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Recent content by Krell Mordain

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    2500 with options

    The temple guard are split into two units to bunker the slanns. Yeah, if you havn't guessed it my are is filled with power gamers. I have been the most unlucky SOB when it comes to gateway
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    2500 with options

    i knew about the black coach. the lack of high level cast hasn't hurt me as of yet in practice games. My concern is getting 1 ION or VDM (maximum cast) off to charge vigor mortis from the corpse cart. VDM will be cast with 6 dice at the 12+ casting value to move in turn 1 or 2 to close the gap...
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    2500 with options

    sorry that wasn't clear that was two WOC armies wit a Tez wizard each and yes both are going for infernal gateway.
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    Opinions on these units please

    All three of the units bellow have thier advantages and cost about the same. i just wanted to hear which one would you field in a tournament ( or when you don't know what army your playing against) Black Knights Banner and musician Sprit hosts Hex wraiths
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    2500 with options

    Okay going to a tourney saturday and will be facing Lizardmen 2 slann and 75 temple guard list Ogre's with level 4 greedfisted slaughter with death lore 2 Warriors of chaos wit level 4 tezzi wizard So this is my proposed list and i feel the lizards and ogre's are my only competition...
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    BSBs- Wight King vs Vampire

    I have been wrestling with this as well. I felt my most viable choice for a vampire was. I think this vampire competes with a wight king and is very protected with buigle at -4 LD test. Vampire H armor Barded Nightmare BSB Bugile Aura of Dark majesty banner of your choice
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    Mathhammer you have not seen before!

    The trick with using parametric statistics to explain/predict results in a variable based game is stats can be adjusted to show what ever you like in reason of the specific test used. low statdard deviation (1) will produce highly variable results and be less reliable while high standard...
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    How to lose...

    I personaly advise against using 5-6 PD to cast anything with a general, with anyone else go for it. In the future I'd combine the skellies and take screaming banner with them.
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    Lore Master Tactics What lore on who and why?

    First off lore of vampires is my choice 9/10 times but after that these four are listed in priorty. Now that master necromancers are back i maybe using forbidden lore again. Metal.....my local gaming scene haS a ton of WOC either i get lucky or they seem weak against it Beasts....love to cast...
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    How do you guys run your zombies?

    when and if i use them. i use one huge block of 90 in 6 front X 15 long. awesome tar pit
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    All Cav VC army challenge

    I believe Blood knights are worth it. I've had excellent sucess with them. keeping them alive is not as difficult as it seems.
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    How do you win?

    you must not heard of the Greedfist cheese from Ogre's....stupid ruling on greedfist in my opinion As for winning many had said it already you must find the new strengths in our book....in last edition i played heavy magic on my armies lv 3 lord MOBA, FL lore of vampires, and 1-2 other...
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    Charge or let enemy charge?

    for me thier are only 2 things to consider when i want to charge or not, since CC is Ini based. 1. Am i cavalry is so yes, if not i don't care. 2.Is the unit i'm going after cavalry if so then yes, if not then i don't care. I hope i worded that right, basically iwant to eliminate the enemy's...
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    This guy killed THREE units BY HIMSELF

    huh just reread it. Thought I saw the word armor in the description, wow thats pretty good. I stand corrected.
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    This guy killed THREE units BY HIMSELF

    I have to say LUCK all the way. Choas warriors are still WS5 so Hitting 4+ wounding on 3+...with only a 4+ Armor save (can't have H armor and Magic Armor together) i doubt you can count on that everytime or even 1 out of 5 games.