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  1. Jagged_Dragon

    Wind of Death and Buildings

    and as there are no ranks in a building it would just do d6?
  2. Jagged_Dragon

    damn GW staff

    Ive stopped going to my local GW, some of them are okay, but most are incredibly pushy and theres very little play room/paint room there, so i tend to go to another game store now (not to mention everything is marked down 10-15% less at this other store...)
  3. Jagged_Dragon

    Wind of Death and Buildings

    template attacks deal d6 against targets in buildings no? just as per warmachines
  4. Jagged_Dragon

    Invocation question?

    eh, just leads to higher sales of dragon princes of caledor and chaos knights as the 2 highest used conversions i believe.
  5. Jagged_Dragon

    What's going on in your life?

    haha! no, canadian girls shave, just not those crazy french girls. but our girls are more ferocious, the bears are quite tame once you get to know them.
  6. Jagged_Dragon

    Good Frost Wyrm model

    its basically a big old Dracolich (DnD anyone?) with lots of frost, and in Warcraft everything is chunky and massive.
  7. Jagged_Dragon

    What's going on in your life?

    lol. ive wrestled bears, punk kids got nothing. granted ive been stabbed with bigger knives than a little swiss army too. and yes, we do these things in canada.
  8. Jagged_Dragon

    What's going on in your life?

    got promoted at work (double the work, barely more pay woo lol), had a guy try to mug me on the way home (130 pound punk teenager with a pocket knife lol. 270 pound canadian giant here...), and yeah.
  9. Jagged_Dragon

    damn GW staff

    i just like when they try to offer advice based off their experience and knowledge, and then i plop down a better painted army and wipe the table with them.. lol. theyve stopped trying to sell me extras.
  10. Jagged_Dragon

    damn GW staff

    the old mega paint set used to be 200ish because it had 1/3rd of the paints. thats why the new one is so expensive, its 145 paints. its their job, i mean yeah we hate being sold shit, but this game is a business for them. businesses exist to make money, bottom line. any retailer is going to try...
  11. Jagged_Dragon

    Jagged's Paintlog (WIP) Update: Terrorgheist, Ghoul king, Necro, Zombie filler...

    ha yeah, but its my favourite way to paint. i know a lot of people who paint the model on sprue, or in stages of assembly, but i just cant do it lol, i need that sucker together! I was hoping to have room for some trees on the tgheist base to tie into the ghoul king, but outside of the...
  12. Jagged_Dragon

    Jagged's Paintlog (WIP) Update: Terrorgheist, Ghoul king, Necro, Zombie filler...

    RE: Jagged's Paintlog Terrorgheist/Ghoul Kig (WIP) just got the Tgheist, assembled and added a few bits to the base, but due to poor lighting/camera work its really hard to see (stuff is shiny and glue is still drying.). Just a ripped off giants head, with his ripped off arm under the...
  13. Jagged_Dragon

    What would you change about the new book?

    upgrade for zombies to have a 6+ regen, or a disease type upgrade
  14. Jagged_Dragon

    Goblin cheese

    not to mention he can just toss his PD at it in his own magic phase, since at level 1 he's not going to be using most of them for casting.
  15. Jagged_Dragon

    killed by 1 zombie

    similar situation, group of 20 zombies buffed up to like 40 through IoN vs an HPA, he kept rolling the 3d6 attack, but kept rolling 1's and an occasional 2. over 3 rounds of combat, fluffed attacks and regen, the zombies actually managed to dust his full wound HPA. made my day

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