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My first 40k games (And tournament)!

Discussion in 'Dead Space' started by robinsuu, Mar 24, 2013.

  1. robinsuu

    robinsuu Skeleton

    Feb 1, 2013
    Played my first real 40k games yesterday :) I played a Necron list with Ork allies (60 boyz, 6 big shootas and a warboss on bike). An army which I borrowed from another of the players in the tournament.

    A local tournament with 9 players.

    We played 4 matches each (4 players had to skip 1 game but were awarded with points instead).

    We played 4 different scenarios with First Blood awarding 1VP, Slay the Warlord 2VP and Linebreaker 1VP.

    I ended up last, but at least got 1 win and a draw which I'm quite pleased with :vampire2:


    Game #1 vs Orks: 6-6 (DRAW)

    4 placed objectives and 1 in the center. "Dawn of War".

    Pretty straightforward game. I got the center objective giving 3VP and he got two of the placed objectives giving 1VP.

    The game ended round 4 (Didn't have enough time for 5 rounds, so much dice and movement with all the orks)!!

    After counting kills we ended up with a draw. I'm pretty happy with the result as it was my first game ever :) I should've pressed on with my necrons and wiped him off the table though.


    Game #2 vs Blood Angels: 12-0 (WIN)

    4 objectives placed in the corners, scattering 2D6 round 1,3,5. "Vanguard Strike".

    ALMOST wiped him, he just had his librarian left hiding behind a statue. I got all but 1 objective. Had some coaching from my next opponent (The guy I borrowed the army from) which helped a lot.

    First win ever :happy:


    Game #3 vs Necrons: 0-12 (LOSS)

    3 evenly placed objectives along the center line. "Old Spearhead".

    Same table as the last game, and I rolled the same deployment zone pretty much (One of the corners this time).

    It was looking like I almost could make it a draw or at least a minor loss, but in the end he pulled a really nasty trick with his HQ and wraiths.

    He made a primary assault onto my Ork unit (Which was very scared of him by the way)! And a secondary assault onto my Necron Warriors with my HQ. Of course he broke the Orks bigtime, causing a panic test for my Warriors as well. I broke and he killed off both my big units in one turn!

    Wiping the opponent gives 12-0 instantly.


    Game #4 vs Space Wolves: 0-12 (LOSS)

    Scenario: Killpoints, "Dawn of War".

    And here my luck with dice rolling completely disappeared! All of those "must win" rolls failed while he had the dice on his side. He managed to kill off my Warboss without him even getting into combat using insane rocket launchers and my Warrior unit got all the punch right into their gut!

    Well played by him, but I was hoping not to get wiped another game!


    To sum up my experience from this game:

    40k is a game of dice, dice, dice and more dice! I saw people rolling 120+ dice at times :o

    It is also a game where a lot can happen in a short amount of time, which is very exciting!

    I still don't know which force I want to buy for myself (If any at all) :tongue:

    The matches play much quicker than WH Fantasy.
  2. Quinten

    Quinten Grave Guard

    Jul 17, 2014
    What necron list did you use. I play crons and would be interested in what list your using.
    1. In 40k your guys failing a leadership test doesn't cause leadership tests to guys around them.
    2.It is called leadership not panic. Jeez. :tongue: (I use all the terms inter-changeably myself. Me: Those thingy's have vanguard, no wait deep strike, wait that's the wrong term, is it infiltrators? I give up. Opponent: Scouts. Me: Oh yah right.)

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