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Make yourself!

Discussion in 'The Necrarch Workshop' started by Arion, Sep 17, 2007.

  1. Lahmia21

    Lahmia21 Zombie

    Mar 17, 2008
    Lol all of the metal genres should cause a panic test in all enemy units within 6".
  2. Disciple of Nagash

    Disciple of Nagash The Perverted One Staff Member TVC II GM

    Feb 12, 2008
    Disciple of Nagash


    Weapons - See Collector of Weapons Special Rule
    Clothing - Gothic clothing, invariably Black (no armour)

    Special Rules

    Disciple is a lvl 3 wizard and may choose from any Lore except Life, Heavens and Light

    Collector of Weapons
    Being entranced by shiney sharp objects from a young age Disciple has amassed a huge collection
    At the start of every round of combat may switch weapons between:
    Chinese Katana Breaker - GW
    Japanese Katana - HW +2WS
    Pentacle Engraved Daggers - 2x HW
    Tai Chi Blade and Tri-Blade Dagger - HW & SH

    Gothic Clothing
    The blackness of his clothing makes him hard to pick out.
    If on his own or targeted by weapons that pick him out shotting is at -3 to hit, any items that do not use BS to hit must roll a 5+ or select another target

    Hatred of Pink
    The garishiness of the unholy colour of pink is despised by Disciple
    Any model on the board which has pink on it anywhere is Hated by Disciple, such is that hate that he will re-roll in every round of combat, not just the first.

    Sex Mad
    Since discovering how babies were made Disciple has made a reputation as having a mind that makes the average teenage boy look celibate
    If there are any female models within his charge range at the start if his turn Disciple must charge them. In the combat phase one female model in BSB contact selected. They are then considered isolated as if they was in a challenge.Disciple must then roll 2D6:
    2 - His attempts at charming backfire and the women becomes incensed delivering a face slap as only women can. Disciple is slain as per the killing blow rule
    3/4 - The women laughs at Disciples attempts and gives him the brush off.The women fight as normal in following rounds of combat.Disciple must go the back of the unit as if he refused a challenge and remain there until that combat is full finished. If he comes in BSB contact with that unit again he will automatically be placed at the back of the unit again.
    4/6 - The women tells him she really likes him but unfortunately she already has a boyfriend / husband.The women will fight normally in following rounds of combat.Disciple gains +1A and +1S as he attempts to show how superior he is to the womens spouse. In addition he must accept any challenges until that combat is complete
    7/9 - The women gives Disciple a full on snog and says we'll see how it goes....The women remains with in enemies control however will not target or hurt Disciple in anyway nor will Disciple to the women.If Disciple and/ or his unit win combat the effects that change to the same as 10/11 if the don't win combat the effects change to 7/9.
    10/11 - Giving in to Disciples charms the women agrees to go with Disciple to a "private place" he knows. The women now joins Disciples unit and will remain next to him under Disciples control for the rest of the battle.She also retains all items, spells etc. Disciple may have more than one women join his unit in this way in which case he is a very lucky man.....
    12 - Fighting erupts in the enemies units as men get jealous Disciple or women get jealous of the women Disciple has chosen. the effects are the same as 10/11 plus the following - Everymodel in the enemy unit makes 1 attack at its basic value against it own unit. Causulties caused by this count towards them for working out combat. One these attacks are worked out the unit Disciple was with attacks normally but cannot be attacked back

    Each women is only rolled for once and the effect lasts the rest of the battle.

    Argumentative Bastard
    Disciple hates to back down in the face of the enemy and will keep on arguing driving people mad in the process.
    Disciple counts as stubborn. He may also re-roll a failed Ld test however if he passes the second time round all enemy units in base contact now suffer hate towards him.
  3. Von

    Von Vampire Count True Blood

    Feb 26, 2008
    Kaptain Von and the Beelzebike use up a Hero and Rare choice, and can be fielded in Vampire Counts, Tomb Kings, Chaos (any Chaos) and, bizarrely, Kislevite armies. They cost more points than you can possibly afford, but have been known to work for a pie and a pint...

    __________________M  WS  BS  S  T  W  I  A  Ld
    Kaptain Von      4    6    1   5  3   3  6  3   8
    Beelzebike        6    2   0   4  3   1  2  d6  2
    Von is armed with a Fencing Sword, which counts as a hand weapon and shield, and wears a variety of padded check monstrosities that some men call shirts, which count as light armour. He also carries many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore - see below.

    - Danger To Himself And Others
    The Beelzebike adds one to Von's armour save and inflicts d6 impact hits when he charges. However, on a roll of 1 it also inflicts an unsaveable wound on Von. It has no normal attacks - it is technically an inanimate object, despite evidence to the contrary. Von's interesting steering, horrific navigation and the Beelzebike's tendency to savage anyone coming near it mean he can never join units.

    - Forgotten Lore
    A collection of rulebooks, notes and fouler things reside in the depths of Von's messenger bag. These grant him the magical abilities of a third level wizard, and all the spells from the Lore of the Vampires and a Chaos lore of the player's choice. However, if Von should ever miscast, it transpires that he's left a crucial volume behind - for the rest of the battle, he counts as a first level wizard with all three Necromancy spells (there are some things you just don't forget).

    - We Are, After All, Professionals
    Von causes terror in and hates any model whose rules cannot be demonstrated to have no grammatical flaws whatsoever.

    - Amphetamine Logic
    One use only. Between the hypnotic effects of the Sisters of Mercy tracks blasted into his ears and whatever stimulants he's managed to scrounge this week, Von becomes subject to the rules for frenzy. However, he must take a T test at the start of every subsequent turn or lose his frenzy and also two points of WS, I and Ld as the effects wear off... and should he ever be defeated in combat, he suffers these effects automatically.
  4. User Deleted by Request

    User Deleted by Request Crypt Horror

    Sep 26, 2007
    I deicided to make a new one, my previous character really doesn't reflect me any longer.

    Angelica the Spetsnaz Badger

    She uses up one Special choice, and may not be included in an army containing any female models. She doesn't cost any points.

    M : 4
    WS : 2
    BS : 3
    S : 2
    T : 3
    W : 2
    I : 3
    A : 1
    LD : 6(7)

    Equipment: A really fancy, elegant and genuine Dracula cloak. Gives a 6+ armour save in close combat. A really hot Sovietian Officer's Cap which gives her +1 Ld, and one rapier and a flintlock pistol. The pistol may not be used in close combat, as it was very expensive and we wouldn't want it to break.

    Special Rules: Bitterness, Silly, Witchy, Stubborn, If you're not with me..., Numbed Mind.

    Bitterness: Angelica has Eternal Hatred against every female model and Hatred against all Goths. Against Female Goths she causes D3 Wounds. When only left with one wound, she gains Killing Blow and Frenzy.

    Silly: Angelica clearly doesn't make any majestic impression on people. Seriously, you can't expect that little thing to hurt you?

    Angelica always strikes first.

    Witchy: Angelica generates a Power Dice.

    Stubborn: Angelica is stubborn as a mule, if she wasn't she'd be dead since long.

    If you're not with me... At the start of the game, Angelica may deem one male model "Friend", giving him +1 Ld. If a model treated as a "Friend" ever comes inside 6" of another female model, Angelica will instantly move to him and charge him. If he survives, he may make a Leadership test at -2 LD to make Angelica forgive him. He may never attack back, and if he is forgiven they join each other as a unit.

    Numbed Mind: At the start of your turn, always roll a D6 to see the effects Numbed Mind has on Angelica.

    1. Coma Lies: She may not move or attack this round.
    2. Lost Hope: Unless a model deemed as "Friend" is within 12" of her, Angelica suffers the effects of Coma Lies.
    3. Bathorian Sadism: She will instantly attack the unit she is within or shoot a friendly unit within 8" with her pistol if she is on her own. If no viable targets are in range, she must move towards the nearest friendly unit charging it if possible.
    4. Industrial Fury: She gains Frenzy.
    5. Sovietian Comfort: Angelica's Soviet Cap grants her +2 LD instead of the usual +1.
    6. Renewed Faith: She gains +1 Attack for the rest of the game.
  5. ACe

    ACe Ghoul

    Mar 25, 2008
    Me: "Teen of the Night"


    - Armour: The puff-daddy jacket - gives me +1T in close combat. Also counts as heavy armor.

    - Weapons: Baseball bat - Counts as a great weapon with the following exceptions: doesn't always strike last. All enemy shooting against me suffer a -1 to hit and if a hit is scored, roll a dice: if 1, then the shot is bounced back to the shooter. Then work out damage as normal. Only effective against mundane missiles (but also against cannon balls and such).

    - Special Rules:
    - Carnage Charge: During the turn I charge, I cause fear and inflict D3 impact hits with S4.
    - Unbreakable
    - Petty Insects...:In close combat, enemies with an unmodified strength of 3 or lower must roll at least a 6 to wound me.
    - Sudden Fury: Roll a D6 at the start of every turn. If you roll a 1, then I'm depressed and will act as I had the rule stupidity. If you roll 2-5, nothing happens, but if you roll a 6 then I get frenzy and hatred for that turn.
    - Luck of Heroes!: Roll a dice at the start of the game. I get D3 re-rolls to any D6 rolls during the game. The D6 rolls must affect directly to me (like re-roll an armor save or to-hit roll).
    - I hate Bretonnians. If I'm facing an army of bretonnians I provoke them with my insults to attack me. If I'm within charge distance and the bret can draw a line of sight to me, he must roll a Ld test, if failed, he must charge me and will have hatred against me for the rest of the game.
  6. illusions

    illusions Zombie

    May 20, 2008
    Illusions the coward: M10 ( he can hightail it out of there!),WS1(karate!),BS0(I've missed the broad side of a barn),S1, T2,W1,I1,A0,Ld1
    Sorta smart: every thing else in the army can add or remove 1 from any roll
    But mostly stupid: everything in the army is subject to stupidity, and has a leadership of 4 (if you serve me, you've got low self esteem;))
    Always counts as general
    Cost: negitive 50 pts (thats right, NEGITIVE)

    Illusions the illusion: M10,WS10,BS0,S10,T10,W1, I10,A10,Ld10
    See through!:after one wound, the illusion shatters, I relise I'm halucinating and sleepwalking, and "the illusion" turns into "the coward".
    Cost: 500 pts
  7. Disciple of Nagash

    Disciple of Nagash The Perverted One Staff Member TVC II GM

    Feb 12, 2008
    I forgot about this superb thread

    Come on all you newbies - post up your rules!!

  8. MasterSpark

    MasterSpark Nostalgian Staff Member True Blood

    Nov 26, 2008
    MasterSpark - The Weekend Warrior


    Hero Choice.

    hand weapon, spear, heavy armour

    Magic Item

    Mp3-player with large headphones
    This mysterious and otherworldly device produces a blaringly noisome sound as MasterSpark drives the volume levels up to it's maximum limit. The tunes that he listens to are of such inspiring speed and emotionally stirring beat that those around him cannot help but to feel inspired by his presence!
    Enchanted item.
    MasterSpark counts as a musician. If the unit that he has joined already contains a musician, he will instead nullify the effect of the opponent's musician, if any is present.

    In addition, roll an unmodified leadership test for MasterSpark at the start of every round of close combat that he is partaking in. If the test is passed, he has succeeded in picking just the right musical tune for the situation at hand, which boosts both himself and his occasional companions. For the duration of that close combat turn, MasterSpark counts as being stubborn and is granted a +1 bonus to his to-hit rolls, initiative and attack characteristics. If the leadership test is failed, nothing will happen.

    Special Rules
    "I'll just let someone else do it.."
    Unlike other characters attached to a unit, MasterSpark is allowed to place himself in the second rank (if any is available) of a unit whilst still retaining all of his fighting potential and other special rules. If he is challenged while fighting from the second rank, he can alternatively choose to shove a regular soldier in front of himself while yelling "This is me!". The enemy must then fight the regular soldier while MasterSpark can safely continue fighting against the rest of the opposing enemies.

    "Better not risk it.."
    While usually a brave and courageous fellow, if anything too intimidating comes along MasterSpark is prone to hightailing it out of the general vicinity instead of "risking it". MasterSpark must re-roll passed terror tests. If the re-roll is failed, MasterSpark will leave whatever unit he is with and run 2D6 directly away from the terror-causer.
  9. Trevy the Great

    Trevy the Great Vampire Progenitor True Blood

    Mar 2, 2008
    Hokay, here's me:

    Vekarin (less well known as Trevy the Great)

    Green Fleece, Pocket-Pal, Pens n' Pencils (2 hand weapons).
    Green Fleece
    Trevy will travel no where without his green fleece, he loves that thing, even when he can't see the actual green because of multiple layers of grime that have taken residence over top of it.
    Light Armor. All shooting attacks against Trevy suffer -1 to hit as the wearer is confused by the layers of color on the fleece.
    Trevy received this little hand-held personal planner as a free gift from his subscription to Time Magazineâ„¢. Despite appearances, Trevy can utilize it to hack into all but the most advanced computer systems and disrupt all sorts of activity.
    Once per turn, Trevy may choose one enemy Remains in Play spell or one Magic Item within 12" and immediately disrupt it. The Magic Item may not be used this turn and any Remains in Play spells disrupted end immediately.

    Special Rules
    Hyper-Critical, Irradiating Awesomeness
    No you're doing it wrong. No. No! Here, let me show you. It goes like this. No, not like that, argh!
    Trevy is hyper-critical of almost any detail and will notice the slightest discrepancies in almost anything. He Hates any unit that misses him in Close Combat for that round.
    Irradiating Awesomeness
    Trevy is so awesome that his awesomeness can actually be detected as measurable energy. This irradiation doesn't harm him (he's too awesome), but is known to give one a nice tan and possibly even cause cancer with too much direct exposure.
    Any unit Trevy joins and any within 12" are stubborn. Once per game, in the Magic Phase, Trevy may choose to cast the spell Cleansing Flare with Irresistible Force.
  10. Disciple of Nagash

    Disciple of Nagash The Perverted One Staff Member TVC II GM

    Feb 12, 2008
    Lol - this made me laugh - are you sure you're not being too modest? xD
  11. Trentonator

    Trentonator Crypt Horror

    Dec 1, 2007
    Alright here's mine.

    Trentón, The Vampire bitten Slaan of Chaos

    Trentón Takes up 1 Lord 2 Hero and 2 Rare Choices

    M 5
    WS 3
    BS 0
    S 2
    T 2
    W 1
    I 3
    A 1
    Ld 9

    Special Rules
    Vampire, Chosen of Chaos, Coldblooded, Truesight, Master Magician, Magic Resistance (3)

    Forbidden Hatchet

    Chosen of Chaos: After Arachaon's eternal banishment, Trentón was slected by all four chaos gods.
    Being the chosen of chaos gives Trentón: ASF, Hatred, Fear, and is a level 4 wizard that knows all spells from the lore of Tzeentch as well as The lore of Vampires and the lore of Death (besides Steed of Shadows).

    Truesight: Trentón has made it through Tzeentch's everchanging castle and into the library. He fell into Tzeentch's well and gained the ability to see the past and future, but lost sight of the present. He gains a 3+ ward save against everything but spells.

    Master Magician: Trentón is the most powerful mage of all time, therefore, he may have two remains in play spells active at once. (note: he may have one remains in play spell and cast as many non-remains in play spells as possible). He also gains 3 more power dice in his Magic phase, but may not use the basic power dice in a players pool.

    Hatchet of Despair: Grants Trentón +3 strength. May be used once per game as a thrown weapon that automatically hits. The target takes d6 str 3 hits, then for the rest of the game, the unit must take a leadership test (without a generals leadership) before their movement phase starts, if they fail, the must move their march distance toward the nearest table edge. If Trentón does not use the hatchet and dies, the unit that killed him takes the same effect, if mutiple units were involved, they all must test.

    1500 Pts
  12. Disciple of Nagash

    Disciple of Nagash The Perverted One Staff Member TVC II GM

    Feb 12, 2008
    Ah Trenton, I think you might have got the wrong idea. This thread is to create rules based on you, not just another character. See Vekarin's post above for a good example.
  13. Master Vampire

    Master Vampire Master Necromancer True Blood

    Jul 12, 2007
    Maybe he looks like that in real life. ;)
  14. Trentonator

    Trentonator Crypt Horror

    Dec 1, 2007
    No, I'm a giant, fat, undead, corrupted frog. You didn't know that already?

    Just kidding, but that's the essence of me.

    I'll make the real me.


    M - 4(9)
    WS - 5
    BS - 9
    S - 2
    T - 2
    W - 2
    I - 6
    A - 2
    Ld - 8

    Special rules
    Cross Country Runner, Expert Marksmen, Gun Senses

    Pocket Knife, Fire, 30 ot 6

    Cross Country Runner - Trent has been competitively running for 5 years. He has 9 movement.
    Expert Marksmen- Trenton gains +1 to hit any skirmisher instead of -1 and doesn't take penalties for long range.
    Gun Senses - Trent has a 3+ ward save against any ranged attack.

    Pocket Knife - Being a Scout, Trent never leaves his trusty pocket knife. He gains +2 attacks on the turn he charges to show his swiftness.
    Fire - Fire and scouts go hand in hand, Trent may use fire instead of normally attacking every round he is in close combat. He can choose to either burn his opponent or make smoke. Burning his opponent does 1 wound to every model in BTB contact (even friends) on a 2+ roll of a D6. Making smoke allows Trent to escape from combat, Trent moves 2d6" directly away from the combat.
    30 ot 6 - Strength 6, armor piercing. 36" range.

    And suggestions about points cost?
  15. The Dark Sheep

    The Dark Sheep Master Vampire True Blood

    Feb 8, 2008
    I feel this represents me pretty well. Any thoughts on points cost are welcome. And the "unreliable determination" rule might need a little tweeking.

  16. Arion

    Arion Vampire Lord True Blood

    Sep 17, 2007
    Good to see people remember my first post fondly.

    Come-on people, lets see your characters, don't be lazy!
  17. Sweeney Todd

    Sweeney Todd Moderator Staff Member True Blood

    Mar 9, 2008
    The Unwilling Conscript Who Plays Warhammer AKA One Of Many

    M4 WS2(5) BS3 S2 T2 I2 A1 LD6

    Weapons & Equipment: SAR21, LBV, Rubber Boots

    Special Rules: Closet Audiophile, Not Cleared To Fire, Too Many Memes, Unwilling, NERD RAGE!, Skinny

    Magic Items

    SAR21: Strength 4, 2x Multiple shots, Armor Piercing, Range 24''

    Due to the 1.5x optical scope and laser sight making it ridiculously easy to earn your marksman's badge this weapon ignores the shooting penalties for long range and targeting skirmishers. However due to being too lazy to want to do anything except oil the exterior and send the damn thing back into the armory ASAP the weapon cannot be fired while not on open terrain or in a building(he dreads having to clean it after proning outfield)

    LBV: This vest that helps to carry all the random stuff a trooper would use might look like armor, but it isn't. It looks like but does not count as light armor, thus granting a 7+ armor save. In addition it causes the Unwilling Conscript to flee 2D3 inches instead of 2D6.

    Rubber Boots: This pair of boots makes the Unwilling Conscript immune to any lightning-based attacks, similar to Dragon Ogres. However because he is practically guranteed to contract footrot over the course of his compulsory military service the Unwilling Conscript is instantly slain when any Lore of Nurgle spell affects him or the unit he is with

    Special Rules

    Closet Audiophile: If charged by any unit containing a sufficiently awesome musician model the Unwilling Conscript and any unit he is with may only choose 'stand and drool' as his charge reaction. This is resolved as a 'stand and shoot' reaction except that the chargers halt immediately after any whole model from a unit comes into template range. The Unwilling Conscript then fires a template at the chargers with a Strength equal to however hard your opponent chooses to punch your face for drooling over his models. Any wounds are resolved by going to the nearest clinic or hospital(or alternatively, by finding your girlfriend or mum). if you resolve the damage by finding your mum first and cannot justify it(ie:by being a little kid who probably shouldn't have the pocket money to play Warhammer in the first place) you gain the special rules "Mama's boy" and "Pussy" for the rest of your life.

    Not Cleared To Fire: Just before the Unwilling Conscript fires for the first time in any game he must make a LD test. If passed the Unwilling Conscript may shoot as normal for the rest of the game but if failed he may not shoot his SAR21 for fear of being forced to eat shit by his sergeant or officers for any reason whatsoever. Obviously he has to take this test in the first place because there are OVER 9000 security checks on every round of ammo(and about 500 miles of red tape)

    Unwilling: Like the vast majority of young males of his country the Unwilling Conscript obviously didn't join the army willingly. He automatically fails any Panic or Break tests he has to take. He has some past experience in defensive martial arts and above all will do anything and everything to get out of the army alive and in one piece, thus in close combat he counts as WS5 for the purposes of determining the roll required to hit him in CC.

    Skinny: If the Unwilling Conscript joins a unit of unmounted Skeletons or Wights he may not be singled out by enemy weapons or spells, because he blends in. Due to his relative ease at getting through grilles, windows, etc as well as the help of some HE grenades he will still get all charging bonuses for assaulting a building.

    NERD RAGE!: If anyone in earshot(especially your opponent) says something stupid regarding wargaming(eg: Warp Spiders are useless/Dark Eldar are Chaos Eldar/etc.) you may immediately hit him with whatever blunt implements come to hand. If your opponent becomes unable to play you automatically win the game as long as you rant and rave over his unconscious body. Alternatively you may opt to Bale Out instead.

    Too Many Memes: Prolonged exposure to 4chan has left permanent scars on his psyche. At the start of every turn the Unwilling Conscript must take a LD test. If he fails, roll 2d6 and consult the Meme Table to determine how he is affected:

    2: Shitting Bricks: The Unwilling Conscript may not charge and if he is charged during the next enemy turn he must take a LD test or flee 2d6 inches(when under the effect of Shitting Bricks the Unwilling Conscript is unslowed by his LBV). Irregardless of whether he passes or fails the test he will soil your pants
    3: ITS A TRAP: The Unwilling Conscript may not charge or move closer to any visible enemy. If any Admiral Ackbar model is present on any table visible to the player the Unwilling Conscript must move as fast as possible towards it and join any unit he is with.
    4: OVER 9000!: The Unwilling Conscript becomes dazzled by what the scouter says about the enemy's power level. He may not stand and shoot next round and all enemies cause Terror to him.
    5: O RLY?: If, during the next enemy turn the Unwilling Conscript is charged by a sufficiently outdated and/or stupid looking enemy model/unit that model/unit is confronted with the implausability of its own appearance(as well as a Victorian owl with a monocle and a fedora) and thus must make a LD test with a -2 penalty. If said model/unit fails this test it is immediately removed from the table by the power of retcon
    6: Pool's Closed: Any unit charging the Unwilling Conscript halves its maximum charging distance. In order to claim this benefit the player must fold his arms and acquire an afro by any means.
    7: NO U: The Unwilling Conscript and any unit he is with gains a 2+ Ward save and Magic Resistance(3) for the duration of this turn
    8: SPESS MUHREENS (AKA STEEL REHN): Until the start of your next turn you must speak pompously with an obnoxious lisp that makes all 40k fans cringe. If and while you do so all models in your army gain a 3+ armor save
    9: SINDRIII!: The Unwilling Conscript must immediately fire at the nearest Chaos Marine Sorcerer visible, failing that he must fire at any Chaos Sorcerer, failing that the nearest visible enemy wizard. For this turn his SAR21 has unlimited range and the Unwilling Conscript becomes BS5 and may reroll failed rolls to hit when shooting.
    10: Fail troll is fail: Any visible model or player deemed as Fail must immediately take a Toughness test or immediately be replaced by a Chaos Troll. Any Trolls created this way cannot move voluntarily and always fail Stupidity tests.
    11: ROCKS FALL EVERYBODY DIES: Until the start of your next turn any models/units you accidentally knock over are removed from the game
    12: HURR DURR(AKA lol newfag): The Unwilling Conscript begins to spew out a constant barrage of memes in the unintelligible tongue of /b/tardsdaemons. For the duration of this turn he counts as a Lvl 4 wizard who uses spells from the Lore of Tzeentch
  18. Trevy the Great

    Trevy the Great Vampire Progenitor True Blood

    Mar 2, 2008
    :lol: Sweeney, you're my new best friend. :lol:
  19. Arion

    Arion Vampire Lord True Blood

    Sep 17, 2007

    Interesting character!
  20. Lucien the immortal

    Lucien the immortal Zombie

    Jun 14, 2009
    X-Kreet, the jester,
    incredibly lucky

    M WS BS S T W I A LD
    9 6 3 5 3 2 10 5 10
    he has enchanted light armour which gives 1+ save
    he has luck special rule gives 2+ ward save
    has regeneration
    has 2 hand weapons givin him 6 attackso counts as lord choice
    100 points
  21. Alesh

    Alesh Zombie

    Aug 20, 2008
    A character with a 1+ Armor Save, 2+ Ward Save, and Regeneration for only 100 points? Really?
  22. Capt Rubber Ducky

    Capt Rubber Ducky Vampire Count True Blood

    Jun 9, 2009
    This looks like fun...

    Capt Rubber Ducky
    M WS BS S T W I A LD Points...nearly 1?

    Magic Items:
    Homemade light armor. This consists of a saucepan on his head and a chopping board to protect his groin. Because he looks so stupid enemys within 6" are subject to the rules for stupidity as they try to stop laughing, this has no effect on warriors that are ITP, warriors already effected by stupidity must make 2 tests. This counts as light armor and confers a 6+ ward save.

    Wooden Spoon. This counts as a hand weapon but because its a wooden spoon it can't hurt anything therefore enemys recive a 2+ ward save against it which may be rerolled.

    Bow. This is made out of a stick and some string and therefore can't hit anything it only has a range of 12" and gives a -1 to hit.

    Special Abilities:
    Whats the point in them. Bat swarms may not be taken in the same army as Capt rubber ducky

    Dunno what to call it. If he comes into base contact with a lord level character that costs 490 points or over and has an armor save he benifits from infinate hatred and rerolls to wound he will also start using his fists instead of his wooden spoon so they don't benifit from the 2+ ward save.

    Can't we just talk this over. A enemy model in base contact takes a LD test if they fail Capt Rubber Ducky benifits from ASF as he punches them in the face as they consider his offer.

    Below the belt. In a challange Capt rubber ducky may choose to reduce his attacks to 1 to use this special rule. If he hits with the attack and the enemy hero isn't a women, isn't mounted and doesn't have much armor guarding 'the important bits' roll a D6 on this table:

    1,**** he's deticated to his cause.No effect, This ability doesn't affect this model for the rest of the battle or in any future battles
    2-3,The enemy manages to block the attack. He can't attack in the next close combat phase
    4-5, Oww, The Hero retreats to the back of his unit as if he'd declined the challange and may not march next turn.
    6,OUCH. The opposing character retreats to the back of his unit as if he'd declined the challange and must stay there for the rest of the battle. His unit can no longer march and only move there normal movement when charging. Capt rubber ducky now causes terror in All male models.
  23. Lucien the immortal

    Lucien the immortal Zombie

    Jun 14, 2009
    yep my characters overdone :tongue:
  24. Berras

    Berras Zombie

    Nov 19, 2009
    I had this idea a while ago, to make a Ghoul lord:

    Ghoul Lord

    M WS BS S T A W
    4 4 0 4 5 4 2

    poison attacks

    bound spell power lvl 4: Call of ghouls (??) may either heal friendly ghoul units d6 wounds, beyond starting size or have ghouls move up to 8".

    Ghoul master: Ghouls within 6" range may make march moves.

    May have up to 50 pts worth of magic items from the common/vampire counts magic item list.

    already started making the model, pictures will be coming soon. I thought it was what lacked VC army book: a Ghoul hero.
  25. Disciple of Nagash

    Disciple of Nagash The Perverted One Staff Member TVC II GM

    Feb 12, 2008
    Just a note, this thread is to make yourself into a character, not to create a warhammer character.

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