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Introducing Carpe Noctem's Admin and Moderator Team

Discussion in 'Fresh Blood' started by Disciple of Nagash, Feb 11, 2009.

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  1. Disciple of Nagash

    Disciple of Nagash The Perverted One Staff Member TVC II GM

    Feb 12, 2008
    As the title suggests, this thread is designed for all members to get to know their admin and moderator team.

    It will be a brief bio / description of who were are etc, hopefully so you know us a little better, and who to contact in a certain situation.

    So with further ado:

    Disciple of Nagash AKA DoN

    Position: Owner of Carpe Noctem and Administrator
    Location: Originally from Leeds:)D), now in Crawley :)'(), United Kingdom


    I am the very proud owner of Carpe Noctem as well as it's chief Administrator. My main role is running the technical side of CN, as well as managing both members and staff in conjunction with Bishop.
    Posting wise you will find me all over the forum and I can offer advice pretty much anywhere from painting to tactical.

    In regards to myself, I am and quite proudly admit that I am a pervert xD. But its one of the friendly, gentlemanly ones, not the scarey stalker kind lol. I love to have a joke and quite often take the p*ss. However that doesn't mean I'm a soft touch and you can be sure rules will be enforced where broken.
    As shown above I live in the UK, with my gorgeous missus and two daughters. I work hard, but play even harder living a gothic and fetish lifestyle.
    As for warhammer I got into it at the wee age of 10 due to some friends in school, starting playing Dwarves, then Undead and have collected them through to VC. (Still miss my S7 T6 lord) Oh and I hate poncy HE.

    Anyway I hope that gives you a little insight into me, however feel free to PM me with any questions or if you just want a chat.



    P.S - Recruiting for my Perverted Army bent on World Domination is always open......
  2. MasterSpark

    MasterSpark Nostalgian Staff Member True Blood

    Nov 26, 2008
    MasterSpark (usually goes by MS)

    Position: Global Moderator.
    Location: Malmoe, Sweden.

    As a global moderator here on Carpe Noctem, my function is basically to wander the forum sections and make sure that the law is upheld, and that meaningful discussion is had for all to enjoy. You can find me anywhere here on Carpe Noctem as my interests in this hobby span pretty much the entire spectrum, although it is more heavily anchored in the in-game aspect.

    My Warhammer history is long and fractured. I was drawn into it by my older brother when I was about 5 years old and I have been collecting ever since, with me currently at the age of 21. Unfortunately, my drive and love of getting anything done and painted up did not follow suit which is why I've never ever had an army painted before. In fact, before I came to Carpe Noctem I hadn't even had an entire unit painted before. Anyway, I came to Carpe Noctem in November 2008 with the intention of re-vamping my Vampire Counts army and that I did. I started a painting log and through the advice and encouragement of others here, my current VC army is well slowly but semi-surely on its way to become my very first complete and painted army. :)

    Outside of this hobby you'll find me working on my education as a budding Systems Developer (...think of programming coupled with project-based assignments~) and playing brightly coloured shoot'em'up video games. I've also taken a certain shine to those cool jumping stilts that were featured in the Olympic Games hosted in China some time back, although I'm still very much in the process of learning how to use them with any efficiency. Oh well, I'll get there sooner or later. :cool:

    Anyway, every one and all are welcome to contact me through Personal Messages or over MSN messenger (my ID's on my profile page~) if you have any questions or whatnot to share.

  3. Redarmy27

    Redarmy27 Moderator Staff Member True Blood

    Sep 29, 2009
    Redarmy27 aka Red Army

    Position: Global Mod- Mod of the Dark Arts
    Location: Little Canada (suburb of St. Paul), Minnesota, USA

    Upon the kind request of the Dark Sheep and DoN, I have taken the role of being the Dark Arts mod. I will help and tutor members in their modeling and painting endeavors. While I can paint reasonably well, I myself am still learning. I look to bring as much as I can about the painting and modeling aspect of the site as I can and will constantly be expanding my area of the site.

    My name is Jake and I'm from the Midwest region of the United States. I got into the hobby when I was 19, during my freshman year of college back in 2005. I began primarily as a painter, helping my buddies paint their armies until I finally made the leap and purchased my own armies and painting supplies. Since then I have fallen in love with the hobby, painted many other peoples' armies and am JUST starting to really play now. If I could play as well as I can paint, I'd be set. When not painting, I'm enjoying my other hobbies of paintball and running, or hanging out with the girlfriend, whom I've gotten into Warhammer as well.

    I'm pretty down to Earth and I enjoy reading and watching movies. I get a lot of ideas for my stuff from things around me and my crazy imagination, so if I go off on wild tangents, just excuse it.

    Anyways, that's pretty much me.


  4. Santawraith

    Santawraith Moderator Staff Member True Blood

    Jun 6, 2010

    Position: Dark Arts Mod
    Location: Originally from Casper, WY, USA and still here.

    I am a...oh whoops, wrong function! With many thanks to DoN and Red, I am a mod in the Dark Arts. I will be giving painting, modeling, and sometimes good advice, answering questions, and being an all around good pervert.

    Like DoN, I am a proud pervert. It was really nice to find a home for my pervertedness, as well as CN. I currently work in the mining industry, namely making cat litter. So if you enjoy using cat litter, its thanks to me, or someone like me. (Now isn't that a scary thought?) I am married to my wife, who is The Wife on here, and we have three ghouls together. I've been playing Warhammer since late 4th edition, and the first game I played was Bretonnians vs Dwarves. Needless to say, the Bretonnians ended up slaughtered, and I never used them afterwards. I picked up my first VC army shortly thereafter...It was actually the cheapest used army I could find. I still have a lot of them, though it's expanded immensely since then. The Wife is slowly helping me repaint them to remove the terrible paint jobs of yesteryear. Me and The Wife run a successful painting business and ebay store based around our painted miniatures, and within 5 years, look forward to opening our own brick and mortar gaming store, since the local one is closing its door.

    If I'm not on CN, I'm on facebook, so feel free to PM me, and I'll give you my facebook name.
  5. Count Darvaleth

    Count Darvaleth I <3 marmite Staff Member True Blood

    Apr 26, 2010
    Count Darvaleth AKA...erm...Darvy

    Previous Position: Moderator of the Chronicles of Death
    Current Position: Global Moderator
    Location: London, England (Earth for those who are interested)

    Previous Function
    As moderator of the Chronicles of Death, I will lurk in that area of Carpe Noctem, helping any user in any capacity, making sure everything runs smoothly, promoting (and sometimes running) roleplays, organising Fan-fiction events, helping with Background queries, and also making sure the area stays perverted. (We all know what happens when DoN’s meter doesn’t read above fifty...)

    Current Function

    The above... but everywhere!

    Me? Very well, but you’ve been warned!
    I got into the hobby a few years back now, when I saw a friend of mine reading the Vampire Counts army book. I said “what’s that?” and it began... I started off collecting Dark Elves, before inevitably stretching to Space Marines. After a little fling with Lord of the Rings, I settled with just Fantasy and 40k. As the years went by, I slowly moved away from Dark Elves, and oddly towards Vampire Counts, perhaps inspired by my friend bringing back dead troops (this idea astounded me as when my guys died I put them straight in their case!) and the lovely background of the army. I still collect VC today, and as such about a year and a half ago I signed up to CN, and, well, you know the rest. Recently I have moved to play Necrons, and even more recently Tau, in terms of 40k. Necrons taught me it is possible to paint an army fully (if only 1000pts) so hopefully I’ll do the same with the Tau.

    I’m an avid video-gamer. I have an xbox 360 (live account: Sneaky Trumpet) and play CoD, Halo, Fable, Portal, Fallout: New Vegas and, well, good-looking RPGs which take my fancy. I will also soon buy GWs Space Marine game because...it’s irresistible. Even if it sucks, I will at least feel I gave it a try! :tongue: I can also be found trying to create the Pyramid of Nagash on Minecraft on PC. It’s a good game and I’d certainly recommend it. (I recently finished my water-slide which touches the clouds at the top!)

    Oh, and my name’s Danny. I know, a little less grand than Darvaleth, but I must’ve been drunk when I came up with that name... until I had Google Chrome auto-fill I had to type in the user every single time I tried to log on, and believe me I often forgot how it was spelt to start with. And of course, I love music; I play the Piano, Trumpet, and also the Drums. I adore Beethoven, and hope I won’t cramp the mod team’s style with my classical (although many would argue it’s actually romantic) music. I’m a total sucker for roleplay, and also Rowan Atkinson, in my opinion the funniest man in the world.

    Hope to see you around on the forum. If you have any questions, just drop me a PM. NB: reading my reply may destabilize your sanity. (And that’s only if you’re lucky!) xD

    Yours eternally, in life, death, and whatever else you can think of,

    Count Darvaleth
  6. Sanai

    Sanai Stylish Deviant True Blood

    Oct 30, 2009

    Position- Dead Space (40k) Moderator
    Location- Western Australia (Where a walk in the park can kill you)

    As the Dead Space Moderator, it is my job to manage the 40k section of Carpe Noctem. I will be bringing my experience and passion for 40k to Dead Space and will be trying to encourage and help everyone in their 40k endeavours, whether they serve the immortal emperor, or wish to bring down the foolish worshippers of the corpse god. I have been issued a commissarial bolt pistol, but I hope I will not have to use it.

    My name is Sean, I am 20 and have played 40k (and been around fantasy) for most of my life. I started collecting blood angels at an early age but eventually switched to the glorious imperial guard. I love all aspects of the warhammer/40k hobby and am also big on gaming, reading, writing and art. I have also been studying in the field of wildlife and veterinary work and have been doing consumer representative work in mental health. I am a very creative, sensitive kind of person who is fairly laid back and willing to have a joke at any time, and I approach the hobby with a positive, lets have fun attitude.

    If you need anything in regards to 40k, or any other game (including battlefleet gothic, which I also play) feel free to post in the dead space forum or PM me. Even if you just wanna chat casually I'm always there for any carpe noctem member.

    Your faithful servant in the name of the glorious emperor, Sanai.
  7. Sweeney Todd

    Sweeney Todd Moderator Staff Member True Blood

    Mar 9, 2008
    Sweeney Todd

    Position: Moderator of the Chronicles of Death
    Location: The sunny shores of Singapore, where there is no such thing as ‘seasons'. Every day is summer, and humid as well.

    Officially I am moderator of the Chronicles of Death section, which means that I am the FBI Party Van…I know what you did last summer. I may be moderating more than that though, such as the creep next door that we call ‘Darvy’ :tongue:. I will be helping out in general, and promoting/facilitating/overseeing roleplays and fictions, if I’m not actively taking part in said activities myself.

    I’m Nick. My journey into the realm of tabletop miniatures began in 2005 with Warhammer 40K, like many others. Unlike many others though, I started with Tau, not Space Marines. Since then I have picked up Necrons and Eldar, the latter being my main 40k army at the moment. The movie/musical whose title is my username somehow inspired me to start WHFB, with Vampire Counts(obviously) being my first Fantasy army, and Warriors of Chaos after that. I have also branched to non-GW systems, namely Flames of War and more recently, Infinity.

    I hold a Diploma in Electronic and Computer Engineering and have dabbled in a few different things in the past like Aikido and keyboards(the musical instrument, not the one you type on). When I was in my early to mid teens I foreshadowed what I do now by writing rubbish fiction. Currently I work in a small wine company. When it comes to videogaming I play on PC and generally go for strategy games and RPGs. I <3 the Witcher and Deus Ex.

    I may spend the majority of my time here in what is basically the ‘writing section’, but I can also help in tactics and army list construction. I would offer to help with painting, but in this aspect I’m incredibly slow and I consider myself to be a novice when it comes to this. Feel free to PM me if you need any assistance.
  8. untitled_musketeer

    untitled_musketeer Moderator Staff Member True Blood

    Aug 9, 2010
    Untitled_Muskeeteer aka u_m

    Position: Global Mod - Mod of the Dark Arts
    Location: West Yorkshire, England

    Along with Santawraith and Redarmy27 I am the newest moderator of the Dark Arts section of the forum. Painting is where my passion for the hobby lies. I've dabbled in gaming but one thing has always been there throughout, is the artistic side of war gaming. Whilst I am a seasoned veteran of the brushes, I can't always give people the advice they're after as there is always new skills and aspects I too am learning. I will however, endeavour to give members the best and most helpful advice in their painting and modelling projects. Perhaps along the way I'll learn a few things myself!

    Few know my true identity, but those that have sense to come here and get to know the staff will know that I'm Iain. I was first introduced to the hobby back when Mordheim was released (c.1998). Through my teens I dipped in and out of the hobby before essentially giving it up when I was 19, becoming more interested in university life and my band. In October 2009 my fiancee had been looking at my models, and was pretty impressed. She bought me some new paints and encouraged me to start again. Well I did. I rekindled an old love and haven't looked back. Since starting again my painting has gone from stength to strength, having won several local competitions. As a result, I now regularly take commissions and moderate this fine online community.

    Outside of my painting, I'm a high school English teacher and I love it. I enjoy sailing and walking and generally being outside. I play the bass and I like reading and watching films like most people. My other secret passion is cooking. Give me a kitchen and a well stocked larder and you will make me happy!

    But back to the hobby, I'm here to help with your painting problems and modelling misfortunes, so if you need advice just PM me!


  9. Johnny-Crass

    Johnny-Crass Moderator Staff Member True Blood

    Jan 25, 2012
    Johnny-Crass aka Johnny

    Position: Mod for the To War! section
    Location: Northern California, USA

    Function: I am the new face on the To War moderator team. That means I am here to help you with your lists and rules questions as well as maybe giving you a better understanding of the game. I have on hand almost every army book if you have a query and am always willing to give advice when needed.

    Personal: I am known to most as Johnny in the land of 'real life'. I have been playing warhammer for 7 years of my life with a touch of other games thrown in. I have also been playing chess both friendly and competitively for well over half my life. I also consider myself a decent painter.

    I am going to school to become a Nurses Aid and then hopefuly be able to get into a nursing college after that. On my off time I cook and work for most of the local punk bands in the area.

    If you have any rules problems or game questions I am your man

    Thank you
  10. Malochai

    Malochai Moderator Staff Member True Blood

    Aug 4, 2010

    Position: Council of the Night Mod
    Location: Stoke-on-Trent, UK

    I will be moderating the Council of the Night section of the forum, but I'm still going to be found around most of the site! I do tend to flit about, so expect to see me anywhere!

    My name’s Mark, and I’m from just outside Stoke-on-Trent in the UK! Which really isn’t all that special :tongue: I’m 17 and have just finished my first year of college! I got into the hobby ... When I was so young I can’t actually remember. But I know that it all started when my brother, who’s three years older, got an issue of White Dwarf. Whilst I’ve had a few ‘breaks’, I always get drawn back in because I simply love the background and the wealth of stories that can be created from it!
    I’m especially into writing my own stories, reading the background ... I have loads of models, but never seem to have the motivation to paint them, which I plan to change soon! The first models I got were a box set of the 13th Company Wolfen, which my mum got because she couldn’t find what I actually asked for :L Since then, though, I’ve made my way through all three major systems (Warhammer 40k, Lord of the Rings and Warhammer Fantasy) but I’ve now settled firmly in the Fantasy universe with a slight exploration into 40k.
    Beyond Warhammer, I enjoy playing on my Xbox, watching films, reading (I’ve got the largest book collection in my family - a full size bookcase that’s already overflowing), writing (I have a ... Passion) and just hanging out with my mates. Oh, and currently I’m doing 4 hours a week of driving lessons, and can’t wait until I pass my test!

    There’s not much more to tell, really, so I’ll see you around!


  11. Lynks

    Lynks Lord of RAW Staff Member True Blood

    Dec 29, 2010

    Position: Council of the Night Mod
    Location: Sydney, Australia

    I'll be working with Malochai to keep things in order in the Council of the Night area, basically we'll be making sure things stay on topic in the off topic areas of the forum :tongue: I'll be helping answer any questions people have and making sure things are in the right place so feel free to ask away!

    There are some who call me... Tim, the area of Sydney I live in is accurately named the hills shire. It's a rather hilly place (for Australia mind you) and there is little reason to leave as it has pretty much everything you want in walking distance or a short drive. Having said that, if you do want to leave it's rather difficult as there's little public transport and the roads are a mess :tongue:
    To start off with, probably my most defining feature is a wierd compulsion to always use the :tongue: emoticon, or if i'm feeling fancy :tongue:.
    I'm currently studying a Bachelor of Economics at university which is proving to be both interesting and dead boring at the same time, it's a magical combination. My goal really is to take that knowledge and teach at high school (13-18 year olds) in the end. I haven't got much of a reason for this, it's just economics is one of the things I find interesting and I'd hate to have a desk job. I also like teaching people things :tongue:.
    I got into the hobby when I was a wee little lad, picking up the first edition of the lord of the rings battle strategy game and continuing on with that for until the main rules reached the current iteration and then some. Looking back my brilliant painting and wonderful conversions are quite appalling. My painting achievement was to drybrush silver over tin bitz and my best 'conversion' was sticking extra weapons on the back of a model and doing a weapon swap.
    Moving into 40k, I collected the Tyranids and continued on with them until the new army book for Vampire counts came out. 'But how Lynks?' you all cry, 'you've been here longer than that'. It was in fact the last edition that was new at the time :tongue:. I've been playing pretty much nothing but fantasy since and quite regularly too, so I can claim I rival Johnny's knowledge of the game :tongue:
    Outside of warhammer, I read a lot when I get a new book (or failing that I'll re-read some) so conequently my personal bookshelf is floor to ceiling and full to the brim, with books two-deep, three deep in some places. Aside from reading,
    I'm a relatively avid PC gamer, though I never think to buy new games and thus when i feel like playing I don't have them at my disposal :tongue: That doesn't matter though as long as I've got my Wizards and Warriors (yet to meet another person who has played this terrific game of a time gone by). I also DM for a group of D&D players on occasion when we can all find the time (rare occurrence) and I love designing settings, which is part of the reason why I'm looking into trying to write my own roleplaying game, nothing for publish really, just a system well designed to the world in which I want to set it.
    While I could go on, I should probably wrap this up as I've said a bulk of text already.

    See ya' round,
  12. Seneschal

    Seneschal Liche True Blood

    May 15, 2008

    Position: To War! Moderator
    Location: Northeastern United States

    Function: I will be assisting the other mods in the To War! section in order to help make this forum the best it can be.

    Personal: Call me "Sen" if you like. I've been playing WH Fantasy since October of '03 (I believe) with the Vampire Counts army. I've also owned all 3 elf armies, Tomb Kings, Beastmen, Slaanesh DoC and the now defunct Storm of Chaos lists known as The Army of Sylvania (a von Carstein alternative with different rules) and the Cult of Slaanesh (Dark Elves mixed with DoC and Warriors of Chaos).
    I own almost every book with the exception of 3 but I'll look into fixing that soon (they get pricy after a while, you know?).
    I've taken part in a number of tournaments and other WH related events using different rules and restrictions. I have won a few tournies in my day and placed well in others.
    I like helping people out however I can so if you've got a question or two, I'll do my utmost to assist you.
    When it comes to painting, I think I am "decent." I'm not awesome and nowadays I've got much more going on so I don't take the time I used to with details.
    I'm on my third vampire army now so there's something to be said about the lords of the night I suppose.
    See you on the forums!
  13. The Sun King

    The Sun King Imperator Staff Member True Blood

    Aug 22, 2012
    The Sun King aka Sunny

    Position: To War! Moderator
    Location: Copenhagen

    Function: I'll be trying to give you the best list building and tactical advice possible. Also the reason why I love these sacred pages is that the debate is so polite and grown-up - I intend to keep it that way.

    Personal: At the moment I study at the University of Copenhagen where I have a Bachelor's degree in Religious studies and are now doing my Master in History. I currently work at the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Human Resources department. I'm also a young and up-and-coming film director, but sadly I have yet to make a living of it.
    Regarding my gaming tendencies I'm an avid pen-and-paper roleplayer(WoD, CoC, DnD) and the last three years I've also been very active in the Warhammer environment. I've collected Vampire Counts since they were just called "Undead" but I've only recently(within the last three years) become a competetive player.

    Last edited: Aug 26, 2014
  14. The Archivist

    The Archivist Archivist of the word The Staff Member True Blood

    Jan 17, 2012
    The Archivist aka Archi

    Position: Chronicles of Death Mod
    Location: -shire: born in Lancashire, grew up in Cheshire, schooled in Hampshire and lives in Buckinghamshire

    As a mod of Chronicles of Death, I aim to read the stories, keep an eye on the role-plays and keep the lore debates civil. I’m also happy to give tips on anything to do with playing/writing/GMing/debating/roleplaying/e.t.c.

    I'm a nice guy who loves a good story. I have my share of quirks and eccentricities, but don’t we all? I’ve finished secondary education and am looking to apply to university soon.
    I got into the forum at the behest of Harland to edit his stories (EPIC and subsequent stories: go and look at his signature), and quickly became enamoured with the roleplaying. Despite the fact that my game-wise involvement with warhammer is limited to Dwarves, Orcs and Goblins, Tau and the Imperial Guard, an extensive use of several online wikis and a decent amount of specific knowledge in appropriate areas more than covers for any lack of known lore.

    Archi out.
  15. The Dread King

    The Dread King Moderator Staff Member True Blood TVC II GM

    Jan 28, 2012
    The Dread King (also known as TDK, Dread, Dready, and even Morty)

    Position: Chronicles of Death Mod
    Location: London, UK

    As a CoD mod, I try to shed light on any ambiguities of lore when questions are asked about them, review the literary works of the users inclined to post them here on CN, and help out with roleplays (by participating in them and - hopefully - running some of my own in the future). I also try to ensure that the roleplay list in the Theatre de Vampyre list is kept up to date, and am happy to help out with any problems someone might have in the Chronicles of Death section, barring finding a secure offshore tax haven.

    I have been playing warhammer for about 4 years now. I once tried out 40K, but it has always been WHFB for me. You'll find me looking for obscure details of old lore that have not quite been invalidated yet and trying to fit them into the bigger picture of the warhammer world. I found this forum by searching for a Nagash-themed army list - and I have gradually shifted my attention from the undoubtedly magnificent army list for Nagash that we have here to all things role-play, writing and lore. I like PC games, as well as playing (and of course, listening to) music, but am best known on here for my aggravating roleplay characters (first and foremost, Morturion), and hope to see you around the forums. There's plenty of space in the CoD for fresh blood! :vampire3:
  16. Mad 'At

    Mad 'At Dumb enough to work Staff Member True Blood

    Apr 2, 2011
    Mad 'At (or just Mad)

    Position: Dark Arts Moderator
    Location: Far edge of Stockholm, Sweden


    You'll see me mostly around the Dark Arts section of the forum, where I will be doing my best to keep everybody motivated and happy. I'd be glad to help you with any modelling or painting related issues, or just to bounce ideas with.


    I've been painting and collecting warhammer for about eleven years I believe, the armies I've been through are Orc and Goblins, Bretonnia, Imperial Guards, Vampire Counts and Orks. Right now the VC army is receiving the most attention, getting ready for its first tournament (Gates of Westridge here I come!). Although, I must confess that the OnG lies closest to my heart. I never get enough of the utter madness that they can bring to the table, and the freedom I have when painting them. With that army I can also field my favorite character ever. Mad 'At himself, the Goblin Warboss I snatches my username from, he who wears the almighty Wizarding Hat and smites his foes from that back of his spider monster using unreal magical powers. I can also mention that I am a co-host of The Necronomican Quest, a warhammer tournament held near my neighborhood.

    I the real world I am studying at the Royal Institute of Technology to become an engineer. In my spare time I like to juggle and play board games. I also listens to music a lot, favorite bands being Rammstein, Disturbed, Raubtier, Metallica and Mimikry.
  17. Duke Danse Macabre

    Duke Danse Macabre The Duke Staff Member True Blood

    Sep 16, 2010
    Position: Dark Arts Moderator
    Location: Sunderland, North East United Kingdom

    You will tend to find me prowling around the Dark Arts section of our esteemed forums as Judge, Jury and Executioner meeting out beneficence to any whom ask of it.
    In short I'm here as your Lawful Evil ally to supply modeling advice from converting all the way through to painting, helping with any issues people may tend to have, making sure everyone leaves with a suspicious smile on their faces and to make sure everyone plays by Don's world of law. (All hail the Great and Powerful Don)


    Now enough about what I do, time to say who I am.
    My name is The Duke.
    The Nightwalker who glides through oceans of blood, beyond human, a monster whose power radiates with a darkness which casts a shadow on darkness itself...

    If you can't tell yet I'm a big Anime and Hentai fan.
    Been playing Warhammer and 40K since 1995, GW got me hooked on the plastic crack from an early age.
    I'm also heavily in Magic the Gathering, Cosplay and PC gaming so yes ladies and Gentlemen. My Nerd Pedigree is assured. ;)

    Personally though my main interests in modeling does come from converting, both 40k and fantasy so don't be shy about asking about either.
    I'm well versed in all Warhammer Lore, Especially Vampires of Course and Warhammer RP's and VTM as well.

    In a more offline setting however when not Cosplaying, RP'ing or what have you you will likely find me deep in a book or listening to music setting aside my Newrocks for another day to chill and try to ignore the growing pile of models in my to do Room... Yes, its now a Room. :rolleyes:
    Music taste wise we are talking Cradle of Filth, Emilie Autumn, Voltaire, Sabaton, Korn, etc... You get the idea.

    On a more serious note I'm 24, starting to miss my youth, tend to Swap every few years to a new Company but always highly computer based, apart for when I worked as a hospital inspector.
    I have 3 years of civil engineering and architecture under my belt however due to financial restrains I have not as of yet been able to finish this but I also have a degree in photography which truth be told I find much more enjoyable.
    I am however more of an expert on the forgotten art of films rather than digital so i may soon force myself to go for a refresher.

    So in the not so short, that is me.
    Please feel free to come to me with any issues or questions, even if you just want a private word one on one I will be more than happy to oblige.
    Till then however, take care and I shall catch you all later and always remember... I'm Watching. :cautious:
  18. bigbadbat

    bigbadbat Harbinger of Dandelions Staff Member True Blood

    Jun 14, 2012
    Position: To War! Moderator
    Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota USA

    Function: As Moderator for the To War! section of CN, I will use my experience and knowledge in tactics and list building to assist member's queries. I'm a big rules guy, so little will go unnoticed with regard to legality of lists or tactics ruleswise. While I understand not everyone is looking for the most competitive builds, I will help members achieve their goals be it for ultra competitive GT prep or themed lists. Rudeness is a big no no for me, and could make our members feel bad, so I will also be policing the tone and content of posts in my section to ensure a pleasant visit for all!

    Personal: Hailing from the frozen Midwest North, I'm a Chef by trade. Pretty much have been my whole life. I consider myself a seasoned Warhammer General, owning 6 armies (VC, WoC, Empire, High Elves, Dark Elves, and Beastmen) I am proud to say I have 2 fully painted tournament ready armies ( HE and VC) and am closing in on finishing my Beastmen. I've had a great last year in GT's playing on top table at Adepticon day 2, Table 2, day 2 at a local GT(Northstar GT), and table 2 day 2 at Bugeater GT. Didnt win, but a great experience! I also play D&D, Warmahordes, and Dark Age. I'm an avid waterfowler and big time foodie. I recently got engaged, so plan to be married in the next year, we're working on the details. I also recently started a Youtube channel. I've been doing battle reports from a recent campaign, but have recently added VC content, It's a great way to contribute!

    Nick Fenske AKA BigBadBat AKA BBB
  19. najo

    najo Mortarch of the Dark Soul Staff Member True Blood

    Dec 23, 2012
    Position: To War! Moderator

    Location: Oregon, USA

    Function: To use my experience and passion for all things Warhammer and the Undead to assist my fellow staff members and the Carpe Noctem community with tactics, army building, game rulings, battle reports and other related matters that ensure Nagash's reign over the Old World. Of course discussing anything related to our hobby or other shared interests is fine too :)

    Personal: I've been involved with hobby games since I was a child. Starting with Dungeons and Dragons and Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. My first White Dwarf was issue 103, with Dark Future on the cover. Warhammer 40,000 1st edition and Warhammer Fantasy 3rd edition captured my imagination, and soon I had legions of space marines, eldar, wood elves and undead playing on a 4x8' board with pine cone trees in my parent's living room. By the time Realm of Chaos Slaves to Darkness comes out, I eventually build 10,000 points of Emperor's Children and Daemonic Legions of Slaanesh. Now, 25 years later, I've played every edition since. My undead have gone from one army under Nagash, to the split in 5th, the rise of the Tomb Kings and my beloved Necrach in 6th, the overpowered Vampires of 7th and now the current Vampires and Tomb Kings of 8th. Now with the end times and 9th lurking on the horizon, Nagash has returned to unite them again.

    During this time I've played casually and competitively. I've participated in and ran large Warhammer events. I've worked in, near and around the hobby and continue to love the hobby as a whole. I expect after 25 years of commanding the forces of undeath (with the occasional elf or servant of the dark gods in there too), and sharing the hobby with my wife (she used to play competitively with Orcs, High Elves and Warriors of Chaos until we had kids), that Warhammer might be here to stay.

    I've played most of the armies over the years (never owned a Dwarf or a Bretonnian, but all the rest of them at some point). I currently am playing Vampire Counts, Tomb Kings, Daemons of Chaos, and Wood Elves.
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