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Only the Faithful

Discussion in 'Gateway to the Realms' started by Menkeroth, Jan 28, 2017.

  1. Menkeroth

    Menkeroth A Knight of Blood

    Nov 11, 2013
    The final part of the second audio-drama about Mannfred. When he was found in Ghur and the Hallowed Knights with Rhamos, Lord-Relictor, were sent to capture him and offer to Nagash in order to forge an alliance with the god of death, it was long and arduous journey. In the end the Knights and their newfound orruk allies of the Ironjawz chase Mannfred till one of the Realmgates in the Sea of Bones. There they fight his vast skeletal legions (and other undead, however) trying to capture him, unseal the gates (which in this case are between Ghur and Shyish) and let him not raise some gigantic bone creatures lying under the landscape (as Mannfred put it, some very ancient titans of the realm). Despite his efforts and ability with the help of the claw of Kaydon to open portals at will which then can lead anywhere, Stormcasts and orruks breach his fortress where Mannfred was hiding. But the fight is far from over - the vampire is also not alone, and has one of ghoul kings at his side. These ghouls found him in Cartha, broken and battered, fed and raised him, and so Mannfred has got a whole flesh eater court at his side. He managed to trap Rhamos and orruk megaboss in the citadel and let loose the ghouls on them, but they withstood the onslaught and were able finally to locate the vampire through lots of portals and confront him face to face. In the end Mannfred fights Rhamos and Arkhan the Black, who appeared from the unsealed gates, and as they obviously surpass his might this time, escapes with the help of the claw again. Rhamos wants to follow him but Arkhan says that Sigmar commands him to return as his work in Ghur is done. Lich and Stormcast stand shoulder to shoulder after the battle with common foe, but not all alliances last forever...

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