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8th Edition 1000 point army (my first warhammer army)

Discussion in 'Legions of the Damned' started by Vampirfledermaus, Jan 11, 2017.

  1. Vampirfledermaus

    Vampirfledermaus Zombie

    Jan 11, 2017
    Size - 1000 points

    Army List:


    Vampire (total points 162)

    Lore of the Vampires, level 1 wizard
    +Additional Hand Weapon (3p)
    +Heavy Armour (4p)

    Vampiric Powers
    Summon Creatures of the Night (10p)
    Master Strike (15p)
    Dark Acoltye (25p)

    Necromancer (total points 100)

    Lore of the Vampires, Level 2 wizard (35p)


    Ghouls x 10 (total points 110)
    + Ghast (10p)

    Ghouls x 10 (total points 110)
    + Ghast (10p)

    Ghouls x 10 (total points 110)
    + Ghast (10p)

    Dire Wolves x 5 (total points 50)
    + Doom Wolf (10p)


    Corpse Cart (total points 121)
    +Unholy Lodestone (30p)

    +Spear (1p)

    Bat Swarms x 2 bases (total points 70)

    Bat Swarms x 2 bases (total points 70)

    Spirit Host x 2 bases (total points 90)

    This is my first Warhammer army and I'm using 8th edition, please point out any mistakes I've made (big or small) and any advice is appreciated. (I will be fighting Lizardmen mainly).

  2. Mad 'At

    Mad 'At Dumb enough to work Staff Member True Blood

    Apr 2, 2011
    Can't spot any errors, but it was a while since I made an 8th edition list.

    As for advice, I think it would benefit you to merge the ghoul units, either into a single big one or two medium ones. Another change you could do is to split the Spirit Host into two units of one. Each would be about as annoying as they would be in a single unit, but you would be able to spread them out more and use them as cheap chaff in a pinch.

    You should probably look into grabbing some magical items on you characters as well, possibly skipping a unit of Bats to afford it. A Dispel Scroll on the necromancer and some weapon and/or armour in the vampire. I often took Sword of Strength, Talisman of Endurance and a shield on my hero vampires.

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