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  1. aussie

    Anyone play the new Dark Elves yet?

    Won't crypt horrors stand up the witches, two units of ten?
  2. aussie

    Vampire Counts - 9th Edition - What do you think?

    Make terror ghiest regen 5 or only take 1 wound from a cannon ball...... And do something with Varghiest , the model is nice but they die to easy.
  3. aussie

    Request: Corien and Sunny

    I got one..... Two mortis engine, a thrown, lord v, master necro, and crypt horrors........ In a 2500 point list....ps I want to make it a mind razor list
  4. aussie

    Shadow magic and a thrown

    Neither is the thrown the character on the thrown takes the chariot bat don't it? I know one on a z dragon becomes a monster and can not be killing blow
  5. aussie

    Shadow magic and a thrown

    Can a coven thrown and a mortis engine switch using the shadow magic?
  6. aussie

    Hero wraith ?

    If I had a unit of crypt horrors say 6 in a 3 x 2, and added 6 hero wraiths where would they sit in the unit? Would the unit be become unquie or still count as monstrous inf for the perpous of a 13 th spell?
  7. aussie

    Screw City GT 2013: Live

    Thanks for the great game Corien, my game 5 played against a 27 man bust of empire knight arch lector and a warrior priest plus a bsb in the unit, Demi griffons, two more 5 man knight, the chariot that gives plus 1 to hit in hand to hand, two steam engines two cannons a Lvl 4 life Mage and some...
  8. aussie

    Screw City GT 2013: Live

    Hahaha my first game was against chaos dwarves the current leader, I got first turn fail to do more than two wounds on a iron daemon....ld 9 from two screams from the terror gheists. My second turn fail to make a 8 inch charge from the zombie dragon which left The Lord sitting in front of the...
  9. aussie

    Screw City GT 2013: Live

    Lol does that mean I can high jack the post too
  10. aussie

    Flaming attacks in the shooting phase?

    It's also some special attack, rule I don't know the whole sorry, but it is a crazy debate
  11. aussie

    Metal Magic calls out to me

    Yeah I do have 40 zombies I could paint but there just extras I doubt I will be getting too much invocation off. I took a bane knight from war machine chopped the axe off and re adjust the arms and added two blood letter swords to create my wright king with fencer blades then followed my paint...
  12. aussie

    Metal Magic calls out to me

    Haha crime for sparkle vampires hahaha, Corien can't wait for two weeks, Selene wants to bring out her dragon and play.....see you at screw city
  13. aussie

    Hammer to Our anvil

    Or big blocks of crypt horror even thou there st 4 they have poison which is huge in this game and regen, stomp t 5 , 3 attacks each second rank yadda yadda yadda
  14. aussie

    2400 point all comers

    I disagree on the swords...... There is two great builds and the strigoi benefits from both, I would change the ruby ring thou to a potion of strength, and that is what got me a best general at a 80 man tourney, The ogre blade is great too, but don't be discharge on using fencer blades since...
  15. aussie

    Last chance for review of 3k list before submittal

    I would keep the two units of hex ..... Vargs are just not punch enough could just drop 1 hex so it is 6 and 5 and there's your hell stead but you need a save and red fury the vamp and you got your war machine hunter