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Your Character's Rules

Discussion in 'The Necrarch Workshop' started by Disciple of Nagash, Apr 11, 2008.

  1. Arion

    Arion Vampire Lord True Blood

    Sep 17, 2007
    Thus not changing established fluff in any way, only detailing it.
  2. T'Keela

    T'Keela Zombie

    Apr 9, 2009
    Here's mah character! Oh i got like 2 and half pages of fluff written recounting his epic battle with a werewolf but I'm not in the mood to post it so YEAH!

    Dominik Valeriu
    Lord choice
    550 Points?(Maybe? Correct me if this is to cheap.)
    M6 WS7 BS5 S5 T5 W3 I7 A5 Ld10
    Level 3, selects spells from the Lore of Necromancy.
    Vampiric Powers:
    -Red Fury
    -Aura of Dark Majesty
    -The Silver Sword
    -Heavy Armour
    Special Rules:
    -Just has to be different
    -Hatred (Undead and Daemons)

    The Silver Sword
    With a blade made entirely of silver and forged with the blood of a forgotten deity, this blade remains forever keen and slices through unnatural flesh as if it were butter.
    Magic Weapon. Any wounds inflicted to Undead/Daemon units are increased to d3. Also blade is so keen it ignores ward saves.

    This large claymore was forged from warpstone, with the intention of ridding the world of all unnatural creatures whether they be daemon-filth or the living dead. However despite its power the blade is as much of a bane to Dominik as it is to his unnatural foes and so he keeps it sealed within a magic scabbard at all times.
    This weapon may never be drawn or used in anyway. However it constantly radiates an aura thati s the bane of both the undead and daemonkind. It causes all undead and daemons to strike last ignoring such rules as ASF and anything similar. It also grants Dominik a 3+ ward save against any attacks made by Undead/Daemons or magic spells as they are challened through the warp. The magic scabbard it is sheathed in prevents it from harming Dominik. Despite its powerful properties whenever Dominik is beaten in combat roll a d6. If a 1 is rolled the weapon has come loose and Dominik is instantly considered slain for the purposes of Victory Point calculation a his corporeal body is destroyed and his spirit flees the battle to recooperate.

    Special Rules
    Just has to be Different
    Dominik is reknown for his decision to gift those he raises with free will and sentience. To represent this whenever he casts 'Invocation of Nehek', 'Raise Dead' or 'Summon Undead Horde' after rolls have been made to determine the amount of wounds restored, half this number. The models that are raised in this method have +1WS, +1I as they have more control over themselves than your usual corpse. This has no effect on any model with the 'Vampire' special rule or a model that is limited to having a single would restored.
    Forever accompanied by his canine companion Rufus has tackled many a for larger than himself and goes wherever his master asks and is utterly loyal, despite being instilled with his own personality, free will and tainted "soul".He has the following profile and rules
    Rufus M6 WS3 S4 T4 W2 I4 A3 Ld 7
    Equipment: Claws and Teeth.
    Special Rules: Undead, Vampire, Sidekick, Loves his Master.

    Special Rules:
    Though together they form a skirmishing unit consisting of the two of them, if Dominik decides to join another unit Rufus will follow suit and happily join then unit alongside Dominik. Note: They loose skirmishing rules etc when they join another unit.
    Loves His Master
    A dog is truly a man's best friend, or in this case a 700 year old vampire and his musky mutt. To represent Rufus' undying devotion to Dominik, if Dominik is ever the subject of an attack that would out right kill him or take off his last wound, Rufus will automatically dive in the way of or push Dominik out of the way ensuring no harm is ever done to his master. If Rufus is reduced to 0 wounds by this he is removed as a casualty. NOTE. Because Rufus is apart of Dominiks wargear, Rufus is never taken into account when determing Unit Strengh etc etc. Also once slain Rufus cannot be raised as it takes considerable time and effort to grant "life" to Rufus.
  3. Sweeney Todd

    Sweeney Todd Moderator Staff Member True Blood

    Mar 9, 2008
    I first wrote the rules for my character(my first post here in fact, before I joined TVC) about a year ago. Now that I've fleshed out and/or reimagined my character in various aspects big and small over time, i've decided to revamp Sweeney Todd's rules(geddit?hur hur)

    Note that I used the old 6th ed Vampire Lord statline as a base, not 7ed:

    Sweeney Todd counts as a Lord choice and costs ??? points

    M6(9) WS9 BS5 S5 T5 W4 I8 A5(6) LD10

    Weapons & Equipment: Heavy armor, Talisman of Lycni(bonus included in profile), The Crimson Caress

    Magic: Sweeney Todd is a Level 2 wizard and knows Invocation of Nehek and two spells from the Lore of Vampires

    Vampiric Powers: Red Fury, Infinite Hatred, Walking Death

    The Crimson Caress: Benjamin Barker's most valued set of silver razors have slit countless throats and drunk their blood during his centuries-long reign of terror.

    This is a magic weapon that also counts as two hand weapons(bonus included in profile), grant Armor Piercing attacks, and allow Sweeney Todd to reroll any failed rolls to wound. In the event that they lose their magical effects for whatever reason, they still grant the +1A for two hand weapons.

    Critical Strike: Sweeney Todd combines his vampiric strength and speed with the honed skill of an artist and unusual martial training in the Far East, effortlessly slashing out the necks of those within reach as though he were born to become a bloody whirlwind.

    In close combat, any 6s on the To Hit roll cause an automatic Killing Blow wound

    Relentless: Sweeney Todd avoids or wades through the attacks of his enemies with superhuman agility and a stubborn, iron-willed refusal to go down

    Sweeney Todd has a 5+ Ward save

    Power of the Beast: Assisted by training with Far Eastern warrior-mystics, Sweeney Todd has mastered the inner beast lurking within every Strigoi. He can briefly channel its strength, heightening his close combat ability to a level few save the Master Vampires themselves can match.

    Sweeney Todd may choose to channel the lurking strength of the inner beast once per game, at the start of any round of close combat. For the duration of that round of close combat Sweeney Todd gains +2S, +1T, +1A and the Always Strikes First special rule.

    Fell Reputation: The tale of Sweeney Todd's centuries-long killing spree has become known throughout the Old World. Few are those who cannot recognize the man of whom the bards sing, and fewer still are those who would dare to stand their ground in his presence

    Sweeney Todd causes Terror rather than Fear against Brettonian and Empire models, and inflicts a -1 LD penalty against any Brettonian or Empire unit within 6''.
  4. Arion

    Arion Vampire Lord True Blood

    Sep 17, 2007
    Sweeny Todd:


    I was bored.
  5. Kaladas Harkon

    Kaladas Harkon Wight King

    Jan 2, 2009
    This is My TVC character. Many of his rules may not make sense if you haven't read his fluff. Go read it. Alright, you're back. Here he is:

    Quezalat Ghorqalamor---Thalak Rei

    Quezalat is a Lord Choice that can be taken in a Lizardmen or Vampire Counts army. He may never be the general, and may never join units.
    Points Cost: No clue for Quezalat, Larekoth is about 300-odd?
    M WS BS S T W I A LD
    4 8 - 6 5 4 6 6 8

    Magic Items:

    Vengeance of the Blasted Heart: +2 strength, strikes last, ignores Regeneration saves, counts as magical for the purposes of hitting Ethereals and suchlike but will ignore saves granted by its status as a mundane weapon (Amaranthine Brooch, Armour of Morrslieb). Any item that allows its target to ignore or be immune to wounds from this weapon only works on the roll of a 4+ (items such as High Elf Heart of Avelorn, etc). Instead of making normal attacks he may instead make a single attack on every model able to strike him.

    Hide Armour: Quezalat's unique Stegadon-hide armour gives him +1 to his Scaly Skin save (making it 3+), as well as MR1 at 36" from the caster, which increases by one rank for every 12" the caster is closer than that (eg. MR2 at 24"). Additionally, roll a dice for every magic item in base contact with Quezalat. On a 6, that item does not function for one turn. With Dwarfish Runic items, roll seperately for each rune. If the rune is a Master Rune, you must reroll the dice (once) if successful.

    Special Rules:
    Cold-blooded, Undead, Scaly Skin 4+, Hates Chaos

    Severed from Undeath: Quezalat has the Vampire rule, however its benefits only affect himself. He also may not benefit from the Battle Standard or the Leadership value of the General, or be healed by Invocation of Nehek and all other spells of its type.

    Undying Protector: One model on the board may be the character Quezalat has devoted himself to protecting for this battle. If included in a Lizardmen army, that may only be a Slann. If in a Vampire Counts army, that will be the General. This has several benefits. Firstly, if the designated character is targeted with an attack allowing a Look Out, Sir! roll and the roll is failed or unavailable and Quezalat is within 6", the Look Out, Sir! roll is counted as passed and the attack is allocated to Quezalat. Secondly, the character is treated as a Battle Standard only affecting Quezalat. Thirdly, if that character dies, Quezalat may reroll failed hits in every turn against the unit that killed the character, and he must charge that unit whenever possible.

    Blame for Undeath: Quezalat blames the Daemons of Slaanesh and the Druchii for his current state, and may reroll failed hits in every turn against those opponents.

    Spirit of Makat: Quezalat is affected by Stupidity due to the spirit of Makat Heartfang which periodically attempts to take control of his body. In addition, whenever he takes a wound he must immediately take a special Stupidity test at a -2 modifier.

    M WS BS S T W I A LD
    8(7) 4 - 6 5 3 2 4 6

    Special Rules:
    Undead, Cold-Blooded,
    Impenetrable Hide: The combination of Larekoth's thick hide and the crude gromril plating along his body give Quezalat +3 to his armour save, and sets Larekoth's save to 3+.

    There you go.
  6. Undying

    Undying Zombie

    Jun 3, 2009
    M WS BS S T W I A LD
    5 7 0 5 5 3 7 3 10
    weapons & Armour: Silver Tongue,
    Points: 255 hero
    Special Rules
    Red Fury
    Rid of the Curse
    “Abhorash has long been rid of the taint
    of vampireisem, he prides himself with no
    longer having to drink blood.
    Abhorash does not have the Undead or
    Vampire rule.
    Honour in Battle
    “Abhorash has a strict sense of honour,
    and will only slay those he thinks worthy
    of his challenge”
    Abhorash must challenge enemy command
    models if they are within 10” even if he is
    not in combat, they may not refuse..
    Master of the Blade
    “Abhorash has practised the art of the
    sword for thousands of years and can
    block incoming strikes with contemptuous
    Enemy's that wishing to attack Abhorash
    suffer -1 when rolling to hit. He is Immune
    to the effects of the killing Blow and has
    4+ ward save.
    Bearer of the Blade Silver Tongue
    “Abhorash bears the blade silver tongue,
    a blade of legend said to give the bearer
    super human speed..”
    Abhorash's Initiative is increased by one
    and he has the always strikes first rule.
    Bearer of the Talisman of the Warrior
    “Abhorash bears a strange talisman that restores
    the bearer of it, even sustaining him after death..”
    If he suffers a wound he re-gains all wounds
    lost in the next magic phase..

    wiked close combat
  7. Undying

    Undying Zombie

    Jun 3, 2009
    This is my version of Abhorash please comment and play test...:vampire3:
    M WS BS S T W I A LD
    5 10 0 5 5 3 7 3 10

    Master of the Blade
    “Abhorash has practised the art of the
    sword for thousands of years and can
    block incoming strikes with contemptuous
    Instead of attacking normally, Abhorash may
    chose to attack using abilities shown bellow
    each ability uses one attack unless shown
    other wise. In addition to this he uses a long
    sword which may be used as either a great
    weapon or a hand weapon for each attack.
    Can't be Bothered....
    “Abhorash summons all his strength into
    a series of blows with astounding strength,
    cutting through armour and flesh with ease..”
    Uses one attack, Killing blow on 5+
    Swiftly & with Style.....
    “Abhorash uses his speed and skill to quickly
    deal with his opponent, knocking aside his
    blade, before stabbing him through the throat...
    Uses one attack, Enemy's must pass an Initiative
    test or suffer one wound with no armour saves...
    I'm enjoying this....
    “Abhorash strikes quickly, using his speed to give
    his opponent no reprieve, how can an enemy hope
    to triumph if he cannot see through a storm of blades.
    Uses two attacks, opponent suffers -2 to hit him
    Could This be a Challenge?.....
    “Abhorash has found an opponent worth fighting
    (at last), with a bellowing shout he rushes into the
    fey, using his every undead fibre to attack his foe..
    Uses on attack, against models with toughness 5 or above
    for this attack may re-roll to hit and to wound rolls
  8. Arion

    Arion Vampire Lord True Blood

    Sep 17, 2007
    Look honestly? That is not Abhorash , it is more like a well trained blood dragon. Abhorash is a master vampire, not a hero, more like a Lord choice + a Hero choice.

    To this end Abhorash should have stats at more like 6 attacks Str 6 WS 10. At I 9.

    Your Abhorash is simply far underpowered.
  9. gondor

    gondor Zombie

    Jun 6, 2009
    Arthaniel Velomir Vampiric Archmage 515 points.

    Lord Choice no additional Items

    M WS BS S T W I A LD
    6 4 4 5 4 3 7 3 10

    Lvl 4 wizard
    He can roll for his 6 spells + invocation of Nehek from any of the eight lores of the rulebook as well as High Magic and Lore of the Vampires.

    Magic Items
    Haelna: hand weapon Always has strength one greater than foes toughness
    Miranal: Staff + 1 dice to power and dispel pool and +1 to cast and dispel
    Talisman of Everlasting Vigour: 5+ ward save increases to 4+ against magical attacks.

    Special Rules
    Vampire, Undead, Speed of Asuryan, High command grants an extra +1 to dispel

    thats me, should probs be more expensive
  10. Kaladas Harkon

    Kaladas Harkon Wight King

    Jan 2, 2009
    I pointed him on approximates:

    205(Base Vamp Lord)-20(WS decrease)-35(T decrease)-25(A decrease)+85(2 magic levels, one of which is 2-3)+40(Forbidden Lore w/ access to High Magic)+35(Manbane)+25(Extra PD)+40(Extra DD)+65(Skull Staff)+40(5+ ward, possible increase)+25(ASF)+35(+1 to dispel).

    Works out to 515.

    And no one likes Quezalat? *sob*
  11. gondor

    gondor Zombie

    Jun 6, 2009
    Stop stealing my thunder, jeez, and any way bout Quezalat every one knows that undead lizardmen are totally a think of the past. get it Kaladas. he is not even that good, but still he....... no hes just not good
  12. Nicodemus

    Nicodemus Wight King

    Mar 18, 2008

    He is not 100% finish yet, but I have to show him to someone. =P
    I'm not finish with his story and power/spec rule stories yet.
    But here is a poem that describes him very well.

    "It's dark.
    But I'm not afraid.
    My veins are filled with hate and anger.
    I open my eyes and they have become red.
    Black wings grows out on my back.
    My nails are growing long and sharp.
    And... my hands, my body, feels... strong.
    My heart hurts.
    All this hate.
    All this anger.
    Are leaking from my body.
    And forms a black cloud around me.
    I, love this power."

    Nicodemus -600pt

    M6 - Ws8 - Bs5 - S5 - T6 - W4 - I10 - A5 - Ld10

    Lord Choice

    Magic: lvl 4 May choose spells from lore of the vampire or lore of Death.


    Vampiric Powers:Flying Horror, Infinted Hatred, Red Fury, Black Cloud, Soul Stealer

    Special Rules: Undead, Vampire, Regeneration, Haunted Mind, Loved

    Mount (one choice only)
    Abyssal Terror 135pt
    Zombie Dragon 275pt

    Black Cloud

    Every model that hits on Nicodemus in close combat will take 1 S4 hit with no armour save. The effect from Soul Stealer apply. Any wounds caused by Black Cloud counts towards combat resolution. The Black Cloud effect apply after the enemy have attack, if he is slain the effect still apply and if a model is slain he will get the wound and come back to life.

    "Nicodemus have 2 wounds left 2 swordsman are hitting on him and he fails with his saves and go down to 0 wounds, but Black Cloud effect kill one swordsman and regain one wound and survive with 1 wound left.

    Nicodemus have 1 wounds left 2 swordsman are hitting on him and he fails with his saves and go down to -1 wounds, the Black Cloud effect kill one swordsman and regain one wound but it's not enough (-1+1=0) and he die.

    Nicodemus have 1 wounds left 2 swordsman are hitting on him and he fails with his saves and go down to -1 wounds, but Black Cloud effect kill one swordsman and regain one wound and survive with 1 wound left."

    Soul Stealer

    For each killed model in close combat Nicodemus will regain one lost wound.

    Haunted Mind
    Before he was embraced in to a Vampire he saw his loved one "name" be ripped apart in front of him.
    So his mind are haunt by the memoirs of her.

    Nicodemus is subject to stupidity and frenzy
    But he must take a Stupidity test even in close combat, if failed he can't fighte. The enemy is of course allowed to attack Nicodemus.
    If he is in a unit he don't need to charge out,
    but if the unit are in charge reach he must charge with or with out the unit.

    Even in the afterlife, "name" love to Nicodemus is so that she protects him.

    5+ Ward Save
  13. Get of W'soran

    Get of W'soran CN's Lord of Masks True Blood TVC II GM

    Apr 23, 2008
    Baron Karl von Carstein
    Lord Choice

    Arriving in a Black Coach one night in Sylvania Karl manipulated and murdered his way into becoming the Legitimate rule of Teufhof, having been sired years before he is one of Vlad's original Protégé and carries with him the aristocratic authority and arrogance of the von Carstein line.
    Having fought under Vlad and Mannfred during the vampire war's mortals have learned to fear his name and he has become well known amongst the temple of Morr and is constantly hounded by the servants of the god seeking his demise. However despite this he still often slaughters the forces of the empire sometimes waiting months or decades to launch another attack seemingly without purpose but to slaughter the innocent mortals.
    Despite this rumors are abound that he has infiltrated the deepest depths of Imperial society, perhaps one of the nobles that the common folk serve so diligently.

    Points: 440

    M6 - Ws7 - Bs5 - S5 - T5 - W3 - I7 - A4 - Ld10

    Magic: Karl is a level 3 Wizard and may only use Necromancy.

    Vampire's Fang-Same rules as Blood Drinker
    Armour of Teufhof-Same rules of Walach's Bloody Hauberk

    May choose the following-
    Abyssal Terror

    Vampire Powers:

    Aura of Dark Majesty-A get of Vlad himself, Karl carries with in all the Kingly Grace of the heirs of Vashanesh.
    Walking Death-So frightening is the presence of the von Carstein that mere mortals flee before him.
    Beguile-Using the natural hypnotic abilities of a Vampire he can mezermise enemies into making fatal mistakes during battle.

    So just a normal vampire lord made for Fluffyness :tongue: I sometimes use Vlad's rules to make him better hehe.

    On a side note, anyone want to take a crack at V'azrin >.>
  14. Disciple of Nagash

    Disciple of Nagash The Perverted One Staff Member TVC II GM

    Feb 12, 2008
    I think you should GoW - you can see Lesa's rules elsewhere here for a power basis.
  15. Danceman

    Danceman The Devil in Pale Moonlight True Blood

    Aug 19, 2007
    Ashir D'velve, The Liche Lord. Cost; 525pts

    Statline; Same as a Vampire Count as described in the Vampire Counts army book.

    He is a level 3 wizard and must use the Lore of Vampires.

    Blizzard, Great Blade of Winter. Crown the Liche Lord. Fullplate armour(4+ save).

    Powers; Walking Death, Infinite hatred, Mastery of the Black Arts and Lord of The Dead.

    Mount; Wintermane(Barded nightmare with 2 attacks instead of the normal 1). Wintermane's attack count as magical attacks.

    Special rules; Undead, vampire.

    Blizzard, Great Blade of Winter: This huge sword was found in Kislev, deep withing a cavern of ice. The inner chamber was filled with the frozen corpses of heroes who have tried to wield the blade but it would immediately perish by the terrible curse of death. It hungers for the warmth of mortal men and feeds upon the soul untill there is nothing left.

    This blade confers +3S to the wielder, otherwise counts as a Great weapon. No regeneration saves are allowed against wounds suffered by this blade.

    Crown the Liche Lord: A gift from his father, Dalin. Upon Ashir death as he slept the protective runes faded. When the evil trapped in the crown was set free Ashir's fate was sealed. Not dead, not alive but existining in both the impossible realm of chaos and in the physical world. This inevitably broke his mind and guided by voices and commands he was drawninto the Chaos Wastes. Here he was struck by an unnatural lightening which encased him in a tomb of Ice. A tomb which were to be his home for 4000 years. When he emerged he no longer was Ashir D'velve, his mind rent in impossible ways.

    The crown confers a 3+ ward, this ward cease to work once it is failed. In addition, he causes Terror.

    Basically, nothing over the top. Pretty much a vampire/wight lord hybrid. And yes, it was inspired by the Deathknights of WoW.
    So fluff goes. Ashir dies, emergence a new "man", drawn to the wastes and so on.
  16. Sephiroth Von Carstein

    Sephiroth Von Carstein Ghoul

    Aug 9, 2009
    Sephiroth Von Carstein, Warlord of Sylvania

    M 6/WS 7/BS 5/S 5/T 5/W 3/I 7/A 4/Ld 10

    Points: 400
    Choices: Lord
    Weapons: Great Weapon, Custom Pistol
    Armour: Ancient Lockheart Heirloom Armour
    Magic: Level 1 Wizard. Knows Evocation of Nehek & one other spell from the Lore of Necromancy.


    Undead, Vampire.
    Bloodline Powers:
    Walking Death: Adds +1 to Combat Resolution.
    Infinite Hatred: Hates all enemies, can repeat all failed rolls to hit in melee combat.
    Incarnation of Death: Sephiroth Von Carstein carries a Great Weapon.
    Aura of Dark Majesty: Enemies suffer -1 to Leadership within 6”.

    Warlord of Sylvania: Sephiroth became a vampire with the sole purpose of avenging his dead family. Before Vlad gave him the Kiss of Blood, Sephiroth was an Empire General. His mastery on the battlefield is only enhanced by his vampiric blood.
    In an army in which Sephiroth Lockheart is a Lord, Soldiers of Sylvania may be included (Page 78 of the old Vampire Counts Army Book), 1 unit of 10-30 Greatswords (and command group) may be purchased. Sephiroth need not join them, but is the only character who may. Soldiers of Sylvania gain the ability Provincial Troops as described in the Empire Armybook.

    If Sephiroth joins this unit of Greatswords, they no longer strike last while using their Great Weapons. He may strike at the same time as they do.

    Also, regardless of whether he is the Army General or not, stacking with the bonus from the Vampiric Power Walking Death, friendly Soldiers of Sylvania within 6” gain another bonus of +1 to combat resolution.

    Aswell as the -1 to leadership from the Vampiric Power Aura of Dark Majesty units of the Empire within 6” lose another Leadership seeing that even a legendary general can fall into darkness.

    Custom Pistol: Sephiroth is a Battle Veteran, if he finds an opening he can use his Custom Pistol and Greatsword simultaneously, to devastating effect.
    It has a range of 8” and shoots a Strength 5 shot with the rule Killing Blow. When engaged in close combat the pistol can be used to make an attack with WS equal to Sephiroth's BS (5), always with the Killing Blow rule.

    Ancient Lockheart Heirloom Armour: This Armour was donned in battle by Sephiroth's father, and his father before him. Even if the Lockheart name is forgotten to Sephiroth, he continues to wear this heavy full-plate armour to battle.
    Armour save of 2+, must re-roll failed armour throws, if the re-roll is a 1, then the armour is damaged and counts as Full Plate Armour for the rest of the battle, before Sephiroth can repair it.
  17. doombunny666

    doombunny666 Black Knight

    Aug 8, 2009
    not in TVC but here are some rules i made for my nechrach

    Gutred Seele Brandung - i got this off a german translator i typed in random words until i got a good one

    Background: In an attempt to conquer a high elf colony gutred possesed its highest ranking mage however he was discovered resting in his crypt while his spirit was still in the mage his body destroyed he saved himself by completely possessing the mages body he then fled the city cursing madly.

    ws]bs]s]t]w]a]i]ld] Ponits:around 500???
    5 ]5 ]5]4]3]2]5]10

    The Eye Staff: Gutred can always see the entire map so he is not affected by LOS he is still affected by terrain as normal

    Cloak Of Eternal Shadow:3+ ward save versus all attacks

    The Power Of Ulthuan: all high elves can re roll hits and wounds versus gutred also against any high elf lore or light magic spell he may not take his save

    Still Something Left: at the start of each turn take a ld to see which lores gutred knows is he passes he uses the master of the black arts rule if he fails he uses the Ulthuans Finest rule

    Master Of The Black Arts: Gutred is a lvl 4 wizard and knows all spells from the lores of shadow, death and vampire

    Ulthuans Finest: Gutred is subject to stupidity for this turn as the high elf mages spirit tries to re assert control if he passes his test he will fight as normal except that he will know all spells from the lores of light life and high elves

    The Channeling Stone:for every spell succesfuly cast by gutred you may store a additonal magic dice in the stone up to 5 may be stored at one time these may all be used by gutred at any magic phase no other wizard may use them
  18. Arion

    Arion Vampire Lord True Blood

    Sep 17, 2007
    Taking some advice from the sign up thread on elven vampires.?
    He's ok, bit oped, since hes fair at combat and hard to kill, however, this is a thread for TVC characters, if you created another character you just make a thread here for him/her.
  19. Sephiroth Von Carstein

    Sephiroth Von Carstein Ghoul

    Aug 9, 2009
    I feel that no character should be given a 3+ Ward Save, such an honour is reserve for the likes of Archaon. But that's just me.
  20. MasterSpark

    MasterSpark Nostalgian Staff Member True Blood

    Nov 26, 2008
    @Sephirot in regards to your character,

    I've got to say that I really like what you've managed to create there. I'm not very sharp on assigning point values (you'll have to turn to Arion for that, heheh) but it looks like a fair character with both up's and down's who also brings something unique to the tabletop. :)
  21. MasterSpark

    MasterSpark Nostalgian Staff Member True Blood

    Nov 26, 2008
    Sorry for the double post but I've got something to add to the topic of self-created characters. ;)

    I've taken another crack at making a set of rules for my TVC-character Ashlotte, the Iron Maiden.


    Hero Choice.*
    *note that as she does not have the Undead special rule she is unable to join any friendly Undead units.

    Points: 250

    Weapons: The Krnielk (magic item), Repeater Pistol* and Iron Fists (counts as a hand weapon).
    *pistol with range 8, S4 armour piercing, 3x multiple shots, may always stand & shoot.

    Armour: Iron Frame (counts as a 3+ armour save) and barding, bringing her down to a 1+ total armour save.

    Mount: Ashlotte rides a Mechanical Steed to battle.*
    *counts as a barded mount, causes D3 S4 impact hits on the charge.

    Magic Item

    The Krnielk
    Originally the weapon of a Chaos Champion of Slaanesh, Ashlotte came into possession of this bizarre and powerful artefact after stumbling upon the aftermath of a bloody conflict between two Chaos warbands. The Krnielk is a great weapon, although it may be used as a lance on any turn in which Ashlotte charges. The weapon also grants Ashlotte the Unstoppable Assault special rule (she may make an additional attack for every wounding hit caused. These additional attacks also have the Unstoppable Assault special rule) on any turn in which she charges. Under any other circumstances it counts as having the Red Fury ability.

    Special Rules

    Immune to Psychology; Stubborn

    Mechanical Precision
    Ashlotte is a masterful marksman, able to draw a bead on any opponent with her aim unaffected by movement and hesitation. She follows the rules for Fast Cavalry in regards to using her repeater pistol and will never suffer the to hit penalties for shooting multiple shots or for performing a stand and shoot reaction. (Basically, the only penalties she'll receive are the ones for shooting at skirmishers/lone US1 models on foot)

    The Lady Helena took a portion of her own essence to empower the shell of Ashlotte, bonding the two together through sharing the same soul. Ashlotte enables Undead units within 6'' to march, just as if she would have had the Vampire special rule. She is also able to be affected by the Invocation of Nehek as long as it is cast by Helena (my army general) and no one else. In addition to this, she also benefits from Magic Resistance(1).

    Iron Maiden
    A construct of iron and other metals, Ashlotte and her mechanical steed together form a veritable sledgehammer as their combined weight is enough to fatally damage anyone caught in their path. Ashlotte uses a 50x50 base (but still counts as a cavalry model for all intents and purposes) and she and her steed have a combined unit strength of 3.


    Input on these proposed rules would be nice, although I feel that she's pretty fair for her points cost. :)
  22. Disciple of Nagash

    Disciple of Nagash The Perverted One Staff Member TVC II GM

    Feb 12, 2008
    She looks pretty good, though our master of points Arion will be best to advise on your points cost.

    The only issue I can see is that she is remarkably good for just a Hero, perhaps she should be a Lord option?
  23. MasterSpark

    MasterSpark Nostalgian Staff Member True Blood

    Nov 26, 2008
    Assigning her as a Hero choice was a bit of a toss-up as she could also be seen as an alternative approach to a Varghulf. Perhaps she'd be more suited as a Rare choice?
  24. Zaak the Uncanny

    Zaak the Uncanny Ghoul

    Apr 24, 2009
    Alright, I'll have a go at writing up Zaak and see how things go. If it goes well, I'll write up Cassandra as well later. I'm going for something reasonably random, so you have four chances to roll to get a bonus as well as a 50/50 chance he'll be Stupid for the turn. I haven't included a points cost, someone else can estimate if they like. Note the lowered leadership is to accompany his Stupidity. Critique muchly appreciated.

    Zaak the Uncanny
    M6/ WS7/ BS5/ S5/ T5/ W3/ I7/ A5(4)/ Ld7
    You may only include one Zaak the Uncanny in your army. Zaak is a Lord choice and must always be the General of the army.

    Magic: Zaak is a level 3 wizard and knows spells from the Lore of the Vampires

    Vampiric Powers: Zaak has finally overridden his aversion to garlic. No, seriously? All bonuses are covered in the Special Rules section.

    Weapons and Equipment: Osgladius, Osamatura, Zaak's Pendant

    Magic Weapon: Osgladius. Hand Weapon
    The Osgladius is a sword crafted by Zaak himself. It confers +1 Attack (included on profile), and -1 to the enemy Armor Save. In addition, roll a D6 at the beginning of the battle, and apply the appropriate addition.
    1: Broken! The Sword confers no bonuses (including the automatic +1A and -1 save).
    2: -1 Armor Save
    3: +1 Initiative
    4: +1 Atack
    5: +1 Strength
    6: Confers Red Fury Vampiric Power (See Vampire Counts Army Book)

    Magic Armor: Osarmatura. Heavy Armor.
    The Osarmatura was crafted by Zaak himself. It confers an automatic 1+ Save. In addition, roll a D6 at the beginning of the battle, and apply the appropriate addition.
    1: Broken! The Osarmatura counts as simple Heavy Armor.
    2: Immune to Killing Blow or Poisoned Attacks
    3: Confers 0+ Armor Save
    4: +1 Toughness
    5: +1 Wound
    6: Confers (-1)+ Armor Save

    Magic Artifact: Zaak's Pendant
    Zaak crafted this Pendant himself. It confers an automatic 4+ Ward Save and Magic Resistance (2). In addition, roll a D6 at the beginning of the battle, and apply the appropriate addition.
    1: Broken! Zaak's Pendant confers no bonuses, including the Ward Save and Magic Resistance.
    2: -1 to enemy's To Hit in close combat, -2 To Hit with ranged weapons
    3: Causes Terror
    4: -1 to enemy Armor and Ward Save.
    5: Confers Regenerate special Rule.
    6: In close combat, roll a D6 for every magic item an enemy has. If the number rolled is higher than or equal to the number of magic items they have, the item loses all its special rules and functions as a normal weapon/armor of that type.

    Special Powers:

    One Bat Short of a Belfry: See Konrad von Carstein in the Vampire Counts Army Book

    Better than the next Mage: At the beginning of each turn, roll a D6. If the number is equal to or less than the turn number, Zaak generates an additional power or dispell die for this turn.

    Ancient Magician: In addition to the Invocation of Nehek and his spells from the Lore of the Vampries, Zaak will recall one spell from when he was alive. When selecting spells, roll a D6. See the table below. The player may select one of two spells available. Zaak then knows that spell.
    1: Nothing!
    2: Fireball or Steed of Shadows
    3: Second Sign of Amul or Steal Soul
    4: Distillation of Molten Silver or Uranon's Thunderbolt
    5: Conflagration of Doom or Doom and Darkness!
    6: The Spirit of the Forge or Comet of Cassandora

    Summoner Extraordinaire: Zaak may use Invocation of Nehek or Summon Undead Horde to raise any unit beyond it's starting size. When casting Raise Dead, he summons D3+9 Zombies. When casting Summon Undead Horde, he summons 7D6 Zombies. When attempting to cast any of these spells, a 'free' power die is added to the attempt. These can cause an irresistible force or miscast as normal, and can cause Zaak to use more dice than normally allowed. Zaak can never miscast when casting Invocation of Nehek.

    Bound to the Army: Should Zaak be slain, the army crumbles as normal. However, should any of the units pass their leadership test, they must re-roll this.
  25. MasterSpark

    MasterSpark Nostalgian Staff Member True Blood

    Nov 26, 2008
    A characterful concoction with both ups and downs, he'd be awfully hard to give a "correct" points cost to due to the rampant randomness. Random things can be quite fun though, heheh. :)

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