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  1. Chaos_Born

    Johnny's Non-VC Army Lists

    That's some pretty bitchin witch hunting there Johnny. I find that any time I need killing blow, I don't roll 6s. I get plenty of 6s when I need them elsewhere, but never killing blow.
  2. Chaos_Born

    Johnny's Non-VC Army Lists

    So what's to stop them just running past your tower? The blunderbusses are pretty short range right? The way I see it, all the tower does is make the unit block less for the machines. Of course I've only played against chaos dwarves once, and we know how that went don't we Johnny:slapface:
  3. Chaos_Born

    Playing against "new" warriors of chaos book.

    Are there any awesome magic items to watch out for? I'll be playing my first game against them later this week
  4. Chaos_Born

    Vampire Achievements!

    I saw these done really cool-ly on the ogre stronghold. How about... Primative: Field an army consisting of only stigoi ghoul kings, vampires, crypt ghouls, crypt horrors and terrorghiests No man can slay me!: Have a vampire, vampire lord or ghoul king be reduced to 1 wound but end the game...
  5. Chaos_Born

    Johnny's Non-VC Army Lists

    The hurricanum is the one new thing that empire have that has genuinely impressed me. The few times I've seen demigryphs, they've been hard-countered (and used in too few numbers), but the hurricanum strengthens the whole battle line and messes around with the magic phase. Very good at what it...
  6. Chaos_Born

    Countdown from 20,000

  7. Chaos_Born

    Johnny's Non-VC Army Lists

    That's a pretty big statement Johnny. You really think it's the best spell?
  8. Chaos_Born

    Countdown from 20,000

  9. Chaos_Born

    Reference Sheet for 8th Edition

    As far as I know there is no official GW one, but if you search for it on google you'll probably find something whipped up by someone else Otherwise you could always make one yourself, just scan the stuff you usually forget and put it all together onto one or two sheets on the computer
  10. Chaos_Born

    Countdown from 20,000

  11. Chaos_Born

    Legion of Nagash LoN: Magic / Rituals / Books of Nagash

    I too think that that would work DoN, but wording would need to be changed to clarify the meaning of 'determining the effects of necromancy spells'. Other than the wording though, I think that that as a spell looks good
  12. Chaos_Born

    The Forum Awards 2012!

    We could PM the people who made double votes and ask them to either make a final decision or discount their vote. After all, they were only meant to make one vote
  13. Chaos_Born

    New Chaos Warriors

    So how about some sort of summing up poll? Who thinks that the new book is an improvement on the last and who thinks it's a mistake? I like it a lot (from what I've read on here) because it means with more toys to play with, we probably won't only see chosen stars in every list.
  14. Chaos_Born

    Dear Johnny

    It's what I do:cool:
  15. Chaos_Born

    Dear Johnny

    The forum will automatically add your armies to your profile if you post them in legions of the damned

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