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2000 pts Deathrattle Army

Discussion in 'Summoning the Deathrattlers' started by Demian, Jul 13, 2016.

  1. Demian

    Demian Vampire Count True Blood

    Oct 28, 2011
    Hey! I want to share my 2000pts list for the Campaign. Leave me your comments!

    Royal Warsphinx
    General, Red Fury, Tomb Blade

    Arkhan the Black
    Heinrich Kemmler

    40 Skeleton Warriors w/spears or swords, don't know yet
    3 Skeleton Chariots
    10 Zombies

    20 Grave Guard with Great Wight Blades
    3 Necropolis Knights

    4 Leaders
    2 Behemoths
    3 Battleline
    40 points for summoning, which can't bring anything to the table.

    So my intention is to go heavy on the magic, casting Stone Shaping, Invigorate and Danse Macabre as much as needed, while still getting the Shield, Bolt and if the situation permits, Curse of Years.

    I mean to strike fast, with some ranged attacks / magic, and getting the General into combat as soon as possible, while having him always within the range of 1-4 wounds suffered, so that the Tomb King can still make his 3 Glaive attacks, and thus, regain wounds via the Tomb Blade, and of course, Red Fury.

    Command Ability can aid both Grave Guard and Necropolis Knights's effects, giving them much more damage and threat. Necro Knights should sit behind infantry, since they are low in number and should not risk being targeted by many attacks.

    Zombies are there to fill the Battleline tax and to serve as Necromancer/Kemmler absortion with their respective abilities. As a last resort, they can block flankers's first strikes and prevent their advance.

    Kemmler is the wildcard here, and could be replaced by a Liche Priest and adding some points to summon something. I like him because he gets to cast 2 spells each phase, maximizing from what we all have. Arkhan should always cast Stone Shaping to heal and Danse Macabre, leaving the Necromancer to cast Shields/Bolt and Kemmler to cast Invigorate and Shield/Bolt, making use of almost all our spells per turn.

    What do you huys think!? =D
  2. Malisteen

    Malisteen Master Necromancer True Blood

    Sep 23, 2009
    Looks good to me, pretty similar to what I'm planning on running. Just make sure to keep arkhan out of melee until the enemy's more dangerous stuff is engaged. The other potential trouble is enemy shooting & artillery. You probably have enough fast/tough stuff to weather it, but if it becomes an issue, you might consider replacing kemmler with a pair of tomb scorpions.
  3. Demian

    Demian Vampire Count True Blood

    Oct 28, 2011
    Yeah, I was inspired to take Arkhan as you said! I would up the Necro Knights to 6... but the other kit I built as Stalkers, so... at least I have them haha.

    EDIT: Unless... I can magnetize the riders and mount them on the stalkers (I really don't care if they look iffy haha... hmmmm....)

    Scorpions are also a nice choice, I just don't know if I should field either those or 3 Stalkers, just for the fun of going underground after they finish stuff off. Still need to know how to handle shooty armies with it.
  4. Aranei

    Aranei Ghoul

    Oct 22, 2014
    Looks nice!
    40 Skellies are really good with spears, it gives them so many extra attacks.

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