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Carpe Noctem Forum Rules

Discussion in 'Grave News' started by Disciple of Nagash, May 14, 2010.

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  1. Disciple of Nagash

    Disciple of Nagash The Perverted One Staff Member TVC II GM

    Feb 12, 2008

    Herein lie the rules for the Carpe Noctem

    Please make sure you are familiar with the rules below. We would highly recommend you memorise them if possible. If you break a rule, you will likely be warned and possibly punished. CN runs a warning system which is outlined below. Most users have been around for many years and not had any problems. This is because they know the rules!

    A Message To the New Members!
    Here on CN we are a very friendly and open bunch, more accepting of mature and potentially sensitive subjects such as religion, politics etc. However this is only because members are expected to post in a respectful and civil manner. We are very serious about keeping our forums relaxed , fun and troll-free, so please consider this before posting. Read the rules, use common sense, and always post in a respectful manner to other members.

    Look around before posting! We highly recommend all members do this, either via browsing or the search function. Each forum pretty much makes it clear from its name and description what is acceptable in there or not. Be sure you have the appropriate forum before posting. If there is no forum dedicated to the topic you wish to discuss, use The Mortal’s Realm off-topic section.

    Posting Content

    Tone of post: all posts should be respectful and civil. We will not permit insulting, aggressive, or generally derogatory posting. You are free to express your opinion, however you are expected to do so in a civil manner. So for example the following would not be allowed:
    • “I think your tactics are crap, you have no idea what you are speaking about, go read the rulebook.”
    Instead something along the following lines would be expected:
    • “I don’t think your tactics will work, as they don’t seem to make sense. They also don’t follow the warhammer rules, because *provides example and reference*.”
    Same thought, but put forth in a much less offensive way. Members do also need to be aware that they will encounter such opinions around the forum. As long as they are put forward in a non-insulting way, then they are allowed. If you are liable to get upset by such posts we recommend you do not read them.

    Sarcasm and joking:
    please also be aware that sarcasm / jokes etc do not work well over the internet, due to tone not being carried over. This can mean a post intended as a joke can come across as aggressive, and will be treated as such by the moderators. It is each member’s responsibility to make sure the intent behind their posts is as clear as possible, using the provided emoticons if necessary.

    Offensive terms: terms such as “faggot" or "nigger" are not permitted in Carpe Noctem .This also covers using terms in a derogatory way, such as using “gay” to mean something bad. The only possible exception to this is if they are incorporated as part of a written story. Even then this will be decided on a case by case basis and as such is done at your own risk.

    Written language: all posts must be written in English. You should also write as if you were speaking in real life to another human being. Do not use any catchphrases, memes, internet slang, or any slang that other users may not understand. The only exceptions to this are general Warhammer based abbreviations such as VC or BSB etc.

    Moderator notice:
    the following red bar in any posts denotes an official action such as a warning, thread being moved or locked etc. Anything posted in this format should be taken seriously and treated as an instruction and information on behalf of the forum staff:


    Images: keep all images work-safe. Any pictures of an adult nature must not directly posted but instead linked with a suitable warning. This is includes sexual jokes, violence etc. However this does not mean that pornographic or illegal material may be linked, and any members doing this face a possible instant ban.

    Any pictures posted by users on this forum do so in full knowledge that they are viewable by the public, and may be possibly downloaded without permission. The Administration reserve the right use any pictures posted on Carpe Noctem (providing they were posted by the owner) for theme, background, articles, or advertisement in relation to Carpe Noctem only. This includes the Invocation E-Zine produced by Carpe Noctem. However all pictures will be credited to said owners.

    Image size: keep all images smaller than 800 pixels horizontal and 600 pixels vertical. We recommend uploading all pictures to photobucket, and then using the IMG link to directly post the pictures into threads.

    Copyrighted material: no warez, no cracks, no CD codes, no illegal programs that are used to either crack software or perform any malicious activity. Don't post links, ask for links to download, or otherwise discuss illegal copies of copyrighted works, including movies, books, software, etc.

    Games Workshop copyrighted material:
    no copying of GW copyrighted material. This includes direct quotes from any of GW's books or full statistic bars of models. Relevant information may be used in discussions, but it is assumed that all participants will have access to the official written source. Therefore it will not be necessary to publish such information in its entirety. Your own created rules for models may have the full statistics bar with them in posts.

    To post or not to post?

    Before you post: ask yourself the following question: "Am I making a post which is on topic and adds to the discussion in a constructive manner?" If you can answer "yes" to this, then please post. If you cannot, then please refrain from posting. We do all enjoy a joke here and there, however we do not want lots of posts that are effectively devoid of information across the forum. We have an off-topic area for such posts.

    Low Content / Spam Posts:
    Please do not make posts containing no content (ie, "That’s cool" "Same here" “I agree” etc.). These just litter up the forum and with over 100,000 posts, we need to eliminate these as much as possible. If you do like a thread, then just vote for it and move on. Replies consisting solely of trolling fall into this category. The staff has the right to delete spam type posts without warning and without explanation.

    Threadomancy: (posting in threads which have not had a post in a period longer than 6 months) is allowed on CN under specific circumstances, which are:

    Discussions threads: a topic that is still currently valid (such as tactical discussion on the use of a Varghulf) can be resurrected. However we would ask that when resurrecting the post to bear in mind that if you are posting to answer a question, whether the answer is not relevant or still needed after such a long time period, if not there is little point posting. The post must also be constructive, and not fall into the previously mentioned Spam post category.

    Discussions threads with a topic that is not currently valid is not allowed. Such topics such as “Rumours of the 7th edition Daemons of Chaos” etc are obviously out of date. They should not be resurrected.

    Painting Logs: if it has received at least one update in the last six months. There is little point posting a question if the member is obviously not frequenting CN, nor is there any point posting you like their models. By all means enjoy the models, but the only person who should be resurrecting things such as Logs are the members who started them.

    So the main thing to remember, if you are adding to the discussion (no spamming), and it is still valid with current rules / situation then you are ok to post. If not leave it alone!

    Advertisement and links: no advertisements or links for other services or websites should be posted on Carpe Noctem without first seeking prior permission from Disciple of Nagash. The only exceptions to this are tournaments which can be done in the Contest of Arms forum.

    We do not allow in anyway advertisements for things not related to Warhammer, so please do not even ask.

    Deleting posts and threads

    Threads: you are allowed to freely delete your own thread only if it hasn't yet received a single reply before you change your mind about the topic. If there are any replies from other forum members you may not close and delete the thread on your own. You can still request for a member of staff to lock the thread for you, with valid reason.

    Posts: individual posts should only be deleted if you find them to be entirely obsolete or if you wish to create and word a new one in its place. Note that you can use the in-built Edit Post function instead of scrapping a reply altogether and write a new one. Please refrain from deleting your posts if it isn't in accordance with the above, as the resulting gap(s) in the conversation will ruin the flow of discussion for the readers.


    Carpe Noctem does have a chat option that can be purchased for zombie points. All members should be aware that forum rules still apply to the chat, and as such it will be closely monitored. Carpe Noctem retains all chat logs purely in case members report that there were breaches of Carpe Noctem rules, in which case the logs can be reviewed. By accessing the chat you are agreeing to the chat log being used in this way.

    The chat function is not a replacement for the forum, and as such should only be used for general off topic discussions. Other warhammer and VC discussions should still be posted in the forum as normal. The only exceptions to this are special events as authorised by a staff member.

    Posting levels will be monitored, and in the event that the chat function is found to be having a detrimental affect on the forum, it will be removed.


    Firstly all CN signatures are set to use the small font. Members are not permitted to change this, those that do will be asked / forced to change it back.

    Normal member:
    normal member’s signatures will be restricted to 500 characters / True Bloods and Staff will have an 800 character limit.

    Normal members may have no more than 2 images in their signature / True Bloods and Staff may have up to 5 images in their signature.

    Normal members may not have an excessively large image in their signature - we would take this to be an image that is large than 100 pixels by 100 pixels @ 72 pixels per inch. An example of this is:


    The only exceptions to this are specific banners designed for signatures such as:


    You can include banners for other sites, however they cannot be larger than the example one above.

    True Bloods and staff: true bloods and staff do not have a set limit and their images will be confirmed or denied on an individual basis.


    Carpe Noctem uses the inbuilt warning system to warn users. A warning has a scale from 1-5, with 5 being the worse and would result in a permanent ban.

    Generally in the case of minor offenses the following would happen:

    1 warning point would be issued. A reminder of the rule will be posted in the thread.

    If this happens again another point will be added.

    At 3 points the member will receive a written warning via PM, this is now classed as serious, as further offenses will result in a temporary or permanent ban.

    At 4 points the member will most likely receive a temporary ban, the length decided by the moderator who issued the point(s).

    5 points
    – permanent ban.

    However this is not to say that only one point can or will be issued per offense. Depending on the nature and number of offenses this may result in more or less points. For example, spamming in numerous amounts of posts across the forum may result in 2 points straight away.

    Serious insulting behaviour, racism etc, can result in 4 or 5 points straight away.

    We do understand that sometimes people have bad days, are going through emotional stress etc. In those cases when you post something you regret, please PM a mod if it is noticed before you can edit it. We do try and be understanding, and would much prefer to come to a mutual understanding rather than issue warnings.

    What if I get banned?

    If it is a temporary ban, then please try and learn from the experience and come back to CN. We do want you to enjoy the forum, but you have to understand, so do others. Banning is not something we like doing, nor do we take the action lightly.

    If it is a permanent ban, then there is very little you can do. The only option is to appeal to Disciple of Nagash via the Contact Us link, explaining in a calm and civil manner why you should be allowed back in the forum. Any aggressive or insulting messages will certainly not get your ban lifted.

    In all instances the final decision rests with Disciple of Nagash (or in the case of extended leave his nominated representative), and his word is final.


    Harrassment: if somebody is harassing you on the forums then try discuss it with them over PM or email. If this does not work or is not possible then please PM a mod about it. Please do not post others' personal information (phone number, addresses, emails, etc.). Try to stay out of other peoples' personal lives as well. Keep in mind there's a good distinction between the Internet and real life.

    Only one account per person.

    please do not try to cleverly circumvent some rules listed here. These rules are general guidelines and are very flexible. The staff takes a very dim view to members trying to find loopholes and cause trouble.

    The Staff

    The moderators are here to keep the forums safe, help out or to ensure CN’s rules are followed. If they ask you to do something, please do it. Please do not harass or intentionally annoy the mods. If you do not like the mods or the rules of Carpe Noctem, then we can only recommend not to post here. In the event you feel a mod has treated you unfairly then you can PM Disciple of Nagash with your issue, however this should only be done after trying to resolve the issue with the mod directly. Please be civil, explain your point, and detail your opinion on it. You may question any mod or admin you like as long as you are not rude about it.

    This Stuff Annoys the Mods and Admins
    • Creating lots of duplicate threads for the same topics, especially creating threads for topics that are currently being discussed! Always look first before posting.
    • Copying people. By this we mean their posting styles and jokes. Just be yourself, you don’t need to act like anyone else to enjoy the forum.
    • Acting superior. We are after all playing with little toy soldiers. There is very little point acting superior / smug / arrogant.
    • Comments such as “Go read the rulebook”, especially to newbies. It is rude and off putting, Most players have read the rulebook, but can get confused, or don’t have the encyclopedic knowledge of other players. If you are not going to be helpful, don’t reply to the topic.
    • Backseat moderating. The mods on here were specifically picked to know what they are doing. We do not need other members telling us what to do, or how to deal with a situation. By all means report anything that is breaking the forum rules, and then leave it to us to deal with it.
    • Arguing and splitting hairs. If a mod gives you a direction, don’t start splitting hairs over what has happened. If you have done something wrong accept it, learn from it and move on. If you really do feel like you have been treated unfairly, PM the mod about it. Don’t start arguing in the thread as it will only make things worse.

    If you have a question or concern then please feel free to contact one of the following forum staff:

    Global Moderators
    Council of the Night (General Discussions and Trading) Moderators
    To War! (Tactics) Moderators
    The Dark Arts (Painting & Modelling) Moderator
    Chronicles of Death (Background) Moderators
    Dead Space (40k section) Moderators
    Forum Technical Support and Bug Reporting.

    In the event you have technical problems or notice a bug on CN, then please report it in the following thread.


    The thread then should be replied to within 48hrs. In the event this does not happen then please PM Disciple of Nagash directly.

    When you are reporting issues, please try to include a screen shot, any error messages, and what you was doing / trying to do at the time the error occurred.
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