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Soulblight 2000

Discussion in 'Summoning the Deathrattlers' started by Demian, Mar 16, 2018.

  1. Demian

    Demian Vampire Count True Blood

    Oct 28, 2011
    In an attempt to redeem the Soulblight Allegiance, I'm trying to test these lists, see which one seems a bit better overall. Let me know what you guys think!

    Coven Throne's 2000 pts

    Dragon Warriors Bloodline

    (General) Coven Throne
    - Killing Blow, The Saccharine Goblet, Vile Transference

    Prince Vhordrai
    - Soulpike

    3x Blood Knights (Battlelines)
    1x Bat Swarms


    Strategy: I want to test this list in an effort to include as many gimmicks as I can get into a Soulblight army, notoriously using the Prince and a Mourngul. I'm pretty sure that the Handmaidens count as part of the mount, but regardless, the Coven Throne makes the best use of both the Saccharine Goblet and the Killing Blow Trait in a combo. Her Command Ability is just fantastic with Vhordrai and even the Mourngul, should the need arise. Dragon Warriors should ease up that interaction, giving the Prince a buff whenever the Command Ability is buffing something else. No need for gravesites here, since nothing, save the Bat Swarms is summoneable. Those Bat Swarms should just debuff shooting and can stay safe attacking from 3'' away, or get sent to block and die.


    Castellans of the Crimson Keep's 2000 pts

    Dragon Warriors Bloodline
    (General) Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon w/Deathlance
    - Mist Form or Killing Blow, The Saccharine Goblet, Vile Transference

    Vampire Lord on nightmare
    - The Slaking Blade, Soulpike

    Prince Vhordrai
    - Amaranthine Orb

    3x Blood Knights (Battlelines)

    5x Dire Wolves

    Strategy: no Morungul here, just using the Keep's teleport to counter scenarios / objectives or gunlines. Dire Wolves seem like the best option for a filler unit. The General should be self-sufficient

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