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    Poetry From The Dark

    From Night's Dark Masters "And where have you ridden, my fine noble lord? Where have you ridden tonight?" "I have been out a-hunting, my fine pretty lass For the dogs hunt best in the moonlight Yea the dogs hunt best in the moonlight." "And where were you hunting my fine noble lord? And where...
  2. Count Erick

    Vampires and aging, some personal woes.

    Awesome, thanks for the replies.
  3. Count Erick

    Beastmen - can they be competitive?

    The Beastman army in general can beat-face very effectively in Close Combat, which is good considering their almost complete lack of ranged weapons.In general they tend to sacrifice wearing armor for having higher than average toughness, with Gor's being the case in point. While Ambush is...
  4. Count Erick

    Effective Core Build?

    What a ridiculous, snobbish statement. First of all, the implied insult that someone is not a serious player is ridiculous. We are discussing tactics about a game involving little toy soldiers that pretend-kill each other. We do this to have fun. Whether you have the most fun playing...
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    Vampires and aging, some personal woes.

    Well, whenever I originally conceived of the background for my own Vampire Lord a few years ago, I made the age he had died about my own. Now that I'm older, I'm starting tot think of him more and more as being older, and I'm wanting to change it so he is older. Well, vampires dont age. :P...
  6. Count Erick

    Reaver Titan Model Design

    These are some measurements off my Armorcast reaver, Carapace: 8 inches long and three inches wide Guns: 8 inches long, about and inch in diameter. the center circle of her foot is two inches in diameter, with five toes about an inch and a half long in a star pattern Her shins are 3 1/2 inches...
  7. Count Erick

    Deadlist Warrior Vlad

    Yeap. And why not? A lot of Samurai abilities have been stretched waaaay far in the media. They tested a katana against chainmail and it couldn't get through it, but I'm more than willing to bet that a Samurai's armour, made to be light weight would be in serious trouble against a weapon...
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    Oh yea, I hadn't read any of the other books either and it all made sense to me. The author goes back over things early in the book so you know the background of Ulrika. not to rekindle the 'Are Vampires Evil?' discussion, but I really liked its presentation of Vampires not being BOUND to...
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    Just finished it about an hour ago. I enjoyed it. Thought I would clear this up: What the book describes, is if, say, a Lahmian Vampire drank the blood of a Von Carstein, the Lahmian Vampire's Get could then have some Von Carstein characteristics. A good example of this is the fact one of the...
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    Imperial Warhound Titan, Lucius pattern, wolf class. Scratch built!

    I am very, very interested. A few questions though. Is there a time when the sale is going to be over? I may very well be interested in purchasing several of the Warhounds, however you state that the others are in varrying states of completion. Would you complete them if I where to purchase...
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    Games Workshop Price Increases

    The ships carrying the Nubian gold they mix with the plastic where captured by Somali Pirates.
  12. Count Erick

    Games Workshop Price Increases

    The same here on both counts. You have to keep in mind that part of the allure of Games Workshop is that its a reliable investment, and I think that's another thing that the company keeps in mind with its price hikes. Imagine the state all those people that put money into AT-43 and...
  13. Count Erick

    Games Workshop Price Increases

    In my opinion, GW feels secure in making price hikes like this for one big reason: GW has a monopoly on the international war-gaming scene. The company's production and distribution can simply outstrip anything else in its niche. Go to your local game store and compare the total number of Mantic...
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    Incoming! Warhammer 8th edition is official.

    o_o I did put 'lol' after the end of my sentince: To me at least, that suggests it wasn't meant to be taken seriusly...
  15. Count Erick

    CN UK Meetup?

    Webcam involvement would be neat.