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TVC II The Story So Far........

Discussion in 'The Vampire Council II' started by Disciple of Nagash, Sep 29, 2012.

  1. Disciple of Nagash

    Disciple of Nagash The Perverted One Staff Member TVC II GM

    Feb 12, 2008
    Important Note: It is recommended that any members who wish to read the full history look through the original TVC found here:


    However be warned, it's a long read!


    10 years ago the unthinkable happened. 10 years ago the dreaded vampires of night rebelled against the greatest of master of the undeath, Nagash - the Supreme Lord of Undeath.....and won.

    The war was devastating, battles won and lost, friends and enemies alike wholly destroyed. Amongst it all there was also love, betrayal, honour and deceit.

    Yet at the end, Nagash was finally destroyed, his Black Pyramid torn down to ensure he did not return once more.

    Finally the vampires were free of the unseen shackles many had felt from their distant master. For many now was the time they could step out from the shadows and begin their dark rule........but they were wrong.

    As always, the Lords of Chaos had watched and waited, and had finally struck at the perfect moment. Though not realised by any in the Vampire Council, at the moment of Nagash's true death, the balance of power had not shifted to them, but away.

    10 Years Later

    Ten years. Ten long years, in which things had greatly changed.

    Some were expected, after all after defeating such a foe, it was natural that some of the vampires would feel invincible, none more so than the arrogant von Carsteins.

    All was quiet in the first year, as in Sylvania and the Border Princes the Carsteins recovered the immense losses suffered. Though the exact date is unknown, during this time the master vampire Vlad von Carstein took his leave of his sons, along with his faithful wraith-servant Naar-Zul. The master had been greatly wounded during his duel with Nagash, and many spoke with wonder than he had actually survived. Whether this was the cause or something else, only his heirs Simon, Mircea and Karl knew.

    Likely his leaving seemed to spur the three, who collectively lead the Carsteins. Karl the silver tongued, master diploment. Simon the artist, the dreamer, but also the visionary who had resurrected the might of the Carseins. Certainly not the least, Mircea, rumoured to be a tactician second only to the legendary Abhorash.

    It was during the winter of the second year that they struck the Empire. At first they won victory after victory, and it seemed certain this time that the Carsteins would prevail. Yet once again they were thwarted, though not fully defeated. With the assistance from their dwarven cousins and Kislev the Empire pushed back.

    Unlike the previous masters of the Carseins, the three could not be so easily defeated. Their different mindsets worked to their advantage, ensuring that critical mistakes were not made, and using advantages never once considered.

    It was during the sixth year the Dwarves were forced to recall their forces. Their kingdoms had come under siege from an unexpected quarter, their wayward cousins in the east. Chaos Dwarves had forged an unholy alliance with many tribes of the Ogre Kingdoms and with their combined strength, planned to destroy the noble Dwarves once and for all. To current date many dwarf holds are still under siege.

    Further north the powers of chaos had also not laid dormant. For many years there was talk of a new powerful champion. Details were scarce, and if he truly existed it seemed for the moment he did not seem interested in going to war.

    That changed during the seventh year. Raids became more and more often on the lands of Kislev, and all prophecies and portents showed the rising of a champion of Tzeentch.

    With the men of Kislev forced to return north, the fall of the Empire was expected shortly after. Yet still now in the tenth year, the Carsteins have done little more than tighten their hold on lands they now hold, roughly half of the Empire. Battle and skirmishers are frequent, yet the men of the Empire do not have the strength to destroy their foes......and unknown to them, neither do the Carsteins.

    Far down in the Land of the Death, the tale is far different. The dead of Nehekhara had suffered more than any under Nagash, and his death had released much of the darkness within them.

    They had once more become one kingdom under the leadership of Settra, whilst Rowhaine, the Avatar of Asaph had resurrected the old ways. With great joy the covenant with the Nehekharan gods was remade, and their power once more began to flow into the lands.

    As part of the covenant, work began on rebuilding the great cities, and the living were once again welcomed into them. Although the dead still ruled, for the first time there was a harmony between them and the living not known anywhere else. Nehekara flourished, and once more began its journey to being one of the greatest lands of men, though many still shunned its dead masters.

    It was here, far from the surging power of Chaos that it was first noticed. As each year passed, the power of death, of necromancy seemed to diminish. With each year, every creature of death from the lowly skeleton to the powerful kings and liches felt their own strength weaken.

    In now the tenth year, many constructs have fallen silent, deaf to the incantations of the liche priests. Rumours of the stalemate in the Empire has reached their ears, and it is clear the vampires are suffering as well.

    With the destruction of Nagash, the power of the dead is starting to slip away, whilst the power of Chaos waxes once more…….
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  2. The Dread King

    The Dread King Moderator Staff Member True Blood TVC II GM

    Jan 28, 2012
    Supplemental (unclassified) - 'TVC II Supplemental Triumvirate Timeline': lists the major events in the lives of the current members of the Von Carstein triumvirate (Simon, Karl and Mircea)

    Supplemental to Chapter 0 - 'Flashback - Dieter's Rebirth': describes a fierce skirmish against a group of beastmen in Dieter Schwartz's mortal life.

    Chapter 1 - 'Old Faces': an assortment of vampires and a necromancer (along with a lost and somewhat confused knight) gathered together at Drakenhof Castle, the heart of the Von Carstein empire, after letters were sent out to (or found by) them from Rowhaine, the Champion of the Nehekharan Pantheon. He summoned a second Vampire Council to deal with the issue of the waning of necromancy. However, he was absent from the Council meeting and this stimulated arguments and violent conflict between the various members of the Council. The meeting was going nowhere productive, and was rudely intruded upon by the arrival of a band of Empire soldiers claiming to have captured Mircea. In actual fact, they had captured Rowhaine. Kraskor Banespike surrendered himself over to them, apparently to swap places with Rowhaine, but, in actual fact, so that the champion's life would be spared whilst the council planned an escape mission for the two.

    Chapter 2 - 'A Distraction': the members of the council attacked the empire band and secured rapid and overwhelming victory, freeing Kraskor and Rowhaine. It was discovered that Rowhaine had in fact allowed himself to be captured, to give purpose to the council so that their conflicts would cease. He had been observing the council in secret - hence his apparent absence from the meeting. However, things took a turn for the worse when a skaven army erupted from the ground to assault Drakenhof. Led by a mutated and formidable magician, this force slowly wore down the council, which tremendous losses on it, before the armies of Drakenhof came to their rescue and routed the skaven. The mutated ratman fused with a mechanical construct to become a chaotic warm that was slain by Rowhaine, at the cost of the life of one of his Ushabti, Ramon. A second council meeting was called, to achieve what the failed first meeting did not - a proposed solution to the weakening of necromancy.

    Supplemental to Chapter 2.5 - 'Marie': a young servant of the Carsteins, taken under Alastor Spyros' wing, was transported to his cave, where he tried to reveal to her the truths of life and alleviate the brainwashing that she'd received in Sylvania. He left, not fully successful, and encouraging her to get some rest.

    Chapter 3 - 'The Second Council': the second council meeting was held. A young vampire named Faust and his human companion, Roland, joined the council, alongside two mischievous vampiric twins called Aidan and Alroy. The link between the weakening of necromancy and chaos was explained to the council, and various solutions were proposed. It was suggested that Vekarin Banespike might be amongst the forces of a resurgent chaos, which has united under four champions, and includes a 'focal point' stealing necromantic power away from the vampires and necromancers, and putting it into the hands of chaos. It was decided that the council would split into two groups: one going to attempt to enlist the aid of queen Neferata, and another venturing to the Chaos Wastes to find out information about the forces of chaos. The groups parted ways, prepared to do their duties for the council.

    Supplemental to Chapter 3 - 'The Monster Mash' - Graveclaw clashed with a skin wolf called Mikhail Bjornson in the woods near Drakenhof. Eventually, Graveclaw emerged victorious, but Mikhail lived on to fight another day.

    Supplemental to Chapter 3.5 - 'Sparring in Drakenhof' - Shah left the room in which the council was discussing (whilst the second conference was happening) the weakening of necromancy, tired of the bickerings between its members. After encountering Dieter, who'd followed him on Karl von Carstein's orders, he sparred with him. Dieter won the duel, and the two returned to the meeting.

    Supplemental to Chapter 3.6 - 'Eyes in the Darkness' - a mysterious skaven, who had been observing the council during their second meeting from the ceiling of the throne room of Drakenhof, prepared to enact his mysterious plans.

    Supplemental to Chapter 3.9 - 'Oscillation of Gobs' - Roland and Kenshiro discussed their training - and trainers - in Nipponese during the second council meeting.

    Supplemental to Chapter 4.5 - 'A Feast Fit for a Bat' - Roland cooked a delicious meal for those in the council members accompanying him that were inclined to eat it, whilst on a journey to the Silver Pinnacle. Mikhail, in particular, enjoyed it.

    Supplemental to Chapter 5.5 - '(Flashback) Shah Remembers Mortality' - Shah remembered travelling across Bretonnia as a mortal, Imperial baron, and meeting the prince of Bretonnia. He recalled feeling fear as he learnt of an army of beastmen advancing towards their encampment, but dispelled the worry with a reminder to himself that he was no longer a mortal, or a fearful, man.

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  3. The Dread King

    The Dread King Moderator Staff Member True Blood TVC II GM

    Jan 28, 2012
    Chapter 4 - 'The Queen of Mysteries' - the council group planning to meet and treat with Neferata left the morning after the meeting in chapter 5. When they departed, Morturion's retinue set off on the return to his tower, and they encountered a drunken, starving but somehow jolly skin wolf Kislevite called Mikhail. They journeyed to the Silver Pinnacle in black coaches, interrogating Mikhail on the way and finding him seemingly innocent of conniving with chaos. They stopped in the evening to rest, and a fight broke out, resulting in the human Roland being left with a broken rib. They travelled the rest of the way to the Pinnacle on the following day and, when they reached it, were met by a Lahmian and her wight revenue. The revenue escorted them up to the Pinnacle, but part of the way there, they turned on the council, who were simultaneously ambushed by a group of assassins formerly in the service of the Von Carsteins attempting to kill them. They escaped the ambush, but Anya was gravely wounded and Dieter was killed.

    Chapter 5 - 'The Wastes' - the council group planning to spy on the forces of chaos in the (chaos) wastes travelled by portal (on the night after the second council meeting) to the wastes. After journeying through the portal they encountered resistance from a small chaos force, which they annihilated (except for two knights of chaos, who escaped on horseback) - although Rowhaine proved strangely more vulnerable than expected to its attacks. He hypothesised that this weaknesses was because the chaotic nature of the wastes was affecting him in some way. The Nehekharan gods were tricked by chaos and so could not foresee the chaos forces waiting to ambush the council there. The council fled rapidly through the portal from the advancing chaos forces back to the Drakenhof, having gained little valuable intelligence from their mission. Their escape came at the cost of the lives of all 10 of the living Ushabti accompanying them, barring their leader, Phahotep.
  4. The Dread King

    The Dread King Moderator Staff Member True Blood TVC II GM

    Jan 28, 2012
    Supplemental to Chapter 6 - Home Sweet Home - Helena von Carstein, insistent on visiting princess Anya, engages in a brief argument with two Von Carstein soldiers that brings her face to face with the prospect of execution. To avoid such a grisly fate within Triumvirate law, Satsu and Simon induct her into the Special Assignment corp of the Sylvanian Order of Assassins, and she takes up an official position (other than as part of the nobility and a holder of property) within the Von Carstein Empire before returning to the main hall to treat with the other council members once more.

    Supplemental to Chapter 6 - A New Arrival - a mysterious human girl called Ellen has been arrested by Von Carstein assassins after a mysterious force surrounding her killed and wounded several Triumvirate soldiers, vampiric and mortal. After the power of the spirit protecting her has been observed in part by Satsu, he orders the restraint of the creature by a mage commander of the The Sylvanian Order of Assassins (which is successful) and the girl is brought before the Regent Karl von Carstein and the Council.
  5. The Dread King

    The Dread King Moderator Staff Member True Blood TVC II GM

    Jan 28, 2012
    Chapter 6 - 'Return to Drakenhof' - the council groups that had ventured to the Chaos Wastes and the Silver Pinnacle reconvened at Drakenhof, reporting their findings and resolving on a new plan of action. Several new members joined the council, including Orzon Nightwrath, a Lahmian and a deserter of Nagash's armies, Prince Kithan, a self-animated wight with arcane powers, Niklaus, a young shadowmancer of great potency, the Blood Dragon mercenary Rosa El-Hashem, the genius Odric Von Carstein, and the immortal child Helena Von Carstein. An attempt to communicate with the Pinnacle's inhabitants through an arcane mirror goes awry as a chaotic force seemingly interrupts the ritual used to contact the Pinnacle. The council resolves to split up into three groups: one venturing to the Amethyst College in Altdorf to retrieve items that Morturion thinks will help the council take the power of necromancy back from chaos, one riding out to the blood keep to request the allegiance of Walach Harkon and his scions, and a third group to return to the Silver Pinnacle to attempt, once again, to contact the Queen of Mysteries. Satsu and Anya decide to set off the chaos wastes to determine the identity of the leadership of the forces of Chaos.
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