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  1. jbizzle113

    Fly List

    I'm trying a new list in preparation for a tourney coming up that I may possible play in if my job allows it. Just looking for thoughts on the list . If I do get to play I will not be changing the two lords although I know their builds are not the best but it is something I've tried before and...
  2. jbizzle113

    9th age 6000 tourney list

    I'm preparing for a tourney and I have not had a game since 8th. This is the list I will start practicing with. The tourney is in March so I don't have long to prepare. Bloodline Von Karnstein Midnight Aristocracy 665 Vampire count General armour of Destiny Blade of...
  3. jbizzle113


    Quick question and I dont know if its been asked before but since beguile say you have to take a leadership test at -3 and if failed you must reroll successful hits does this count for impact hits as well since they are successful hits.
  4. jbizzle113

    Local area tourney list

    Yes the hell steed does help in those areas but i do like the fact that i also get a thunder stomp from his as well. No i have not played against a elf army yet hope to get a game in today against one. One thing i plan to do against elves is to have both get in close combat with them and have...
  5. jbizzle113

    Local area tourney list

    Plus if i can get both into one combat he can issue a challenge and leave the lord to do damage to the unit.
  6. jbizzle113

    Local area tourney list

    I like the mobility of him. Plus although i may face an army with cannons it makes you decide what to shoot first. I feel by turn 2 i will be in place to do what i want.
  7. jbizzle113

    Local area tourney list

    So on July 11th my local store is hosting a 2500 point one day tourney uncomped. The last for 8th edition. So here is what I'm bringing. Comments are more then welcome. Vampire Lord Zombie Dragon nightshroud talisman of preservation red fury quick blood HA lance shield level 1 of vampire...
  8. jbizzle113

    Vlad+Izzy 2000pts (Infantry based?)

    I feel if you are going to take GG you have to go with GW just because you have nothing that can deal with armour.
  9. jbizzle113

    Possible 3000 point tourney list

    I just got back from Brawlers Bash this past weekend and i took this list there were some changes to the list i dropped the Ghouls and took 43 Skeletons and dropped the archers and took 5 horsemen archers boosted one zombie unit up to 30 and the other to 25 and dropped one varghiest i did have 2...
  10. jbizzle113

    Possible 3000 point tourney list

    The only problem is based on the rules for the tourney. If you play undead legions you have to decide what your primary force is and you have to have something from that force to cover other units. So in order to use the Chariots I have to have a unit of greater value. I could use skeletons 30...
  11. jbizzle113

    Blood Knights?

    I've had both success and failure with blood knights. I like the though. I once ran a unit of 8 with 2 characters 10 wide. when the did get to combat they left nothing left in there path. also gave one of the vamps MR(2) to help out.
  12. jbizzle113

    Lore of Undeath....is it all that?

    I played in a GT this past weekend with a level 4 and it worked out great for me, in one game i summoned 4 units of 3 varghiest, another necromancer a cairn wraith, banshee and a black coach. Out of the five games i played only one game i didnt summon anything. And i just didnt see the need to...
  13. jbizzle113

    Possible 3000 point tourney list

    Mortarch Mannfred Vampire lore on zombie Dragon 659 Talisman of endurance Nightshroud Dispel Scroll lev 1 Lov red fury quickblood master of the night lance core 750 30 ghouls 10 skeleton archers 5 horse archers 20 zombies standard 20 zombies standard 3 chariots standard banner of...
  14. jbizzle113

    new List

    After attending the tournament I finished 3-1-1 beating a all Khorne warriors army which had 2 deamon princes. I beat a Dark elves army and completely tabled a skaven army. had a draw against another Warriors army and was tabled my last game against a all Khorne deamons army. I did take home...
  15. jbizzle113

    Tips vs khorne daemons

    I dont think Khorne Deamons have frenzy i think that is only Warriors.