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Mortarch rectangular base size?

Discussion in 'Dying to Help' started by Kallypso, Apr 15, 2018.

  1. Kallypso

    Kallypso Zombie

    Jun 13, 2015
    Hello everyone!

    I have recently decided to start back my Undead army with the new AoS Battletome and I bought the Mortarch kit for the occasion! :)

    But it came with an oval base and all my army is on square ones. So I would like to know if one of you has an original rectangular base for your Mortarch and if you could measure it for me? :)

    By searching on the internet I've found information for either 100x50mm or 100x60mm but I would like to have the right original size it came with to be legal in tournament. Thanks!
  2. DocteurQui

    DocteurQui Zombie

    I don't have any rectangularly based Mortarchs, sorry

    Do you think it'd be a problem though for an Age of Sigmar tournament? Seeing as you're using square bases to begin with, I can't imagine anyone would have a problem with a 10mm difference on the bases of one unit. Or will they?

    Hope someone else can help you with this!

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