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  1. Draykorinee

    Kings of War Background Discussion

    Yeah, its tough because I loved the place before, i'd come here all the time for guidance.
  2. Draykorinee

    Starting my KoW Night Stalkers

    Very nice! Great base work.
  3. Draykorinee

    Kings of War Background Discussion

    I need to get in and read it tbh, I really started to get in to the lore in Warhammer near the end.
  4. Draykorinee

    Any 'true' KoW armies started yet?

    This is my Pink KoM army, I bought most of this for about £30 of ebay, seems people are desperate to ship their warhammer stuff :P Heroes on Pegasus are great, really enjoy the look and they are pretty decent, I haven't used my flying wizardess yet but can imagine it will be fun, I would have...
  5. Draykorinee

    2000 Point KoW Battle Review

    Great write up, I might have to get my undead army up to scratch, I know Soul reavers are a damn beast, I didn't expect your hero to do so well, I find they aren't the most prolific and its quite weird going from a VL with all the trimmings to my bretonnian general on pegasus.
  6. Draykorinee

    Loving this game!

    Woah, I missed this section being made, I really got turned of gaming when I played AoS as I sank in to a pit of despair at the waste of my brand new £150 chaos army... However I have now successfully completed KoW games and I can say that my friend who is a long time GW proponent is 100%...
  7. Draykorinee

    Possible return of specialist games

    Okay, well, maybe I'll pick something up at some point/
  8. Draykorinee

    Farmer's Undead

    Beautiful as always Farmer.
  9. Draykorinee

    ETC vote on new system for 2016 (Eng)

    I see what you did there :P
  10. Draykorinee

    Old Jervis Johnson Article and Age of Sigmar design philosophy

    I'm upset that you like a game I don't! Joking, you're the market they're aiming for no harm in enjoying something.
  11. Draykorinee

    ETC vote on new system for 2016 (Eng)

    I'm kinda stoked for ninth and really happy AoS was rock bottom, its a shame for mantic but I think the tournament scene guys would just butcher KoW anyways.
  12. Draykorinee

    ETC vote on new system for 2016 (Eng)

    Denmark are in the top 5 all time medal winners, seems weird that it 'doesn't matter at all', maybe on a personal level, like for me its an irrelevance as I'll never go, but its a massive benefit to the companies who make these games, I know Mantic are super keen to get selected for such a big...
  13. Draykorinee

    ETC vote on new system for 2016 (Eng)

    I guess if AoS wins ETC can fix it with some proper rules.
  14. Draykorinee

    Total War: WARHAMMER

    My post was not meant to be a direct reply to yours, sorry. Just a general musing about delays.