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Mad 'At's Test Lists (fun stuff I don't think I will ever use)

Discussion in 'Legions of the Damned' started by Mad 'At, Oct 28, 2016.

  1. Mad 'At

    Mad 'At Dumb enough to work Staff Member True Blood

    Apr 2, 2011
    With the release of v1.2 of The 9th Age I've been tinkering away at different lists. Most are lists that I want to use with my own collection and will therefore be posted in my gaming List thread. Some are not made for that though, but rather just to test the limits of the army and see what is possible. that is what this thread will be for.

    The first list I have been working on is a 4500 pts Von Karnstein list that focuses on monsters. Here is is:

    Vampire Courtier (general); 1 Spell Apprentice (Evocation), The Dead Arise, Crown of Autocracy, Von Karnstein: Hour of the Wolf @450

    Vampire Count on Colossal Zombie Dragon; 2 Spells Apprentice (Evocation), Blade of Red Thirst, Potion of Strength, Lucky Charm, Von Karnstein: Storm Caller @1270

    Necromancer 3 Spells Apprentice (Alchemy), Dispel Scroll @360

    3 Bat Swarms @160

    2 Bat Swarms @120

    21 Zombies; Standard, Musician @156

    44 Skeletons; Spears FC, Flaming Standard @500

    1 Shrieking Horror @500

    3 Vampire Spawn @220

    3 Great Bats @104

    2 Great Bats @80

    10 Spectral Hunters @580

    The list has a few tricks. First of is the Crown of Autocracy. This gives the Courtier +1 Ld, bringing him up to 9 which is the same as the Count. Therefore he can be the general. This gives the dragon count more freedom to hop around and cause destruction. The 18" march bubble of the Courtier should help the other toys (Shrieking Horror and Spectral Hunter) to keep up.

    The next trick is Hour of the Wolf. Since the general is guaranteed The Dead Arise he only needs a single level on Evocation to maximize the use of the power. He can increase the size of the 4 bat units and create new ones. Should be fun and quite useful with a near endless supply of chaff.

    The third and final trick is Alchemy. The attribute is a hex that gives an enemy unit Flammable. Not only dose it combo with with the path itself, but both the Skeletons and the Spectral Hunters have Flaming Attacks. It only works with the Spectral Hunters if they are in Close Combat, but there are situations where that is useful. The Skeletons could benefit greatly from it since rerolls to wound combos greatly with the Lethal Strike they gain from their spears (if facing cav)

    One thing I do consider is that a unit of Barrow Knights might be better than the Spectral Hunters. Not as much combo with the army but a fast scoring unit could be very useful.

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