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Worst list ever conceived 2500pts (9th age)

Discussion in 'Legions of the Damned' started by KhazModan, Aug 31, 2016.

  1. KhazModan

    KhazModan Grave Guard

    Jul 22, 2010
    So this last weekend I was at a tournament. I was playing a quite conventional list, but the dice-gods turned their backs on me so it all went south pretty fast. I like to think up quite crazy lists (loved to play dual Coven Throne in 8th) and I think that the dice-gods decided to punish me for playing something conventional. So for the next tournament I have to step-up my game I come with something crazy/bizarre once again to please the dice-gods. With that in mind here is the list:

    Vampire Count; Colossal Zombie Dragon, lv 1 (necromancy)

    Von Karnstein (Storm Caller)

    Gemstone amulet

    Divine Icon

    Ogre sword

    Lucky shield

    Vampire Courtier; Monstrous Revenant (Poisoned attacks, Fly), lv 1 (necromancy)

    Von Karnstein (refined taste)

    Hv armour, Lance, Bsb (war standard)

    Hardened shield

    Talisman of greater shielding

    Potion of swiftness

    Necromancer; lv 1 (necromancy)


    50 Skeletons; Full command

    Banner of speed

    50 Skeletons; Full command

    2*5 Dire Wolves

    Court of the damned; unholy dominion

    Court of the damned;

    2*2 Great bats

    4 Winged Reapers; paired weapons

    Is it crazy enough? Will I be able to win any games? Who knows.......
  2. Mad 'At

    Mad 'At Dumb enough to work Staff Member True Blood

    Apr 2, 2011
    @KhazModan: Well, you already know I love this list :tongue:

    One thing I noticed though. You have no Arcane Item on the lord and 25 pts left in his magic item allowance. Seems like a waste. I'd try and find the points somewhere in the list to give him a Shielding Scroll or something (maybe try Blinding Scroll, never seen that one used, who know, it might be awesome o.o )

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