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    Possible Wraith sculpt

    Richie, how did you do the teeth on your wraith sculpt? Did you do them individually (like a piece of green stuff per tooth) or do them all together?
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    Summon Undead Horde

    Hey you guys want to see something funny? How bout multiple Undead Hoards going off. check this out.
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    Your Vampires Theme Tune

    I think Only Type O Negative for me.... click it!!
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    Female Vamp sculpt finally finished!

    My thoughts.... one word 3 letters and an exclamation point..... WOW!
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    IoN castable in combat!

    Exactly... this subject popping up is getting old.....:!:
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    2000pts VC list

    Hey buddy, you have to go through and remove the individual point costs from the list.
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    A question about Mannfred

    JESUS JONES!!! I had completely forgotten about that and have been only adding +1 to my rolls!
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    Walach's Bloody Hauberk

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    Walach's Bloody Hauberk

    Once again that "COULD" and i stress "COULD" just go twords not understanding a rule, not trying to lawyer it. Now if someone knows full well what the rule means but they are trying to go around it then yes they are wrong but if they dont understand the rule, thats where the area gets grey...
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    Walach's Bloody Hauberk

    This is a little harsh, Ive always taken it for what it is but if someone doesn't understand the wording or just makes a mistake then its understandable. i can very easily see how this mistake can be made because the rules aren't exactly clear so that doesn't make someone an idiot or a rules...
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    Walach's Bloody Hauberk

    Hmmm from what i've seen, everyone keeps referring back to the brb and quoting rules from it and I know for a fact that i'm not the only person here who knows that rules in the Army Book can over ride or circumvent rules from the brb. . So everyone that keeps trying to quote from the brb, yea...
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    2nd Game with VC's this one at 2000 pts

    You know, I have to say I originally didn’t think wolves were that great and went more with Batswarms, i've used wolves once and I like them but i'm just scared to death of putting points into them, and they not having an armor save and getting shot to pieces. I think the only...
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    help with list vs. Dwarf

    We have a challenge board going on at our local GW and the Dwarf player that i beat down a few weeks ago just challenged me. I think he will be gunning for me this time. I got really lucky last time plus we both made some mistakes so this time I want to make sure I have a good solid list to...
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    2nd Game with VC's this one at 2000 pts

    I had a battle report typed up but I didn’t really think anyone cared to read it, also i'm not going to try to convince a bunch of folks who have been playing VC longer than I that batswarms are like sunshine on a cloudy day! In stead of a report I would like to give the...
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    2nd Game with VC's this one at 2000 pts

    NO WAY!!! are u serious? Are they still 5W 5A LD10?