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    A nasty idea.

    If you're fighting a bus with a bus; I'd really be defining the cav charge as the support unit there. My personal suggestion for a replacement for steadfast would be to remove the 3 rank cap on CR. That way a bus could have a huge static CR, but a canny general can get around it with flankery...
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    A nasty idea.

    My apologies; to me intuitive and realistic tend to go hand in hand. As to infantry viability, I would have thought that attacking in multiple ranks and the step-up rule would have given them a fighting chance. As it is they totally flipflopped the way that Cav and infantry interact. I'm not...
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    Is this thing still on? If so, looking for a 1k friendly game.

    Haven't seen much action in this thread, or any at all; and was curious if it was defunct or not. If it stil wrks, I'd love to get a game. A friendly game would be appreciated, by that I mean tone-wise. I need to get my head around the rules, and would like a light-hearted game whilst I get...
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    A nasty idea.

    Cavalry charges smashed ranked infantry all the time in medieval warfare. Unless pikes were involved, of course. It is highly unrealistic to have blocks of knights bouncing off of basic foot troops. Steadfast is in the game to sell more models, that is all. It has nothing to do with a...
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    Regarding overrun?

    So I was wondering (as I'm still building my army) how people are using their chaff units since the April FAQ's new stance on crumbling: "Q: If a unit charges into combat and, on the turn it charges, the last of the enemy unit it is fighting are removed as casualties due to Daemonic...
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    Take my collection and make it unto an army

    So, I just got myself a nice collection of basic models, and I was hoping that I could get a few suggestions on what to do with them. The collection so far: 1 Vampire 2 Necromancers 80 Zombies 40 Skellingtons 20 Ghouls 10 Dire Wolves 20 plastic Grave Guard 40 old metal Grave Guard 2 Corpse...
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    Blah everyone! (That is how vampires talk, right?) Anyways. Finally got around to revisiting WHFB (haven't played much since 7th ed) and I decided that the smart move was of course to play VC. After all, when armies march to war, only the undead truly win. I'm looking forward to getting...

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