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  1. lost_shadow

    Vampires vs HEs plus visualisation video using skyrim

    Please check out the video for a more entertaining version, this battle report just fills in the details Video visualisation using Skyrim : http://youtu.be/JnTeSXn18DA My Army Vampire lord Talisman of preservation Armour of silvered steel great weapon red fury Vampire magic level...
  2. lost_shadow

    DE vs HE, video battle report with a difference using Skyrim to visualise the battler

    Just going to do a quick overview here, and using skyrim ive put together a visual representation of the battle in a video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NmU7Okv0-ho&feature=youtu.be My list Level 4 metal Talisman of preservation earthing rod BSB cauldron HAG harpis x 5...
  3. lost_shadow

    Idea for a balanced special character

    Grimsever the mad M = 6 WS = 4 BS = 0 S = 4 T = 3 W = 2 I = 4 A = 3 LD = 7 Rules: Ethereal, wreched horror, terror. Items: Amulet of the Nether, Sycthe of injustice Mount: May be fielded on foot, or mounted on an Ethereal hellsteed Wreched Horror The enemie's legs weaken and wither as...
  4. lost_shadow

    A new character emerges from his tomb.

    Oh god.....another gamer made character with a 2+ armour and a 4+ ward save. Why cant anyone think up any original rules and a balanced character? In fact, im gonna go and post an idea ive had for one right now
  5. lost_shadow

    100 zombies

    Yes, put them in units of 25 then you can raise them more as each unit will be affected, just so you know ive ran lists with 160 zombies before and all that happened everytime was a draw. Personally all you can do is deny points and not a lot else
  6. lost_shadow

    Smaller games

    I added it up to 1588pts with what you have there.... No offense but the only threat I see is the terrorghiest and the ghouls and of course the lord Crypt horrors are good, but not at killing, they hold an enemy all game but ive never seen them many wounds in combat. Ive found in 1500pt games...
  7. lost_shadow

    Hexwraiths, what units should I watch out for?

    Im thinking of throwing 5 hexwraiths into my 1500pt tornement list for August instead of 5 crypt horrors (I already have grave guard in the list) I think they have far more uses than crypt horrors (which I like as well) Apart from the obvious (Any daemons and other ethereals) what should...
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    1500pts Vamps vs Orcs and Goblins (pics and battle chronicler)

    Yes he was level 2 Always appreciete feedback Thanks :) Fluff is here: https://www.vampirecounts.net/Thread-One-of-a-kind-part-2
  9. lost_shadow

    One of a kind part 2

    Mainly based on this battle report here: https://www.vampirecounts.net/Thread-1500pts-Vamps-vs-Orcs-and-Goblins-pics-and-battle-chronicler Six months had passed since Crow's arrival in the small town, months of building structures and repairing the damage caused by the war in the north and...
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    2000 vs Dwarfs (video report)

    Nice report :) All I could think of at the start was.....The Vampires are fighting in the sun! It Burns!
  11. lost_shadow

    help with skeletons

    If you want a good use for skeletons, check out my latest battle report vs orcs and goblins. I used them to hold the centre of my lines and had hard hitting troops not 'pursue' enemies they killed leaving them to winners reform and set up flanks on the enemy in the centre as they sent units to...
  12. lost_shadow

    Charging out of cavalry question

    It wouldnt have anything to do with a character joining a unit, its quite clear in the fact it states the MOMENT a character declares a charge from a unit, failed or not the unit may not charge, where is the confusion? Theres nothing saying anything similar when joining units. Charge One...
  13. lost_shadow

    Charging out of cavalry question

    Only 1 character can charge out of a unit at a time, the rules for characters charging out of units say this 'A character can charge out of a unit.......but the unit will stay still, and is NOT permitted to declare a charge of its own' That would be including any other characters in the unit as...
  14. lost_shadow

    1500pts Vamps vs Orcs and Goblins (pics and battle chronicler)

    My list: Necromancer level 2 Earthing rod Lore of vampires, general Vampire Level Forbidden lore, lore of light enchanted shield talisman of endurance sword of striking Core Wolves x 5 Wolves x 5 Skeletons x 44 Musician Banner ZOmbies x 20 Rare Terrorghiest Special Grave guard x 24...
  15. lost_shadow

    Johnny's Battle Reports

    I was a little confused by this line: 'But shooting.... Sigh... Shooting saw the varghiests loose a member' Did they lose a model or was one of them shot.....in the member? :|