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Glossary of Terms: Beginners Guide

Discussion in 'Legions of the Damned' started by MasterSpark, Jan 23, 2010.

  1. MasterSpark

    MasterSpark Nostalgian Staff Member True Blood

    Nov 26, 2008
    :siren:LIST UPDATED @ 2013-01-20:siren:


    AFAIK Internet Abbrev: As Far As I Know
    BRB Warhammer Main Rulebook: Big Red Book or Basic Rule Book. Means the main warhammer rulebook
    FTW Internet Abbrev: For The Win
    GW General Term: Games Workshop or Great Weapon(both common)
    IIRC Internet Abbrev: If I Recall / Remember Correctly
    IMBA General term: Imbalanced
    LotR Lord of the Rings
    NiB Internet Abbrev: New in Box
    NoS Internet Abbrev: New on Sprue
    OOP Internet Abbrev: Out Of Production / Print
    OP General term: Overpowered
    QFT Internet Abbrev: Quoted For Truth
    WHFB Warhammer Fantasy Battle
    WYSIWYG Internet Abbrev: What You See Is What You Get

    Vampire Counts specifics

    AoDM Vampiric Power: Aura of Dark Majesty
    AT Vampire Counts Monster: Abyssal Terror
    BC Vampire Counts Unit: Black Coach
    BK Vampire Counts Unit: Black Knights / Blood Knights (both common)
    Blender Vampire Counts Character Setup: Vampire or Vampire Lord with an offensive build(most often Red Fury and Quick Blood)
    BP Vampire Counts Magic Item: Black Periapt
    BS Vampire Counts Unit: Bat Swarms
    BT Vampire Counts Unit Upgrade: Blasphemous Tome
    CC Vampire Counts Unit: Corpse Cart
    CH Vampire Counts Unit: Crypt Horrors
    CoY Lore of Vampires Magic Spell: Curse of Years
    DA Vampire Bloodline Power: Dark Acolyte
    DK Vampire Bloodline Power: Dread Knight
    DW Vampire Counts Unit: Dire Wolves (common) / Doom Wolf (uncommon)
    FB Vampire Counts Unit: Fell Bats
    FH Vampire Bloodline Power: Flying Horror
    GG Vampire Counts Unit: Grave Guard
    Hexies Vampire Counts Unit: Hexwraiths
    HW Hex Wraith
    Hybrid Vampire Counts Character Setup: Vampire that has balanced combat and magic capabilities, but excels in neither.
    IH Ghoul King power: Infinite Hatred
    IoN Lore of Vampires Magic Spell: Invocation of Nehek
    KoBK Vampire Counts Unit:Knights of the Blood Keep - another name for Blood Knights
    LoV Vampire Counts Magic: Lore of Vampires
    ME Vampire Counts Unit: Mortis Engine
    MN Vampire Counts Character: Master Necromancer
    MotD Necromancer Upgrade: Master of the dead
    MotBA Vampire Bloodline Power: Master of the Black Arts
    QB Vampire Bloodline Power: Quick Blood
    RF Vampire Bloodline Power: Red Fury
    SGK Vampire Counts Character: Strigoi Ghoul King
    SH Vampire Counts Unit: Spirit Hosts
    Skellies Vampire Counts Unit: Skeletons
    Skels Vampire Counts Unit: Skeletons
    SS Vampire Counts Unit: Skeleton Steeds
    Vargs Vampire Counts Unit: Vargheists
    VG Vampire Counts Unit: Vargheists(Special) or Varghulf(Rare)
    VHD Lore of Vampires Magic Spell: Vanhel's Danse Macabre
    VL Vampire Counts Character: Vampire Lord
    WK Vampire Count Character: Wight King
    WoD Lore of vampires Magic Spell: Wind of Death
    ZD Vampire Counts Monster: Zombie Dragon
    Zeds Vampire Counts Unit: Zombies
    Zombs Vampire Counts Unit: Zombies

    Warhammer rules

    AHW Additional Hand Weapon (and / or)
    ASF Warhammer Main Rulebook: Always Strikes First
    ASL General Rule: Always Strike Last
    BB General Magic Item: Biting Blade
    BSB General Warhammer: Battle Standard Bearer
    CR Warhammer Main Rulebook: Combat Resolution
    DD Magic: Dispel Dice
    DBG General Magic Item: Dragon Bane Gem
    DS General Magic Item: Dispel Scroll
    ES General Magic Item: Enchanted Shield
    FC General Warhammer: Full Command
    GB General Magic Item: Giant Blade
    GW General Term: Games Workshop or Great Weapon(both common)
    HKB Warhammer Rulebook: Heroic Killing Blow
    IF Warhammer Rulebook: Irresistable Force
    IP Warhammer Main Rulebook: Inspiring Presence
    ItP Warhammer Main Rulebook: Immune to Psychology
    KB Warhammer Rulebook: Killing Blow
    Ld Warhammer Main Rulebook: Leadership
    LD Warhammer Main Rulebook: Leadership
    LoS Line of Sight
    LoS! Look out Sir!
    LOS Warhammer Main Rulebook: Line of Sight (common) / Look Out Sir! rule (uncommon)
    MM Magic Missile
    MR Warhammer Main Rulebook: Magic Resistance
    OB General Magic Item: Ogre Blade
    OTS General Magic Item: The Other Trickster's Shard
    PD Magic: Power Dice
    PS General Magic Item: Power Stone
    SCR Warhammer Main Rulebook: Static Combat Resolution (Combat Resolution generated through ranks and standard bearers)
    sig Warhammer Main Rulebook: Signature Spell
    SoB General Magic Item: Sword of Battle
    SoB General Magic Item: Sword of Bloodshed OR Sword of Battle(both uncommon)
    SoM General Magic Item: Sword of Might
    SoS General Magic Item: Sword of Striking (common), Staff of Sorcery (uncommon)ToP General Magic Item: Talisman of Protection
    Tp: Talisman of Protection
    TP: Talisman of PreservationAS General Term: Armour Save
    WB General Magic Item: War Banner
    xHW Extra Hand Weapon

    Warhammer strategy & tactics

    anvil Tactical Term: A unit able to hold the enemy in place until the hammer unit attacks.
    Bunker Tactical Term: A small infantry unit that is ideally placed behind your frontline, containing your caster characters in order to protect them from enemy shooting.
    Bus Tactical Term: A unit of cavalry used as either a delivery system for characters or as a hammer by itself.
    Deathstar Tactical Term: A unit which is very expensive due to it's size and offensive capabilities, so expensive that it's probably the only unit in the army capable of doing real damage.
    Dart Tactical term: Deploying a unit 3 wide so they will get more attacks on single characters and easier wheels. Most commonly used with Dire Wolves for VC
    hammer Tactical Term: A unit capable of inflicting alot of damage and works in conjunction with an anvil unit.
    target saturation Tactical Term: Deploying enough high priority targets so that the enemy will have to choose which threat to deal with.
    tarpit Tactical Term: A unit that is meant to hold up an enemy unit for as long as possible, not running away but not doing much damage either.

    Other Warhammer armies

    Abomb Skaven Unit: Hell Pit Abomination
    Brets Warhammer Army: Bretonnians
    DE Warhammer Army: Dark Elves
    DoC Warhammer Army: Daemons of Chaos
    HE Warhammer Army: High Elves
    HPA Skaven Unit: Hell Pit Abomination
    LM Warhammer Army: Lizardmen
    OK Warhammer Army: Ogre Kingdoms
    OnG Warhammer Army: Orcs and Goblins
    Stunties Warhammer Army: Dwarfs
    TK Warhammer Army: Tomb Kings
    WE Warhammer Army: Wood Elves
    WoC Warhammer Army: Warriors of Chaos

    Just because

    DoN: Your lord and master
  2. Happicakes

    Happicakes Zombie

    Feb 9, 2015
    Something I didn't see up there, but might need mention: What is a "Chaff Unit" (ex. MSU Dire Wolves)?
  3. Otarin

    Otarin Zombie

    Jan 6, 2015
    Chaff, anything cheap and worth losing

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