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RSS Feed Mantic Open Night @ AdeptiKHAAAANNNNN!!

Discussion in 'Whispers Outside The Crypt' started by Chopper, Jan 24, 2018.

  1. Chopper

    Chopper Guest


    Alright, alright, alright my Mantic peeps! After some planning and moving chess pieces around, we’re able to announce Mantic Open Night at AdeptiCon. If you’ve been to AdeptiCon, you know this to be the Saturday night party that Mantic throws.

    Mantic Open Night will be starting a bit later this year and we’re looking at a 9pm start time and going until Ronnie kicks everyone out. How do you get invited to this party you ask? Head over to the Mantic Store and look for Mantic Open Night and purchase your ticket. With your ticket, you’ll get admittance to Mantic Open Night, a bag of goodies, and 2 drink tickets redeemable at the bar for any drink you want and I mean any. Grab a Diet Coke or glass a wine and have a toast with Community Pat, Joe Neet or Ronnie Renton.

    What will happen at Mantic Open Night? First off, we will have a Q&A with Ronnie, myself and Martin Thrilwell. Ask all the questions to your heart’s delight and if you’ve been before, you know Ronnie is good for letting things slip, especially after few drinks. After the Q&A, the games begin. A DreadBall Ultimate will go down using the version 2 rules, a Kings of War Siege battle, Mawbeast round up, Star Saga demo, The Walking Dead Demos as well as DreadBall 2nd Edition demos. There will be plenty of tables for open gaming should you want to play any of your social media friends.


    Last year we sold out so don’t miss out on a fun time and I will see you Saturday night for a toast!

    Also, we’re pleased to announce that we’ve now added an option to pick up any web orders from Adepticon. Simply fill your basket with wonderful goodies and then add the ‘pick your order up at AdeptiCon‘ product to your basket. This will then give you free shipping and we’ll make sure your order is ready to collect from the show. Please note, the cut off for ordering items to collect at AdeptiCon is March 12th.

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