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    Which new Mortarch do you choose?

    I have a battle against the new Mannfred coming up. How exactly does his attack/wound thing work? Is it sacrificing dice for attacks, or can he also sacrifice attacks for dice? Would be good to know what I'm in for...
  2. Dreadlegions

    Can lore attribute heal units?

    It says choose a model. What about if there is a wounded Crypt Horror or Spirit Host unit? The wounds for these units are technically a "wound pool" so there is no wounded model. So does this render them unable to be healed? What about if they are a unit of one base, or one model. Can they be...
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    Incredible Vampire on Dragon

    Have any of you seen this? EDIT TO ADD BETTER PHOTO: http://www.coolminiornot.com/314998 Sorry if it was already posted... but if not, it makes for wonderful inspiration. This won an award at the UK Golden Demon and is featured in this month's White Dwarf...
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    Zombie Dragon or Terror?

    Which is your mount of choice for a Lord? Why do you prefer it?
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    Ghost Ship (Updated 6/17/2012)

    Absolutely stunning. This is one of the best projects I've ever seen.
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    Wolves only

    I've been away from VC for a long time - I've only just flicked through the book and haven't played a single game of 8th - but now that wolves count towards core, a theme popped into my head. How viable do you think it would be to use your core points on wolves only? Do their new rules...
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    Painting Competition - The Golden Bat

    The Bret Wight King is incredible...
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    Opinions please, unit filler or objective

    It could work as a unit filler, but only in quite a large unit of Ghouls. If they are only 10 strong, it will dominate the unit - but it can be turned into a centrepiece to a larger one.
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    Spirit Hosts. Yea or nea?

    They could be worth it. An ethereal BSB in there adds a little hitting power and combat res. They are brilliant at holding up units - in fact no unit in the game is better at holding up big beasties like the hydra. That's one thing the wraiths don't do better than Spirits: take wounds.
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    Warhammer FAQ. Part Deux

    Beat me to it, Danceman! Ah well, I'll pase my thoughts here as well: No Beast Cowers on Daemons!! And yikes - killing blow is incredible in challenges. Much better than I thought. And Steal Soul gives you a wound even if you don't cause one! Lore of Death and Crimson Gem could be quite...
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    New FAQ

    Holy moly, this changes things: http://www.games-workshop.com/MEDIA_CustomProductCatalog/m2220025_Warhammer_FAQ__PART2_Jan_2009.pdf Is Dreadlance now only really worth it on a horse, since our other mounts can die so easily? No Beast Cowers on Daemons!! EDIT: And yikes - killing blow...
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    Banshee (+ Wraith added)

    The lower half is the GW Banshee skirt, with a bit of green stuff love. The upper body is the torso of a Dark Elf cold one knight; the left arm belongs to Malus Darkblade, the right is a High Elf axe from the chariot sprue. A nice mix!
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    Banshee (+ Wraith added)

    Here's my first Wraith:
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    New Vampire sculpt (Amelia)

    The hair looks much better now.
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    Banshee (+ Wraith added)

    RE: Banshee One wraith is finished as of just now - I'll put up pics tomorrow, when there will hopefully be a bit more light. Very happy with it though :)