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    What's your favourite Bloodline

    Looks like I voted Necrarch a while back, but I'll have to throw in an honorable mention to the Blood dragons. Simply because they're the embodiment of martial perfection and completely bad***. :)
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    vrykolakes and lycanthropes ( Vargeist)

    RE: the Krinas Dark Army Nice blood knights, it's a conversion I'm doing myself atm, so it's nice to see what it looks like when painted appropriately. As for the banner, you could go for the Blood Keep, or just some random keep/castle/tower with a full moon in background or something. That's...
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    Achieving a unified look

    I've decided to make blue the unifying color for my army. But since ghouls are mostly just skin, hair and bones, how could I paint their skin to tie in with the rest while still not looking like smurfs of darkness? I was thinking blue'ish grey or purple base, mixing in increasing amounts of...
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    Skeleton bone colors

    Thank you very much for sharing your ways of painting bone! The pictures were helpful, and I think I know how to paint them now. I may have a project log up and running this summer. I can't paint right now, but I'm planning army list, color scheme etc. early so I can start painting right away...
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    Skeleton bone colors

    Having decided to take skeletons as my primary core unit, I could use some advice on painting lot's of bone fast to a good looking standard. I want the bone to look bleached. White bone looks too clean. And I would also like to know if there are any particular paint brands that offer the...
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    Back in buisness

    I should have have been a little clearer on that first point of yours, sorry. :clown: What I meant was that, while I'm comfortable with the army structure of VC, where everything relies on the vampires (I like both the challenges and opportunities it brings), I don't like the idea of stretching...
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    Back in buisness

    Skeletons seem better in an all-comers list and I like both the models and the added options for skeletons compared to ghouls. I've decided to go with skeletons. I can always try ghouls later if I feel like trying something new. Thanks for all the helpful input. :) Now, I have another dilemma...
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    Back in buisness

    I'm breathing new life (technically new death?) into my Vampire counts. I dropped off in 6th edition and now I've picked up the new book. I only had a few zombies back then, which are half-painted. But before I start painting I need tactical advice! I've never played a game of warhammer, but...
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    James Melton died at 16

    He died way too young. May he rest in peace.
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    The Legions of Harak Iman, part 1

    That's a cool army you've got there! :) I like how you have placed mini dioramas in most of your units, it really adds a lot of character to the army. The painting is a perfectly acceptable tabletop standard! :)
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    Forum News (+Mod Announcements!)

    Congratulations to both of you, I trust you will do a great job. :)
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    What's your favourite Bloodline

    You like von Carteins because they "own lands"? If that is the deciding factor for wheter you like a bloodline or not, most parts of your post is a big fat self contradiction. Necrarchs, Blood Dragons and Lahmians all "own lands". And Necrarch vampires "spend their entire lives dedicated to...
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    The Plague Cart

    Well, the plague cart seems like a very interesting addition and will probably spawn some new tactics and army lists. I hope they will not be restricted to one per army like the black coach is now. I did a quick google search and found some nice conversions. By the looks of it, it shouldn't be...
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    Use of the Generic Vampire statline

    Well, I chose Necrarch because of both fluff and bloodline powers. Their magic is very powerful and yet they are viable in close combat with the right gear.
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    What are you most looking forward to?

    I'm really looking forward to all the new plastics. However unlikely it may be, I hope they make plastic wights. And as Draco said, a plastic zombie dragon would be brilliant.