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8th Edition 2K and 2.5K - beginner vampire looking for any tips vs Elves

Discussion in 'Legions of the Damned' started by AJR, Aug 5, 2016.

  1. AJR

    AJR Zombie

    Aug 4, 2016

    I just started building my dream undead army with a horde of Mantic skeltons, zombies, ghouls, and black knights as the core. It's built around the old Necarch vampire (models & ideals) - I want to dominate the magic phase and raise lots of stuff.

    2K List

    Level 4 Necromancer
    Talisman of preservation (4+ ward)
    Channeling staff
    Master of the dead

    Level 2 Necromancer
    w/ Book of Arkhan
    Dispel scroll

    Dark Acolyte
    Summon Creatures
    Armor of Silvered Steel

    32 zombies w/ standard
    30 skeletons spears full cmd no musician
    30 ghouls

    Corpse Cart w/ unholy lodestone
    3 Bat swarms
    30 GG w/ full command

    Mortis Engine w/ Tome

    2.5K List
    This list is almost identical - I downgraded the Level 4 Necro lord to a level 2 with rod of flaming death and added a Level 4 Vampire Lord instead. With the rest of the points I added a unit of 4 fell bats, buffed the bat swarms to 4 and sprinkled a few extra zombies and skeletons.

    Level 4 Vampire Lord
    Quickblood, Dark Acolyte, Dread Knight, Summon
    Nightshroud, sword of striking, Talis of preservation

    Tips and Tactics
    I have no knowledge of tactics yet other than bunker up and try not to blow myself up with miscasts! :) Lots of questions for experienced generals:
    With magic being so variable in 8th ed and only being able to cast each spell once, is it even *possible* to dominate that phase?
    Am I losing too much by trying to make a jack of all trades combat & caster vamp lord, rather than just committing to one build?
    I'll likely face a lot of Dark and High elves - at 2.5 k the DE player has a level 4 sorc with 4+ ward save and also the new flying Pegasus Lord with 3+ ward (vs shooting and magic) and Ogre blade. Does anyone have the DE book and can confirm that that comes in under the 25% lord allotment?
  2. Dragonet

    Dragonet Wight King

    Feb 3, 2015
    Hi AJR, I'm an 8th player but not a great one! I'd highly recommend Book Of Ashur (level 5!) or Black Periapt for magic control; definitely specialise with either a mini blender (any vampire with Red Fury) or Wight King for punch while leading with your casters. Personally I spam necromancers to save points while covering magic, Blood Dragons have better things to do with their time... ;)
    AJR likes this.
  3. AJR

    AJR Zombie

    Aug 4, 2016
    Yeah - you know both of those were on my "must take" list and then somehow didn't make it into in the final draft. I think the book just seemed like too many points for *just* the +1 bonus...but combined with the Mortis Engine it almost negates their own caster bonus.
    Periapt seems too good to pass up...
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  4. Dragonet

    Dragonet Wight King

    Feb 3, 2015
    Yes definitely all about stacking the levels, you'd never take a Level 3 if you could afford a Level 4; also that dice control gets you up to 6d6 per game in either phase, a flexible and deadly advantage. Book Of Arkhan's another personal favourite as I like to threaten spam on Vanhel's as well as Invocation, even if I don't end up using it.

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