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  3. Big changes are coming to Age of Sigmar! Narrative battles, points and a Book! What does this mean for the Vampiric hordes?!
  4. The 9th Age, the fan made rules alternative, has had it's rules updated to version 1.3! What changes could this bring for our fellow vampires?

Member Rewards

Member Rewards

This section contains details about the various rewards Members can obtain, from medals to rankings

What is True Blood status?

True Blood status is automatically granted to those Members who reach 1000 posts.

It is a way to show our thanks and recognition for the time and effort they have put in on Carpe Noctem, as well as to highlight to other Member's that these are generally people who have been around for sometime and may have valuable insight and experience.

In addition, all True Bloods gain access to the True Blood section of the forum (which is hidden from non True Bloods). In this section, discussions around CN's policies, future and other key points take place and the opinion of the True Bloods is highly valued.

How does the ranking system work?

Carpe Noctem does have a ranking system based on post count. It is simple a little bit of fun, granting a Member a usertitle based on the number of posts they have made.

The current titles and required posts are as follows:

  • 0 Zombie
  • 50 Skeleton
  • 100 Ghoul
  • 200 Grave Guard
  • 300 Black Knight
  • 400 Wight King
  • 500 Crypt Horror
  • 600 Vargheist
  • 700 Varghulf
  • 800 Necromancer
  • 900 Vampire Thrall
  • 1000 Vampire Count
  • 2000 Master Necromancer
  • 3000 Vampire Lord
  • 4000 Master Vampire
  • 5000 Liche
  • 6000 Vampire Ancient
  • 7000 Master Liche
  • 8000 Vampire Progenitor
  • 9000 Lord of the Night
  • 10000 Dark Lord of Nagash
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