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  1. BoneHeart

    Mantic's new Werewolves

    wow, very nice. so much better, than the mantic one with the human skin tone.
  2. BoneHeart

    Mantic's new Werewolves

    I like the models, although the sketches were far more epic. They could have done better minis after all. Still, they are good imo, for crypt horrors/ unit fillers / varghulfs. The painting is messed up I have to agree. The skin is to human in color. A little darker, more fur like tone, or some...
  3. BoneHeart

    The Epic Thread

    8th edition, previous VC book. I showed the game to my friend playing TK. I started the game. My General was Vlad von Carstein. Ok, he casts magic missile. Double 6s Miscast chart, - roll. 1-3 the wizard is destroyed. 2. Carstein ring on 2+.... AAAND 1. GG, we decided to restart :D
  4. BoneHeart

    Just a black coach...wait what?!

    To say the truth, I'm having hard times with the roof. It was balanced to fully horizontal until the glue dried (24h). It WAS fully horizontal as I intended, but after a couple of days I realized, it had bent like this. I thought about some pillars too, that would be the possible solution...
  5. BoneHeart

    Just a black coach...wait what?!

    Hey there! Let me introduce my black coach. It's still wip, due the changes on its top. Need some carvings there to make it look more 'wooden'. Made from a corpse cart, dire wolves, and plasticard. The other picture is a bonus. He will be my new vampire general. Lotr witch king with VC bitz...
  6. BoneHeart

    Who's your daddy - er...Lord?

    I am always missing a huge plastic vampire kit from gw with lot of bits. :( anyway, I usually use the Vlad model for my general (I painted him with a lot of care therefore), but i have a little collection of vampires and from other mini manufacturers too. I always take them on foot, in a unit...
  7. BoneHeart

    Mounted Terrorgeist and Stupidity

    friends told me, that if you are in CC, you can only see the enemy you are fighting with. and scream requires los, so you can only scream into your cc. Not verified by BRB page number though.
  8. BoneHeart

    Vampire Wars

    Actually, I like the book very much. It was very exciting to me, I could hardly put it down... *spoiler* I was just confused about that necromancer's story, who infused his soul to a woman's body. I thought it will have its importance, but then Mannfred returned, and killed him/her in one...
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    New VC wd pics & rules

    "No such thread." If you can copy the pics here, that would be great!
  10. BoneHeart

    Have a few questions about gaming/painting products

    Try Wyrd minis for Malifaux. Its a very-very popular game, and the minis are fantastic. Paints: I prefer privateer press' p3 range, since its good quality, and comes in big tubes (20ml?) Vallejo game color is also a very good choice. (its better for mixing since you can add paint in drops)
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    Vampire Counts release in next White Dwarf!!!

    Awesome :) At last, I can use my witch king on fellbeast LotR model again :) looking forward to this new WD, and for the rules!!!
  12. BoneHeart

    Vampire Counts release in next White Dwarf!!!

    HAH!!! Very nice!!! :) I'm also intrested in the new army book entry!!!
  13. BoneHeart

    Why I'm NOT looking forward to a new Army Book

    Thanks :) I recommend The Von Carstein Trilogy to read. A really-really good boook, and gives you a true and in-depth sight how a vampire army really works, and what stuff Vlad, Konrad and Mannfred used to purge out the living. :) But still: I want varghulf catapults!
  14. BoneHeart

    Why I'm NOT looking forward to a new Army Book

    I'm looking forward too, but I'm not hoping we will see it within 1 year. ITs kinda salty dream. Shooting: We dont need any shooting. EXCEPT A CATAPULT like in the fluff. Because throwing corpses into the Fortress and raising them thereafter is always fun! Magic: We need necromancy style...
  15. BoneHeart

    Black knights fully ethereal?