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H:Around 1,500 points of Tyranids/ W:Paypal

Discussion in 'Undertaker's Auction' started by Micheal Valdros, Aug 14, 2015.

  1. Micheal Valdros

    Micheal Valdros Black Knight

    Jun 30, 2014
    All prices are negotiable

    12 Termigants, 10 are with Flesh Borers and 2 with devourers. Painted, $20

    12 Termigants W/Spinefists. Various stages of painting, $20
    One of them is missing legs.

    Custom Venomthorpe. Unpainted, $15
    DSCN7343.JPG DSCN7344.JPG

    OOP Venomthorpe. Painted, $15
    DSCN7345.JPG DSCN7347.JPG

    OOP Zoanthrope. Partially painted, $15
    DSCN7350.JPG DSCN7351.JPG

    8 Genestealers w/rending claws. Various stages of painting, $10
    One is missing both of its back arms

    24 Hormagants. Various sages of painting, $15 per squad of 12
    Two are missing heads

    10 oop warriors (Rouge trader I think?). Various stages of painting, some metal some resin, $41 per 5 or $82 for the whole lot
    Ones leg will need re-gluing and to be attached to its base

    15 warriors. All painted, some based, $20 per squad of 3 or $100 for the whole lot

    Custom prime, can replace a warrior if you want it

    Hive Tyrant /w boneswords and what I think is a Stranglethorn cannon. The gun will need to be built, and its head can be swapped between a custom one-eyed head and a regular one. Unpainted, $40
    DSCN7368.JPG DSCN7370.JPG DSCN7371.JPG

    And whatever this is meant to be, which you can have for free with anything else you buy. Its about the size of a Trygon and has far more weapons than anything could ever hold.

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