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Old miniatures in good shape for offer - mainly legendary mercenaries / DoW

Discussion in 'Undertaker's Auction' started by der vued, Jan 8, 2017.

  1. der vued

    der vued Ghoul

    Jun 27, 2014
    Hi guys,

    After my last "clean up campaign" I hab to admit to myself that I have too many miniatures that I will not finfish all. So if anyone of you is interested, I'm willing to offer some of my gems for a fair price. Shipping will be from Germany, Munich.

    Give me a note and I will add further information and pictures.

    And here is the list:
    - golfags mercenary ogres / maneaters (unpainted)
    - giants of albion (painted)
    - kislev armies (lots of cavalry, katarin, boyar on foot, all unpainted)
    - white dwarf XXX - 30th anniversary (new - in original packaging!)
    - everqueen + guards (old metal miniatures, unpainted)
    - richter kreugar + cursed company (painted)
    - alcantani fellowship (unpainted)
    - ruglud's armoured orcs (painted)
    - and probably some more...

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