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First AoS game

Discussion in 'Memento Mori' started by Quinten, Jul 5, 2015.

  1. Quinten

    Quinten Grave Guard

    Jul 17, 2014
    So I went to my local gaming club and I had an opportunity to try out AoS against a Beastmen player. We house ruled a couple things:
    1. We both took nine warscrolls. Period. No more no less.
    2. Neither of us took insanely powerful special characters (Nagash I'm looking at you)
    3. We did not roll for different terrain effects.
    4. Since we both had equal amounts of warscrolls we decided to just roll for first turn.
    5. No using units of beyond twenty models
    6. No instant death victory conditions (Otherwise I would have gotten one)
    5. We didn't make this up as an official house rule but we alternated game turns because we forgot to roll (This is just something I thought of looking back on the game).
    My Army:
    Manfred Von Carstien (general)
    Vlad Von Carstien
    Isabella Von Carstien
    Corpse Cart
    Mortis Engine
    20 zombies FC
    10 Skeletons FC
    Turn 1:
    I won the roll for first turn and started off in my Hero phase. I spawned about 70 zombies and 40 skeletons. My original unit of zombies was up to 60 models and I had a horde of 30 on the side. (Zombies can combine units) and I had quite a few units of random skeletons. In addition Manfred used his ability on a spawned unit of 20 skeletons. Not much in my other phases as spawned units can't do much.

    After an uneventful hero phase he moved some stuff up shot a few minor shots and charged a big unit of elite infantry into a raised unit of 20 skeletons. In combat he killed quite a few skeletons a few more were battle-shocked away.
    Turn 2-3:
    I put these two turns together because only a few minor combats went on and I spawned more stuff. The game doesn't really heat up until...
    Turn 4:
    I now have a huge unit of zombies (70+ish) right in the center of the board. I use Manfred's command ability, (re-roll to hit and to wound rolls of one) have the corpse car within nine inches, cast vanhels dance, and have full command. My unit of zombies smashes through his big block of elite infantry right up the center gaining six more in the process from the special rule where you kill guys and they get back up as zombies. I have another unit of zombies on the board smashing through a unit of monstrous infantry, yet another zombie unit killing some basic troopers and skeleton tarpits everywhere. The mortis engine is flying around wreaking havoc and by the end of this turn it is clear that it is a VC victory. At this point my opponent simply concedes as I am now bringing in the next wave of summoned models.

    Thoughts on the Game:
    Playing through 8th I never thought I would hear the words 'I have to concede, there is no way I can beat that zombie unit, it's just too powerful'. The summoning strategy seemed to be a bit much (and I was only summoning zombies and skeletons, imagine if your summoning ..Blood Knights) as I can send unlimited guys into the meat grinder. I found the game just ended in a meat grinder in the center of the board with very little actual tactical thought. 40K is a meat grinder where you shoot at each other and have to have careful selection of targets, AoS is a meat grinder where everything just ends up in a shmozel in the middle of the board. I don't think I really won because of my tactics but because I could spawn infinite amounts of guys in a game where the win condition is to eliminate your opponent. That being said I did have fun wrecking stuff with ZOMBIES and enjoyed myself. Not a real replacement for eighth but a fun little game to play every once and awhile.
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  2. Banat

    Banat Varghulf

    Jul 13, 2014
    VC was already "top heavy" i.e. the majority of points being in its elite models, but now it's even vastly more so. Taking three special characters (also wizards) and two more death wizards for a total of 5, with our summoning spells, allows us to summon huge armies very quickly. Absolutely crazy.

    How long did it take moving all those zombies individually? =P
  3. Draykorinee

    Draykorinee Grave Guard

    Sep 10, 2014
    I hope he kept them on movement trays, there are no minimum distance rules, so rule wise its fine, just not sure how good it is tactically.
  4. Quinten

    Quinten Grave Guard

    Jul 17, 2014
    didn't use movement trays. Used the 'place hand behind unit and push them all forward at once method'. :perv: On a side note the corpse cart/ mortis engine combo was really cool.
    The Sun King likes this.
  5. The Sun King

    The Sun King Imperator Staff Member True Blood

    Aug 22, 2012
    I've really looked at the Zombies as well. They look insane - hope they put out some new models for them :D
  6. Quinten

    Quinten Grave Guard

    Jul 17, 2014
    The biggest advantage is the combining units meaning that you can group them up when you summon them if you summon them within 1' of a unit. I don't know if this combined unit can move, I played that it couldn't, that's a clarification that needs to be made.

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