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    Countdown from 20,000

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    Banned because you will make Nagash to Mellow.
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    Caption the Avatar above you.

    "Doesn't look like there'll be any trouble tonight...Don't say that"
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    Countdown from 20,000

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    New to VC

    Are you looking to get only GW models because there are some (much) cheaper providers around, mantic etc. Also if your buying lots in one go ordering from websites like wayland games (who sell stuff at discounted prices) will save you a bit of cash. I haven't used the new book that much so far...
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    Unlikely things to hear in a ___

    Reach up for the stars Climb every mountain higher Reach for the stars Follow your hearts desire... Unlikely phases to have "appeared" strangely in Darvy's sig...
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    I lost THE GAME!!!

    I hate you... xD
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    VC 8th Edition march moves

    Technically you declare all your march moves at the same time as far as I'm aware so this wouldn't work. Could be wrong don't have my rules with me but I'm pretty sure.
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    Vampires and the hunger rule

    If two "events" happen at the same time the player whose turn it is decides which order they happen in. So you potentially get rolls for hunger in your turn.
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    Banned because somehow this thread has been going over a year.
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    lizardmen 1500p

    Thread Moved
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    Requisitioned by the Blood God

    I realized that :) I was referring to Questioner's post.
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    Requisitioned by the Blood God

    I wouldn't consider 10 man a big unit, I'd say 10 man is about right (it fits in a rhino). Now a 20 man berserker unit, that is overkill... The advantage of big units is it's only 1 kill point, but the disadvantages are many, have to all shoot the same thing/ charge the same thing and can be...
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    Requisitioned by the Blood God

    On the topic of lash of submission, I find it much more use against some armies then others. I run 2 daemon prince(sses) with lash. With the options for 2 lashes means you can get into combat quite easily on the first turn (and 2 daemon princes can kill most things). As Darvy mentioned another...
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    When did this happen??

    They made the price of the Grave guard match the price of the other new specials a while ago, in my opinion it's a ridiculous price for something that used to cost £15 only 2-3 years ago.