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1000 point Carstein list

Discussion in 'Summoning the Deathrattlers' started by Alabaster427, Jan 6, 2017.

  1. Alabaster427

    Alabaster427 Minister of Thriftiness True Blood

    Dec 9, 2013
    There's an upcoming tournament that I'm running some list ideas for. There's a lot of new players, so if I wanted to outright win, I can just take my Sylvaneth list, but I don't want to discourage other players at their first tournament. So I'm thinking of a themed list:

    General: Count Mannfred

    Corpse Cart with Lodestone
    Mortis Engine

    4 x 10 zombies, banners/musicians.

    980 points

    The idea is to keep the zombie units separate until either I get close enough to charge a big baddie, like a maw krusha (which I expect), or they get engaged by smaller unit on my opponent's turn. As long as I have at least three units left, I should be getting 40+ attacks that hit on 2+, wound on 3+, and reroll ones for both. Even though they have no rend and only do one damage, I should still be able to dole out enough wounds that my opponent won't be able to save enough of them. I'm thinking that the vampires will seem like a bigger threat than the zombies, or even the mortis engine, to soak up damage before the zombies enter combat. If I can get 300-500 points out of my zombies, the vampires should be able to mop up the rest fairly easy. I know I could have a more powerful list and I have nearly every model available in Death, but like I said, my goal isn't to wipe the floor with everyone.

    So does this list seem like it's at least somewhat winnable? I'm shooting for 3-1 w/l right now.

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