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Recent content by Joshua Rosenblum

  1. Joshua Rosenblum

    9th Age: TMS Kickstarter for Vampire Covenant

    Polish company Tabletop Miniature Solutions (TMS) has just launched its first Kickstarter to bring to (un)life a range of models for the 9th Age wargaming project. They've had several successful Indiegogo crowdfunding projects including one for a whole line of "Undying Dynasties" (aka Tomb...
  2. Joshua Rosenblum

    skeltal wings

    Also what would be cheaper and also probably in the correct size range (maybe a little large) would be the wings from the old Julie Guthrie Skeletal Dragon, now being produced by Mirliton: http://www.mirliton.it/product_info.php?pName=skeletal-dragon&cName=fantasy-2528mm-dragons It's a small...
  3. Joshua Rosenblum

    skeltal wings

    The Morghast wings would work. A cheaper option might be to take the wings from the old Ral Partha Necromancer on Undead Pegasus: http://www.ralparthaeurope.co.uk/shop/ral-partha-fantasy-c-37/fantasy-armies-c-37_39/undead-c-37_39_52/02192-necromancer-on-undead-pegasus-p-3001.html I have the...
  4. Joshua Rosenblum

    Yokai - Japanese Spirits

    Late to the party but I'm working on my undead medieval japanese army myself: Valiant Clan War Slave2Gaming Victory Force Miniatures Kensei Undead (Figures available only to KS backers at the moment) Plus various OOP Grenadier, Ral Partha, Citadel, etc.
  5. Joshua Rosenblum

    Mousekiller Works in Progress: Armies of Death

    The unit leader is a Heartbreaker fig from the mid 90's.
  6. Joshua Rosenblum

    VC vs TK: why did you go for the Vampires?

    I didn't pick one over the other. When I first started collecting there were no VC's or TK's. It was all Undead! I collect anything skeletal, so I buy all of it.
  7. Joshua Rosenblum

    Need Help with Identification

    Better late than never: The cavalry figures in Napoleonic uniform are Alternative Armies 55502 1st Guard Liteupski Lancers for Flintloque (their Napoleonic Fantasy wargame). The plastic chariot is from Games Workshop's old Citadel Skeleton Army box set (20 plastic skeleton infantry, 10 plastic...
  8. Joshua Rosenblum

    Undying Dynasties army release for T9A on Indiegogo

    I've got the already produced Pharaoh and Death Cult Heirarch models, as well as all their 9th Legion models, which are skeletal Roman Legionaries (my skeletal Roman Legion is growing by leaps and bounds!) The figs are actually very nice, multipart resin models. The detail is pretty good. They...
  9. Joshua Rosenblum

    9th Legion New Undead skeletons

    Looking forward to more Roman undead and the new Undying Dynasties models!