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9th age 6000 tourney list

Discussion in 'Legions of the Damned' started by jbizzle113, Feb 22, 2017.

  1. jbizzle113

    jbizzle113 Ghoul

    Dec 16, 2011
    I'm preparing for a tourney and I have not had a game since 8th. This is the list I will start practicing with. The tourney is in March so I don't have long to prepare.

    Bloodline Von Karnstein

    Midnight Aristocracy 665
    Vampire count
    armour of Destiny
    Blade of Red Thirst
    Wizard master Occultism

    Midnight Aristocracy 620
    Vampire count
    Armour of Fortune
    Giant Sword
    Refine Taste
    1 learned spell Evocation

    Midnight Aristocracy 510
    Vampier coutier
    2 learned spells Evocation
    wizard apprentice
    Dispel Scroll
    heavy armour
    paired weapon
    refine taste

    Barrow King 290
    Mantle of Night

    Barrow King 230
    Axe of Battle
    Potion of Swiftness


    Bat Swarm 120

    60 SKeletons 650
    hand weapon and shield
    full command
    War banner

    40 Zombies
    Banner and Musician

    22 Zombies
    Banner and Musician


    Altar of the Undeath 460
    Dark Tome

    Altar of Undeath 400

    33 Barrow Guard 840
    full command
    Banner of the Barrow Kings

    Dark Coach 480
    Extended chassis
    Von Karnstein

    Great Bats 80

    Swift Death

    Vampire Spawn 220

    This comes to 5997. Thoughts
  2. Quinten

    Quinten Grave Guard

    Jul 17, 2014
    I would probably drop the barrow kings. You can take another vamp as a BSB this way, or upgrade one of your other vamps to a BSB and drop points. Barrow king attacks aren't really all that much better than grave guard attacks so you're not gaining much.

    Definitely, switch your general to evocation with the Dark Tome you are really amping up the risk to him with no benefit in the form of decreased casting values. You could keep him as a master for dispelling and if/when the altar dies but I would probably save the points.

    If you have more chaff models to spawn then hour of the wolf is probably better than refined taste. Storm caller isn't a bad choice either. If you did want to get hour of the wolf in, definitely up the chaff amounts you have (again model dependant).

    I would try to up the model count on the grave guard by a few guys and since you don't have the corpse cart great weapons are probably a better choice than halberds (unless you wanted to add a corpse cart in, not a bad idea if you get stormcaller).

    Additionally, Varkolaks are better than dark coaches and they perform relatively the same role. If you have the model I would definitely recommend switching that out.

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