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  1. IceWight

    So.....How's Things Going?

    I just came back from a long break when AoS released myself. I do remember you from the forums though I rarely (if ever) piped in. Welcome back and thanks for reminding me that CN exists.
  2. IceWight

    2500 points with Crypt Horrors/Wraith Wall

    Looks pretty solid. You should try out your Wraith/Skeleton unit just for fun to see how well it works. Nothing bad about throwing some changes into the mix to spice things up.
  3. IceWight

    2500 points with Crypt Horrors/Wraith Wall

    By no solid hammer unit I mean your skeletons can't really take a solid hit with WS 2 and T 3 they die in droves. I see how you're running your unit as I said and understand the 2+ look-out-sir to the skeletons. I was just warning you to basically guard their flanks and make sure you don't...
  4. IceWight

    2500 points with Crypt Horrors/Wraith Wall

    Yeah, that comedian was Kosh. He makes a good point. Here are my initial thoughts. 1) With your Horror list I have found it best to double up on the Engines and not run Terrorgheists. Lacking a second model than it's not too big of a deal, it just makes the Horrors more survivable with a...
  5. IceWight

    500ptn list

    I'm going to have to agree with Exavia on the list he's uilt. It's an all around good start to a vampire army. There's nothing I wouldn't take to a larger game, except maybe I'd want 30 ghouls instead of 29 but that's limiting expansion.
  6. IceWight

    500ptn list

    Definitely the second list with the level 2 necromancer. At 500 points they'll have a hard time with those horrors and spirit host.
  7. IceWight

    Show us your vampire lord(s)

    Eyeless, I can't really see your work well enough to give any solid thoughts. What I can see looks decent. The color grades on the wings looks cool.
  8. IceWight

    500ptn list

    Hello! I see this is your first post so welcome. I like your second list better. I agree that the vampire has a bit more of a punch and will serve better. I also think you should drop the 5 man unit of wolves and run 2 5's or 1 10. The free points allow for an increase in the ghouls and...
  9. IceWight

    Help/Feedback with List

    While I love ghouls and usually field at least 30, your list seems to need the numbers. The master of the dead upgrade will also get you even more. My vote is to leave them. That is, again, just my opinion.
  10. IceWight

    A sorry campaign

    Yeah, that was totally horrible luck. Definitely add at least a level 1 necromancer and run at it some more.
  11. IceWight

    2500 Campaign list

    Hello there, these thoughts are just ideas. You've got a fairly solid list already. I'd say if you're putting your lord in the knights give him a lance at least. Having a blender with only a plain sword is just sad. Also consider using the dragonhelm and regular shield instead of the...
  12. IceWight

    Show us your Army

    Thank you very much, I'm very flattered. That's never been said about my stuff before.
  13. IceWight

    My First Army

    Spirit hosts are a fantastic part of my army. They're great at re-directing, charge blocking, and just stopping monsters dead in their tracks. I like them a bit better than Dire Wolves when I don't run black knights. The GW model is awful, though. Most people just use some models they like...
  14. IceWight

    My First Army

    Sinking points into rare removes from better choices like Terrorgheists, Mortis Engines, or Blood Knights. If you have them in a unit as a hero then they are screened from magic missiles and can cause trouble in combats where they can't be hurt. Cairne Wraiths also aren't all that impressive...
  15. IceWight

    2500 point list for upcoming tourney

    I wouldn't say your list is terrible. It does lack some killing potential but it's got a lot of units that'll take forever to chew through. The lord in the skeletons with fear bomb will make a huge impact (though it'd be good to cast vanhels without ASF). The fear bomb is ineffective against...