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    Stuck With Skeletons - Now What!

    So I've seen some mathhammer for skellies vs ghouls, but I don't believe that I've ever seen hammer for additional wounds saved by 6+ from hw&s compared to additional wounds caused by spears. Anyone want to volunteer to provide some? I think it would be interesting to see when/if spears become...
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    WD Wraiths reaction

    I like the fact that it isn't a "Take this and win" monster, though. It gives us options, which is good. Unfortunately, it's in rare, where we already have pretty good stuff. In my opinion, we need new rare choices so one doesn't HAVE to take gg to be competitive.
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    Hitting on 1's and HE Great Weapons for Grave Guard

    I thought, though I don't have my book on me, that it says "A roll of 1 is always a failure." Maybe it's only for a certain situation, but I thought otherwise.
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    Upcoming Storm of Magic Game

    If you want your lord to be flying, why not just give him the bloodline power for it? You would save a whole mess of points from the not-all-that-great ZD. Or even put him on a hellsteed, you'd still get flying and at least one extra attack (I don't have my book on me right now...) You would...
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    Wand of Jet 7 dice

    ...I hadn't really thought of that. You're right, though.
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    Wand of Jet 7 dice

    Well...not nothing. At the very least it would add one to the casting attempt/make dispelling harder.
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    VC army 22ßß points for Giant Fanatic

    I would take the second one, but just make sure you keep those BKs out of range of missile troops! Also, I would say take a Vargulf if you can fit the points. He'll be able to keep up better than the wraiths and he'll help other troops march!
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    Lord setup for GF - tough one

    Yeah I guess without the bonuses if you try to go too magic heavy you'll both miscast more and cast less spells overall. So I would agree, a combat lord (if you're going to take a lord) would be the best choice. I would also say take a wight for the HoC. And as for good units? Most stuff other...
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    Vampire= lvl 1 wizard

    Yeah that seemed a little bit OP to me...
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    Vampire= lvl 1 wizard

    I've never played it that way. I guess technically it it fits RAW though... I don't have my book on me, but don't the thrall and lord say lvl 1/2 wizard, respectively, on their profile, though?
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    Lord setup for GF - tough one

    True, I'm just trying to figure out ways to get a strong magic phase for you, since in my opinion we need one. If that doesn't work then I would just say don't count on your troops to do a bunch. They might do something, but I would try to get them buffed in some way or another. And an...
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    Lord setup for GF - tough one

    Seems like they've really got it out for VC... Well, flying horror or talisman of the lynci would help you keep up with/away from enemy monsters, depending on what you wanted to do. I would also say load up on necros. They can re-cast and now they don't have to worry about only being level one...
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    What Lores do you most commonly use with your VC? (Poll)

    In larger-points games I really want to try a light-shadow combo. The only problem is that I also always necros for Vanhels and IoN, and that can really stretch one's PD pool...
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    SoM discussions? Not a ton of posts here, but it's the only one I know of.

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