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Basic Question about Bases

Discussion in 'Laws of the Night' started by QuothTheRaven, Jul 15, 2016.

  1. QuothTheRaven

    QuothTheRaven Zombie

    Jun 11, 2016
    So I've been drawn back to the hobby after a long hiatus (~18years!) just in time for them to kill WFB.

    Ninth age ticks all the boxes but I have a question...

    I want to make my character models look spectacular (within the limits of my paltry modelling skills) but I find that is not easy on a piddly 20mm square base.

    How much of an impact would it have on games etc if I did base my chars on 'illegal' base sizes, e.g., 25mm bases?

    I'm not likely to be playing in tournaments given that I've not played a tabletop game in nearly twenty years but is it going to cause problems in 'casual' games?
  2. Borgnine

    Borgnine Moderator Staff Member True Blood

    Jun 15, 2013
    More models can get into contact with you, so you can get attacked more. And joining units will be awkward, sticking to the side of it, rather than inside - a character like this doesn't count for ranks and cannot move around the unit, for example. Getting a bigger base is usually a disadvantage, so it's generally allowed, especially during casual games. I don't know if 9th age isn't stricter about base sizes, though...
  3. Mad 'At

    Mad 'At Dumb enough to work Staff Member True Blood

    Apr 2, 2011
    I'm moving this to Laws of the Night since it is related to 9th Age and not AoS.

    On topic: There are some methods you can use that I doubt many would would have trouble with. The most "legal" I think would be to build up a 20 mm base with rocks and stuff so that it extends over the edges, thus giving you more room to play around with. You would however have to adjust the minis in the unit who will be standing next to the character, or otherwise you won't be able to place him in a unit. The downside is that it could make it very limited in regards to where he stands.

    Another option is to use a larger base but with a matching footprint, for example a 40x40 mm base. A 25x25 mm base would not be a good idea as it would be impossible to place within units. With a 40x40 mm base you could move 4 models out of the way and place him in any of our infantry units. When placing him inside units you should probably remove 3 models from the unit so that the unit is increased in size by only a single model, as with any other character. You then treat the 40x40 mm base as a sort of unit filler, representing 1 character and 3 RnF, counting the character as only 1/4th of the base. Make sure your opponent is aware of which of the quarters is actually the character and you should have no problem at all. Some sort of marking on the base would be nice.

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