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Fly List

Discussion in 'Legions of the Damned' started by jbizzle113, May 23, 2017.

  1. jbizzle113

    jbizzle113 Ghoul

    Dec 16, 2011
    I'm trying a new list in preparation for a tourney coming up that I may possible play in if my job allows it. Just looking for thoughts on the list . If I do get to play I will not be changing the two lords although I know their builds are not the best but it is something I've tried before and they were somewhat successful in 8th edition. This will be a 9th age list and only my 3rd game coming up this weekend and it is going to be against Warriors of the dark gods so I know it will not really prepare me for things to come by I have to start somewhere. so here is the list 4500

    Bloodline : Brotherhood of the Dragon
    Midnight Aristocracy 1000 General Vampire Count
    Crimson Rage
    Mount Great Monstrous Revenant
    Dragonscale helm
    Obsidian Sword
    Eternal Ring
    1 learned spell
    Plate Armour

    Midnight Aristocracy 800 Vampire count
    Eternal duelist
    Monstrous Revenant
    Talisman of Supreme Shielding
    Razor Blade
    1 learned spell
    Plate armour

    2 Bat Swarm 120

    40 Ghouls 670

    Skeletons 420
    Full command

    6 Ghasts 470

    2 Great Bats 80

    2 great bats 80

    2 Phantom Host 120

    4 winged Reapers 736


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