page:

screenshot-www.vampirecounts.net 2014-08-06 20-27-06.png

You will then be presented an overlay with the standard and alternative theme for you to choose from.

How to change the name of a thread?

You can change the name of an existing thread only if you created the thread (or you are a member of staff).

To change the name you need to select Thread Tools on the top right-hand side of your thread (1), which will then display the edit (2) and delete (3) options:

screenshot-www.vampirecounts.net 2014-08-14 19-14-47.png
You can select the option you require and edit / delete as appropriate.​

How does the post editor work?

CN's post editor can be quite different to other forums which rely on BB codes (these include tags like .. around text to make it bold).

The main key differences about CN's editor are as follows:

  • What You See Is What You Get: Generally when typing and inserting images the software will automatically update and display what will be posted as you type. This includes things like linking images etc, making it much more useful to see straight away what your post will look like. There are a couple of functions which do not benefit from this feature (see Special Functions)
  • Keyboard Shortcuts: The standard keyboard shortcuts work such as Ctrl+B = bold. This makes it much faster and easier to format on the fly, especially for stories and roleplays.
  • Special functions: Most of the buttons on the top bar are self explanatory (a description shows if you hover your mouse over them). Some special functions however are hidden over the icon that looks like a piece of paper (with a description of "insert"). By highlighting a piece of text and then selecting one of the insert options it will code the text so when posted functions such as "Spoiler" will be enabled.
  • Upload a file: The file upload system can now handle multiple uploads at once, and again benefits from the WYSIWYG feature should you wish to insert the pictures into your post.

How do I tag other members?

So you've seen other member's tagging people in posts and want to know how to do it?

Very simple, just put @ and then start typing the member's name, for example @Lynks

You will notice as you type the software automatically starts showing a list of relevant member names, and you can either continue typing or select the one you want.

When you then save the post the member you have tagged will get an alert stating you have tagged them and a link to the post - a great way to get your friends involved in the discussion!

Can I retract my vote from a poll?

Yes you can!

If you have voted in a poll and wish to retract your vote, all you need to do is click "Unvote" on the top left of the poll summary as show here:

screenshot-www.vampirecounts.net 2014-08-04 22-18-36.png

It will take approx 20 seconds due to the necessary database updates, however once complete you can then vote again as you wish.

Can I choose a custom usertitle?

Of course!

Click on the top right person icon which displays various links that related to your profile.

If you click on "Personal Details", this will then take you to the section of your person control panel where you can edit your usertitle.
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