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  1. Bishop

    Bishop Steps Down as Administrator

    Life has just been way to busy between family and work. I'm sure that it has happened off and on to a lot of people. Hopefully, my work will calm down.. We are relocating an office of 200 people and 4 server racks to a new location, so obviously work has been silly :D Due to these issues, I...
  2. Bishop

    Canada - world leaders

    Wow... just silly.
  3. Bishop

    online retailers rated by CN

    Including company "based in 'x'", "ship to 'y'" country information would be very beneficial to members outside of the mass market locations (UK and US.. I'm lookin at you :P ).
  4. Bishop

    More Images of New Eldar Updated 19/15/2013

    How tall is the Wraithknight? I dont really want to buy one. I wonder if I could use a titan as a stand in? :D
  5. Bishop

    More Images of New Eldar Updated 19/15/2013

    RE: First Images of New Eldar I still use my old 90s seer also. And I HATE finecast! Can't believe that there's no new Jetbikes in wave one?!? :'( Hopefully in a later release, along with an Avatar would be good.
  6. Bishop

    LoN: General Discussion

    I think that we tend to go thru things in a fairly timely manner, when there are several people in the discuss and the range discuss is largely agreed upon. The items where people are further apart, can and probably should take longer to sort out... having a set time limit doesn't "help"...
  7. Bishop

    I'm back!

    Welcome Back! xD It wasn't me :innocent: I bet!! I can't even imagine that... :slapface:
  8. Bishop


    And the "default" title/rank does change with your post count.
  9. Bishop

    Why use Skeletons in Core?

    Thread moved to correct forum
  10. Bishop

    wanted:Help Pricing army...

    This depends largely on how you want to sell it. The first thing to do, figure you the retail value on each item/unit. If you want to sell the entire thing to one buyer, you will get less for it then you would if you part it out. Do, you want rid of it quickly, or would you rather maximize...
  11. Bishop

    LoN 8th Edition: Army Wide Rules

    Locked thread - due to inactivity Will reopen later, if/when this needs to be revisited.
  12. Bishop

    Some of the "missing" special characters from Warhammer

    I know that I haven't been around much lately, but I stumbled across this pdf with a lot of the missing characters (all armies). I just skimmed it quickly... though I would imagine that there'd be something useful for anyone interested in this sort of stuff. If the file gets taken down, lmk...
  13. Bishop

    Bishop(CSM) vs Sweeney Todd(DE+CWE) - 1750

    as expected. I thought I read 4+ if you are in the wrecked vehicle?
  14. Bishop

    Bishop(CSM) vs Sweeney Todd(DE+CWE) - 1750

    I can roll saves at work, though turn will have to wait until tonight... cover saves
  15. Bishop

    Bishop(CSM) vs Sweeney Todd(DE+CWE) - 1750

    your horrible shooting is balanced off by my horrible saving :slapface: