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1,000 pt tourney game 3 report

Discussion in 'Memento Mori' started by Alabaster427, Feb 2, 2017.

  1. Alabaster427

    Alabaster427 Minister of Thriftiness True Blood

    Dec 9, 2013
    It's been 5 days since the tournament, so some of the details are a bit fuzzy.

    I am in the top 4. I end up at table two, but all four players in the top 4 are tied for first place, so it's just random placement. I get paired with a Tzeentch player. I know that I can beat him and he knows I can beat him because we're both from the same club and played each other a lot while preparing for the tournament. Table 1 has the same problem. I give up the sure win to play someone new and the TO allows us to switch opponents. I get re-paired against Beastclaw Raiders. I immediately regret my decision.

    We get scenario #4 which is objectives that score at the end of each turn, but we both know it probably won't matter.

    My list:
    Ghoul King on Terrorgheist, general, Red Fury, Cursed Book
    Crypt Ghast Courtier
    Screaming Skull Catapult
    Ghouls x20
    2x ghouls x10

    His list:
    Frostlord on Thundertusk, general, Pelt of C., Everwinter's blessing
    Thundertusk riders
    Mournfang Cavalry x2
    Frost Sabres x2

    He gets to deploy first but it won't matter. He'll get to choose turn order either way. He deploys the two T-tusks in the middle, the cavalry on my right, and the sabres on my left. I deploy my GK directly across from them as the model is too big to hide anywhere. One unit of 10 ghouls is deployed to my right. The other two units and the Ghast are on my left. The catapult is 12" up in a building and be touched or seen.

    Turn 1. He moves up his 8" for both T-tusks. The cavalry and the sabres immediately move to claim the two center objectives. He shoots both of the frost blasts at the GK and I only save two wounds. Not a great start. He ends and gets 5 objective points. I'm able to heal 3 wounds on the GK and get Unholy vitality off. I give inspiring presence to the larger unit of ghouls. I move everything up the max distance. I shoot the catapult at his cavalry and deal no wounds, but the following scream gets four wounds. I charge the GK to his general being careful to not allow the other mammoth to pile-in. The ghouls charge the sabers and the other ghouls fail to charge the cavalry. The ghoul king only gets six wounds off on his general (-1 to hit sucks, but I am in no position to complain). In order for Red Fury to pass, I need anything but a six. Anything but a six. Anything but a six. SIX. He returns 2 unsaved wounds. The ghouls destroy his sabres. I get three objective points.

    Turn 2. I do not get the double turn. :( He is happy with his blessing, but I don't recall what it was. He heals 2 wounds on his general because of the pelt. He redirects his mournfangs from the objective and makes a beeline for the terrorgheist. He fails the 6 mortal wounds frost shot from the thundertusk (whew). The general makes it, but rolls D6 mortal wounds and gets a 1 (double whew) and I save. He also fails the harpoon launcher and I save the chaintrap. He decides to go with his general first and 2 wounds get through. I return into the general and only get 4 wounds on him. He has 2 wounds left and I need to roll a 3 or lower for Red Fury. I roll a 5. :( The mournfangs go next and I don't save anything. The Ghoul king hath fallen. I hope that my splosion will finish off at least the general, but it only does one wound against him. 2 against the BATTLELINE mammoth and 3 against the cavalry, so one dies. I am disheartened to say the least, but far from ready to concede. Surely my ghouls can do something. He gets 3 points from objective.

    On my turn, I don't really have anything for the hero phase. I move the larger unit of ghouls towards his general along with the ghast. I shoot the catapult at his general, but he saves. I charge the unit of 20 ghouls to the Frostlord. I roll high enough that I can take over the objective in his territory, which is worth 4 points. After pile-in, I get 15 ghouls in range, so that's 45 attacks. However, I am at -1 to hit and I no longer get my rerolls. 5 wounds get through. 5. He saves them all. He kills 10 ghouls and I miraculously pass battleshock with a roll of 1. I am claiming all objectives, so I get 9 points.

    Turn 3. He goes first. He heals 3 wounds on his general, so my hope of killing him is gone. He moves his cavalry to claim the objective in my territory. The Thunderstusk goes towards the objective on my right. The thundertusk wipes out the unit of ghouls it's moving towards in the shooting phase. 3 ghouls live from the Frostlord's shooting phase. He wipes out the rest in close combat. He gets 7 points from objectives.

    We have lots of time, so I make one final hoorah. I move the last set of ghouls back towards the mournfang and the ghast, also. I can't shoot at the mournfang because it's within 6" of my catapult. I shoot at the general and fail. I charge the ghast and the ghouls but only the ghast succeds. I get one wound off but the mournfange splatters the courtier like it's just an exceptionally ugly grot. I only get two points for objectives.

    At this point I concede since it's impossible for me to win.

    To my surprise, my opponent said that this was his funnest game of the tournament. He said that he played Orruks and Sylvaneth in his previous two matches and nobody had even killed a single model. Additionally, nobody had dealt more than 8 wounds. I had depleted half of his army and even dealt enough wounds to kill his general, though I didn't because of his healing. He thanked me for knowing how to play my army. I also thanked him because it was also the most fun I had. My first two opponents were new players and I had only lost 1-2 units of ghouls. I had never played ogors before this match, but I plan on countering them next time with more terrorgheists, or if I can get my hands on one, a mourngul.

    I ended up taking 5th place out of 16, though the players that took 3rd and 4th were the winners from tables 3-4.
  2. Unas the slayer

    Unas the slayer Wight King

    Jan 1, 2017

    Yeah, BC are a pain, and the mammoths as battleline is frankly broken. No wonder your opponent wiped the floor with the other armies. It's also hard to play objectives, 'cause BC got fast units and can even pop with Sabres and Hunter
  3. Alabaster427

    Alabaster427 Minister of Thriftiness True Blood

    Dec 9, 2013
    Some of the objective scenarios allow a player to win, even if they get tabled, and for BR, you basically have to table your opponent because it's so hard to hold or claim objectives.

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