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RSS Feed Spring Open Day 2018: Open Day Deals

Discussion in 'Whispers Outside The Crypt' started by Andy Meechan, Apr 27, 2018.

  1. Andy Meechan

    Andy Meechan Guest

    On Saturday 5th May, Mantic Games invites you, our friends, to join us for our biannual OPEN DAY. You can choose a single ticket, or the Group ticket – which covers four attendees for the price of three!

    Open Day events have been evolving from your feedback and our experiences. Once again we have made certain that the Main Hall is at capacity, and – again – we will be utilising extra rooms to add in more and varied things to do. Our aim as always is to create an aspiring environment that will inspire your own hobby and captivate you for up to 6 hours!

    The success of November’s Open Day proved the template for the forthcoming Spring Open Day 2018. There are three blogs in this series:

    1. Participation and Cool Stuff,
    2. Learning,
    3. Open Day Deals

    For our third blog we’re going to look at something we all share – we love hitting up events to increase our hobby collections!

    Whether it’s brand new, a chance at a pre-release, exclusives and limited (and ‘not in production’) models, or simply adding to existing units it’ll scratch that collective itch. Without further ado then, here is a sample of what we’ll have going on…

    • Brand New Items
    • Pre-releases
    • Exclusive and Limited Items
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Brand New Items

    The following DreadBall Teams will shortly be available in your local stores; as it’s the Open Day we wanted to give you a ‘first chance’ opportunity. And besides, we’ll be showing off the game all day, so we’d be teasing if you couldn’t buy them!

    • The Unincorporated – Rebs Team
    • Nemion Oceanics – Sphyr Team
    • Rotatek Rockslides – Brokkr Team
    • Long Rock Lifers – Convict Team
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    We know that some of you avid collectors love getting a hold of items before they hit the stores…

    Kings of War (shipping in June)

    • Greater Water Elemental
    • Basilean High Paladin on Dragon
    • Orc Krudger on Gore

    Warpath Universe (shipping in July)

    • Veer-myn Tunnel Runner Formation (of 3)
    • Veer-myn Tangle
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Exclusives and Limited/Unreleased Items

    We have the 2018 event exclusive booster for The Walking Dead – Dale, Prison Advisor.

    As far as Limited/Unreleased Stock goes, we’re opening the future archives and unleashing Plague and Veer-myn items in strictly limited numbers. Deadzone and Warpath players have been calling out for these items previously available to Kickstarter Backers and we would like to help even up the playing field!

    Event Exclusive:

    • The Walking Dead: Dale, Prison Advisor
    • The Walking Dead: Lee & Clementine
    • DreadBall: MVP: Blaine
    • Star Saga: Kira Nikolovski

    Limited/Unreleased Stock:

    • The Walking Dead: All Out War Collector’s Edition
    • Warpath Universe Plague Mule
    • Warpath Universe Plague Hornet
    • Warpath Universe Plague Bursters
    • Warpath Universe Murder Birds
    • Warpath Universe Extra Compartment for Veer-myn Tunneller
    • DreadBall: Graggot – Hobgoblin Captain (model only)
    • Kings of War: Basilean Arballest
    • Kings of War: Basilean War Wizard
    • A wealth of surprise blisters, secret boosters, and other special items from the past!
    There was more revealed in our earlier companion blogs, so check them out! In the meantime, here is the timetable for the day – we did say it would be busy, right? Pick up your ticket now!


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