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Doctor my Fluff?

Discussion in 'Understanding the Underworlds' started by ElectricPaladin, Aug 24, 2016.

  1. ElectricPaladin

    ElectricPaladin Skeleton

    Nov 9, 2013
    Hi guys!

    I'm really enjoying Age of Sigmar, and the playstyle and models of the various Death factions are really appealing to me right now. I'm building a collection composed mostly of Flesh Eaters and Malignants with a few necromancers and vampires thrown in for good measure. I've got a backstory for my force, and I'd love for my elder brethren here - who probably know more about Age of Sigmar's fluff, as all I've read is the Flesh Eater book - can help make sure that I'm bending the rules just enough to be cool and not so much that my guys are speshul snowflaks.

    Without further ado...

    Once upon a time, not all too long ago, two mortals grew up in the realm of Shyish. There was no love lost between them and the Dead who ruled them - but neither was there any hope in them for Sigmar's promised return. These two young people found a middle path, studying the dark art of necromancy, mortals harnessing the might of Shyish for mortal ends.

    These two mortals were not the only to pursue necromantic power, but when their paths crossed, they found in each other kindred spirits. Friendship grew into rivalry and blossomed into love. For is it not said by those who worship the God-King that the mortal spirit is indomitable, and even those who dwell in darkness can find love in the most perilous of places?

    However, fate was not kind to these lovers - as it so rarely is - and their paths led them to part once more. One of them became fascinated by the tales of the Abhorrents and their ability to warp living flesh with the power of their blood. The other captivated by the magics that might call up and bind the ethereal dead to walk and serve and do battle once more. So they parted ways, pledging to send letters and to one day walk their dark path together once more.

    As the years passed, their letters grew less frequent as their studies consumed them. Their love, however, did not falter. Thus it was that when the one who had gone down among the ghoul-kings to learn their secrets failed to respond to his lover's latest communication, she bid farewell to her friends and tutors among the corpsemasters and soulblight vampires and went in search of him.

    What she found shattered her heart. Her lover had either failed to humor the abhorrent's madness and maintain his friendship, or else he had succeeded too well. The abhorrent had taken her lover as not just his apprentice, but his offspring, sharing his blood, his curse, and his madness with the aspiring necromancer.

    Now comes the time in our story where we must give these lovers names. Let us call him the Forsaken Scholar, and let us call her Viridia, a Mistress of the Dead, though clearly neither is the name they were born with.

    Viridia has not given up on hope entirely, however. When she was captured by the Forsaken Scholar and her entourage consumed by his ghouls, two things stood out to her. First, as the abhorrents are wont to do, her lover had established a royal family of abhorrents, and the vampiric "queen" he had chosen strongly resembled Mistress Viridia herself. Second, the Forsaken Scholar hesitated when faced with her and did not order her killed and eaten as he had her companions.

    Mistress Viridia surmised that somewhere in the Forsaken Scholar's broken, once-brilliant mind, enough of her lover's memories and personality remained that he had sought to recreate her in his new life and, when encountering her in the flesh, could not bring himself to destroy her. If anything of her lover remains within the abhorrent, she reasons, she must do what she can to save him.

    And she will. After all, was not the Great Necromancer himself once a mortal man? And he was motivated merely by ambition. What will become of the Realms now that this one is unleashed upon them, a necromancer motivated by ambition and fierce, desperate, uncompromising love? She will save the Forsaken Scholar - from his madness, if not his undead state - even if it damns us all.​

    What do you think?
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  2. Aranei

    Aranei Ghoul

    Oct 22, 2014
    Sounds good enough!
  3. Menkeroth

    Menkeroth A Knight of Blood

    Nov 11, 2013
    Well written and thought out to be sure. Vampire Queen and the ghoul king - quite an opposite pair, is it not?

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