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Unas' Skirmish Reports

Discussion in 'Memento Mori' started by Unas the slayer, Jul 15, 2017.

  1. Unas the slayer

    Unas the slayer Grave Guard

    Jan 1, 2017
    In THIS THREAD I will keep the BatReps of my large-scale battles, basically all the ones that I will play with AoS GHB.

    This thread will be instead dedicated to my BatReps with my warbands, using AoS skirmish rules.

    SO, here we go, my first rep with skirmish.

    Death Nighthaunt vs Dwarfs _ 40 renowns

    My list:
    Banshee (general, master of black arts, Helm of authority)
    2 x hexwraiths
    1 x spirit hosts
    2 x Dire wolves

    My opponent:
    Runelord (general, Merciless Killer, don't remember the artefact)
    3 x thunderers
    1 x quarreler
    1 x Gyrobomber

    Dwarfs' list can be nasty, the bomber gives a certain mobility to the warband and all those shooters nearby the runelord with Merciless Killers form a threatening hornets' nest... however (leaving aside the wolves), I'm immune to the rend of thunderers and bomber.

    Skirmish: Treasure hunt. (a good scenario for me, my wolves should perform well).


    You see my warband. At the opposite corner you notice just the bomber, the Group of shooters + runelord are at the bottom of the building, not visible in the picture.
    the red dices are the treasures. the white ones are for the kind of terrain.



    shooters move but don't run (don't now why), the copter lands near the right red dice... and rolls a 6. First treasure goes to dwarfs.


    I move the wolves upon two dices and the hexwraiths near the middle one. One wolf finds a treasure. 1-1.


    i go first.
    My advance reinforces my take on the central objective; 2 rolls, but no 6s

    the bomber goes near the upper objective, but this time it's not lucky. The shooting inflicts one wound on one wolf and 1 wound on a hexwraith.



    I go first again.
    Mystic shield upon the hexwraith champ.
    I move the wraiths and the host toward the bomber. My wounded wolf finds my second treasure (the central dice).
    The spirit Hosts need a 10 for the charge and I roll 11. Hosts and wraiths are upon the bomber: 2 mortal wounds from the hosts and 4 normal wounds to be saved at 4+.... the bomber (reduced to 3 wounds) saves only one and explodes.


    Dwarfs turn.
    Dwarfs' shooting fails to kill the single wounded hexwraith! (2 misses and 2 saves)


    my opponent hopes in winning the roll, but alas, it's me again.
    my ethereal force charges and 3 dwarfs are killed. With only the runelord and one thunderer, my opponent ends the game.
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