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Selling fantasy and 40k

Discussion in 'Undertaker's Auction' started by GrandMagnus, Aug 10, 2016.

  1. GrandMagnus

    GrandMagnus Zombie

    Mar 21, 2016
    Hi everybody, I've got some fantasy and 40k minis I'm looking to get rid off. Here is the list as follows.


    Vampire counts:
    10 dire wolves
    15 grave guard (great weapons)
    15 grave guard (sword/shield)
    1 blood knight
    20 skeleton warriors (sword/shield)
    40 skeleton warriors (spears/shields)
    40 zombies.

    Warriors of Chaos:
    12 warriors of chaos
    1 Crom the Conqueror


    Space wolves:
    5 wolf guard terminators
    30 space wolves (mix of blood claws and grey hunters)

    All the minis have been either painted or primed. I might have more I'm willing to sell so I'll keep updating this thread as I get it organized. Pictures will follow at a later time and if somebody want a picture of something specific I can get it done. Anybody interested can get them in bundles or piecemeal, whichever is best.

    Payment via paypal. If you want to contact me personally send me a PM. I live in Europe so sending the stuff to the US might not be viable due to the expenses of packaging and sending it.

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