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So what are the plans for this forum section?

Discussion in 'Laws of the Night' started by LordTobiothan, Jul 4, 2015.

  1. LordTobiothan

    LordTobiothan Crypt Horror

    May 6, 2014
    With the dawn of age of sigmar and the complete lack of real rules following it, assuming this site stays committed to the most recent edition of warhammer fantasy.

    What rules will there be to discuss? Aside from our opinions on the intentionally unclairified rules, I dont see what rules clarifications we can talk about.
  2. Lynks

    Lynks Lord of RAW Staff Member True Blood

    Dec 29, 2010
    The current plan is to maintain the 8th edition sections and add new ones for age of sigmar, plus I imagine that given the lack of structure to the game there will be plenty of issues to discuss.
  3. The Sun King

    The Sun King Imperator Staff Member True Blood

    Aug 22, 2012
    As Lynks says we will spawn subforums for AoS when the dust settles. I see plenty of army builds in AoS already and can't wait to discuss them with you all.
  4. Mr. West

    Mr. West Lahmian Tomb Guard

    Mar 26, 2013
    Sounds good, so everyone can read / write about the game system they prefer :thumbsup:

    I for one, would be quite saddened if we didn't have a section for 8th ed. (or older editions of WHFB) on these boards anymore, simply because WHFB and AoS cannot be compared.
    They're completely different games and both will have their respective base of players.

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